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Today we would like to review the project that is currently being developed by our company – SmartPPC Search. This solution will let you build a meta-search portal with the ability of serving advertisements from XML feeds.

SmartPPC Search will include a wide range of social functions such as comments, ratings, toolbar and creation of adjustable personal pages. Thus users will be able to vote for good search results, rate posted comments, bookmark the most interesting search result. Users will be able to change look and feel of their personal pages using different colors palettes and themes. On the personal pages there will be an area where user will be able to place boxes with different information – currency rates, weather, horoscope, news, search results, etc.

Search results for SmartPPC Search software will be simultaneously obtained from various popular search resources such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

The system will be based on modularity and will support functional expanding. We’ll apply the projecting models based on the book of Martin Fowler – “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture”.

At the moment we’re planning to complete and release the new software approximately in the end of September.

We’ll describe key issues of the development process in our blog. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

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