Faster and More Efficient

Orbit Ad Server simplifies ad management to yield better revenue from ad placements and allow you to:
  • Sell many formats, like video and rich media.
  • Schedule and divide placements as your clients wish.
  • Report on performance.
  • Forecast for future placements.
  • Get support from us whenever you need it.
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Faster and More Efficient Online Advertising for Publishers

Put it Together and Grow

Orbit Ad Server works with Display Ads, Mobile Ads, In-Text, and other modules to create an integrated package that handles
growth in all directions.

Rich Media for Publishers

Rich Media

It never stops changing

That's why you need to customize your platform for rich media campaigns. Orbit Rich Media includes our Ad Serving platform and modules for quality and the latest innovation in rich media:

  • Expanding
  • Floating
  • In-page
  • Page-peels
  • Banderole
  • Billboard
  • Interstitial
  • Pop up/under
  • Fullscreen

We constantly work with publishers to help sell this kind of premium advertising.

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Video Ads

Everybody loves video

And Orbit Video Ads is a must-have for starting and running a video campaign, showing the right content to the right people.

  • All video formats and players supported
  • Targeting and reporting for efficient resource use

Capture an audience and impress your clients even more by combining video with Rich Media for advanced features and effects.

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Video Ads for Publishers
Mobile Ads for Publishers

Mobile Ads

This is where ads are moving

Mobile Ads offers multiple formats and provide you with flexibility to filter the types of ads shown on your site, and our advanced ad serving algorithm matches the right ad for your mobile traffic.

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In-Text Ads

Just right. Just enough

Orbit In-Text Ads figures out key themes and keywords in written content, putting the most relevant ads right the readers eyes are: on the words.
And you can figure out which one works best for each of your clients with metrics and reports based on solid data.

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Contextual In-Text Ads for Publishers

Customer Service

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