Future Releases

Today we want to share with everyone out future projects and ideas.

By the end of 2010 we plan to release several plug-ins for Orbit AdMarket and Orbit AdServer products so you can expand functional abilities of your system to make it convenient for you and more attractive for advertisers and publishers.

Below is a list of plug-ins we are planning to release:

Pop-Up/Pop-Under Plug-in

Using Pop-Up/Pop-Under Plug-in you can display pop-up/pop-under ads on your websites – pop-up ads windows load over your web page and pop-under windows quietly load under your web page. According to affiliate network statistics pop-up-pop-under ads are one of the most efficient ad type in the Internet.

Floating Ads Plug-in

If you spent any time surfing the Internet,  you probably saw several examples of Floating ads. Using Floating Ads Plug-in you can display floating ads on websites.

CPA Plug-in

CPA or cost per action is a widespread ad type in the ad serving networks. In this ad type advertisers pay only for the amount of users who complete a positive transaction, such as a purchase or sign-up. It’s Obvious that CPA ad is the best type of ad to purchase for advertisers, and we can understand why.

User API Plug-in

User API Plug-in is a web interface that allows you to manage users and to get statistics. You’ll be able to create new users, edit users information etc. The main distinctive feature of this plug-in is that thru API you can do it in any third party system or script.

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