OrbitScirpt’s Third Party Administrator: A Key Tool For Growing Your Network

Ad network and website owners face two opposing forces when they try to monetize their traffic for the first time:

  1. They realize have a network that’s too small. Beginning networks are usually not large enough to make money on a small circle of advertisers.
  2. And they realize they can’t expand their network, because they can’t offer specific enough targeting. Advertisers almost always want to reach a narrow target audience. For example, they may want to limit their ads to web visitors coming from one specific country. With a small network, that kind of targeting is tough to accomplish.

It’s a Catch-22.

To expand a network requires specialization, but it’s hard to specialize if you don’t expand your network. How do you get around this?

You advertise through third-party networks.

At OrbitScripts, we’ve seen this problem many times. That’s why we built an advanced Third Party Administrator feature into our Ad Server system, making it much easier for beginners to offer the kind of advertising third-party networks want to buy.

And to avoid confusion, we added two tools to handle two pricing models, so our customers can manage and satisfy third-party ad networks in a professional way.


Ability to add third-party networks 1

Pricing models based on CPM—cost-per-thousand impression—use a feed that counts impressions and serves ads using HTML code (JavaScript, iFrame).

Ability to add third-party networks 2

Pricing models based on CPC—cost-per-clicks—use a feed to count user clicks and serves ads in XML format.

These two management tools allow our customers to:

  • add unlimited numbers of third-party ad networks,
  • display according to different priorities,
  • control the distribution of ads,
  • establish commissions,
  • target visitors with preferred sites and countries
  • add tags to the status of the third party,
  • limit the display of the status to certain publishers only.

Ability to add third-party networks 3

The Orbit Ad Server system allows a flexible, functional blending mode of advertising, so you can easily combine your own network with third-part advertising networks. It’s an easy way to unlock the huge potential renvenues in the third-party ad market.

Have you considered using third-party networks but been unsure how to manage them?

Leave a comment or a question, and we’ll help you get started.

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4 Responses to “OrbitScirpt’s Third Party Administrator: A Key Tool For Growing Your Network”

  1. Thomas says:


    Does this mean I can have an Orbit installation and get my ads into other ad networks (Adknowledge) or does it mean that other ad networks can show their ads in an Orbit installation? Or both?


    • Orbitscripts says:

      Dear Thomas.

      Thank you for your comment!

      Our software allows to display ads of third-party networks on your websites and on websites of your publishers together with ads of your advertisers.


  2. nagual says:

    My question is not about third-party networks, but about entire network.
    Is this possible with your software to set minimal country specific channel prices?
    Can I set different minimal prices for US and Afghanistan traffic or my advertisers will pay the same for all?

    • Orbitscripts says:

      Dear Nagual,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, we can realize this option.


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