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In our previous post we have mentioned that our next solution after SmartPPC EVO will be affiliate management program software – SmartPPC Ad Market (please see the blog post for more details) that can help you manage the entire scope of your digital marketing program.

SmartPPC Ad Market – seemly combines tools for ads network management with full-featured portal for partners’ sites and flexible areas for advertiser buyers. The most important advantage of the system is that it allows you to generate revenue from advertisers before there are any publisher members.

Cut out the “Ad Middleman” and increase your website’s revenue without risk by combining your direct ads with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft AdCenter in a single ad placement.
Sooner or later, most webmasters using the typical Adsense style affiliate programs realize that their traffic is worth more than the revenue share that their ad provider gives to them.  They day dream about being able to sell their ad inventory directly to those advertisers and cutting out the “Ad Middleman” who gives them the mysterious “revenue share” percentage.  Most never go through with it because of the enormous costs in programming an ad management system, in addition to the fear that by simply removing their current ad provider, they will lose too much revenue while the direct ad selling process occurs.

Revenue Scheme

Announcing SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Ad Market, The Next Evolution in Website Advertising.
SmartPPC EVO is the first, cost-effective, self serve, ad serving software that allows webmasters to maximize their ad revenue by selling direct without taking the risk of losing their current revenue stream.  And, it comes with all necessary and familiar tools for ad campaigns management in an easy to use online system.
SmartPPC Ad Market is built on the SmartPPC EVO technology and allows every webmaster to be their own little Google.

SmartPPC Ad Market system is easy to use ad serving platform which allows earning money from three resources:

Your own advertisers – display your advertisers’ ads on any of the websites and convert your web traffic into revenue.

Integrated PPC Feeds – displayed ads from PPC Feeds let you to promote and monetize your website with Feeds revenue.

Publishers – have an opportunity to monetize their ads space and you can get revenue by integrating your advertisers ads and ads from PPC Feeds on your publishers’ websites.

There is much efficiency you’ll gain with the new SmartPPC Ad Market system: advanced targeting helps you to find your audience; serving text, static image and animated flash advertisements – brings your system’s users to make online display attractive to customers; creative optimization – allows to adjust CPC, CPM, CPA, Flat Rate campaigns to serve only the best performance; integrated reporting tools clarifies your system’s results; contextual and keyword-based advertising puts best ads forward; Up-to-date visitor security methods providing fraud clicks prevention; Friendly intuitive interface and many other useful features. SmartPPC Ad Market provides numerous benefits for your publishers, your advertisers, and for you.

Among the innovative features of this solution the unique visual editor is worth emphasizing. It lets you and your publishers to create mockups of your existing web-sites and specify placements of ads where advertisers can display their announcements. Advertisers when creating their ad campaigns can view mockups with expanding representation of all system’s web-sites, placed on those sites ads channels and their parameters. Thus web-sites’ mockups and advanced information help advertisers to choose web-sites where they want to display their ads. Undoubtedly, this visual interface helps you to attract new advertisers into your system and as a result will increase you revenue.

You can test new innovative ad serving solution right now! Follow the link to experience the power and flexibility of SmartPPC Ad Market system:

SmartPPC Ad Market Demo

Run your online business!

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