Ad Formats

Orbit Ad Server Mobile supports the most well known ads formats, like text, banners, rich media, video, as well as IAB formats.

Advertisements formats

Mobile Ads


Text ads on mobile devices contain three lines of text and links to the advertiser's website.


Video on smartphones and tablets is one of the fastest growing subcategories within the already fast-growing category of mobile advertising. Moreover, video is an intuitive medium for advertisers: in contrast to the rich but complex possibilities of touchable, rotate-able, or shake-able mobile ads, marketers and agencies “get” how to tell a simple brand story in 15- or 30-seconds.


Banners and animated banners are available for all mobile devices, including smart phones and mobile phones such as iPhone and Android.

Rich Media

If you’re a mobile advertiser, you can think of a rich media ad as a highly customizable mobile ad creative whose design is only limited by your imagination—reasonably speaking. The appearance, shape, and size of the creative can be formatted to your exact specifications without concern for design limitations—a value add particularly for brand advertisers.


Native ads offer an opportunity to monetize any app more effectively by matching the original content’s look and feel, maintaining the same great experience for users.


A WAP mobile ad appears on mobile WAP websites and can be text or images. Users that click on your WAP mobile ad will be sent to your mobile webpage. WAP ads also allow your users to make calls.


Fullscreen is the most widespread image format. It is shown in the first seconds while you launch the mobile application. Due to the technology, HTML5 can be entirely interactive because it contains several active links, videos, audio, etc.

In-App Ads


Banner ads are the main type of mobile ads, enabling advertisers to reach consumers at virtually every stage of their mobile lives and through the apps they use most.

Push notifications

Push notifications are ads appearing in the notification tray of a mobile device. This type of ad displays outside the app and does not affect app usage.


AppWall takes up the entire app screen, usually when an application first starts. Advertising displays with small images and a brief description of each item in a list.


This ad type displays outside the app in a dialog form. Dialog ads in mobile perform up to 2X better than traditional banner ads.

Icon ads on mobile desktops

Icon ads appear on a mobile desktop and look the same as icons of installed applications. Icons allow advertisers to engage users and get a response to the advertising right on the device’s main screen.

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