OrbitSoft Clients:

Advertisers & Ad Agencies

Consistent Results
OrbitSoft enhances the effectiveness of ad agencies and advertisers by providing the consistent trustworthy tools and features necessary to achieve the best results from every advertising campaign
Powerful Tools
OrbitSoft is a technology company. We provide leading Ad Agencies and Advertisers with fully transparent tools that simplify and strengthen your control over your own campaigns, pricing, data and algorithms
Individualized Approach
Customized OrbitSoft platforms can connect your brand with consumers billions of times each day, so that your business can tell its story to properly targeted consumers in a unique, trackable and profitable way
OrbitSoft DSP platform

OrbitSoft DSP

Innovative Software That Powers The Most Sophisticated Buyers in Advertising

Our demand-side platform is a self-serve advertising system that allows Advertisers to purchase inventory from all major RTB exchanges by using a unified world-class interface. Our clients can easily create and manage ad campaigns, access incredibly detailed analytics, or optimize campaigns using custom tools.

More about OrbitSoft DSP

Optimizing The Performance of Your Entire Marketing Funnel Portfolio

Improve performance as you move from impressions to conversions with high-tech, transparent, flexible and easy-to-use optimization tools from OrbitSoft. These solutions include pre-built algorithms that work with your data and OrbitSoft Programmatic Bidder software.

The Flexibility To Use Any Data Source

Enhance media purchase decisions and optimize advertising campaigns by utilizing open data streams in real time. OrbitSoft offers a complete solution for processing data that includes: processing streaming data, analytical data about your own audience, and data from any third-party sources.

Protect Your Brand from Misguided Targets

With OrbitSoft software, you'll never pay for advertising impressions which are outside the view of your target audience in the right context. Technological solutions include: filtering invalid traffic, blocking inappropriate platforms and more.

Reach Your Goals Faster With Online Tools and Analytics

Achieve better results and improve your marketing insight with the best online tools in the Ad industry. Your OrbitSoft tools include: Trader panels, Statistics, Collaborative Work With Third-Party Data, Campaign Management, and ROI Forecasting.

An Affordable Way to Access the Biggest Ad Inventory Anywhere

Advertise only to your target audience in a way that is completely devices agnostic. Utilize a single, scalable platform and custom technology from OrbitSoft to reinforce your strategic planning for third-party ads, and the optimization of your own Ad inventory. Solutions include: display ads, mobile campaigns, real time video, native ad space, multi-currency options and transaction method profiling.

Grow and Flourish with Our Support

Our comprehensive service and training ensures your team always has the full expert support to exceed your marketing objectives with ease. Our expertise in working with data allows for ad purchasing at the pace required by your business. Solutions include: 24/7 support and monitoring, orientation and training, educational materials and so much more.