About Us

Our History

The OrbitSoft team started as an offshore developer of Custom Industry Automation hardware in 1990 and gained our first experience in web development early in 1997.

In 2002, we rebranded the company as “OrbitSoft” to better serve the growing demand for quality web design and development services. We also created our first version of the SmartPPC Search Engine, which is now installed on more than 1,000 high traffic websites.

Our Vision

OrbitSoft strives to provide commercial Internet services for the whole life cycle of your Internet-based projects including: Initial analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Deployment and Testing. We also work extensively for major brands seeking to evolve their offerings with custom add-ons and post-production support.

Our customers require the highest level of expertise and creativity and trust OrbitSoft to provide solutions that are flexible and scalable so that they can achieve the highest ROI with minimized risk and maximized profitability.

Our Team

We are educated, skilled, professionals enthusiastic about our work. OrbitSoft employs art designers, webmasters, programmers, server administrators, and managers who share our vision and understand our customer first focus.

Using the best technologies based on open standards and best practices allows us to optimize our value and productivity for each of our customers.

  • Trusted by 1,000 +
    Advertisers and Publishers globally
  • Deployed in 25 +
    countries with active high volume brands
  • 17+ years
    of commercial software development for digital advertising
  • 50 ms
    of processing and selection of advertising
  • 90+ billion
    ad impressions per month across our client's networks