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As we mentioned in our previous post, besides developing our own software which is the main company activity, we create various custom projects. Today we’d like to cover one of such projects that is notable for a number of innovative solutions.

A new search-informational portal has recently become available for Russian Internet users. Our engineers team spent about a year developing this project to create an attractive portal for network visitors. The system is built on the basis of our search engine software SmartPPC Power. During the realization process we have integrated some advanced third-party products, and at the same time we used our own unique solutions which have no analogs in Russian network.

According to requests of our customer we have implemented a large amount of web-services that are especially demanded nowadays. The main services are: Mail, Directory, News, Weather, Social Network, Maps, Horoscopes, Slide Shows, Advertisements, Resorts and Hosting.

We’ve integrated over 600 external resources to get data for the Search and News sections. To make a convenient interface we’ve applied MVC frameworks. Some modules were written in low-level programming languages to provide parallel processing and receiving data from a large number of sources.


Mediabox and the Visual search are the key features of the portal.

Mediabox is a kind of mobile window that contains a number of different boxes. Using this boxes visitors of can watch more than 50 TV channels, listen to more than 50 radio stations, listen to mp3 songs found via mp3 search, watch video from their computers, read TV guides, horoscopes, event’s calendars, posters, learn currency exchange rates, news and stock quotes.

Mediabox can be moved to any desired place of browser window. Another advantage is that while surfing the different portal pages the transmission inside the Mediabox won’t be aborted. Therefore the visitors are able watch a movie or listen to music and explore sections of simultaneously. Using flexible configuration of the Mediabox visitors may place necessary boxes in needed order, change volume and view of information loaded. For example, they can specify a city for Weather and Poster boxes, choose a zodiac sign for the horoscope box, select the desired currency and shares, hide unnecessary boxes and open important ones.

Visual search is another significant feature of On the main page of the portal there are results of many search types – Web, Images, MP3, News, Video, Reports, Torrents, Software, Jobs, Blogs, Books, Products, Encyclopedias, FTP. More than 100 resources were built in the search module of the system. While developing the system we paid a great attention to visitor’s convenience in information presentation, to the ability of setting up and placing the search boxes, the number of results in each block. We’ve integrated many sorts of social features into the portal. Visitors can share their opinions, rate search results, add sites to any social bookmark service, and view comments of other visitors and sites with similar content.

We are sure that the portal possessing such extensive features will surely take a significant place among search-information resources.

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