Using the Cloud to Develop High-Performance Systems

OrbitScripts has been involved in Internet advertising for 12 years.

Before 2007, we specialized in PPC and affiliate-marketing systems. In 2008, we introduced Orbit Ad Server and Ad Market, a new line of ad serving products.

Now, our main focus is the development of online advertising control systems—and we’re doing our work in the cloud.

Why are we working in the Cloud?
Because cloud computing has several obvious advantages:

  • No PCs required—The cloud removes the need for most on-site computing power. The only prerequisite is Internet access.
  • Higher fault tolerance—Removing the PC hardware means system failures are more rare with cloud computing.
  • Safety—Any business that’s lost data due to fire, power surges, floods, or accidents will understand: The cloud is the safest location, and the automatic backups remove a lot of data security issues and worry.
  • High-speed data processing—The cloud allows processing to occur simultaneously across a distributed network of specialized computers, depending upon the task required. It’s a better way to crunch data than centralized computing.
  • Lower costs—In the cloud, you can use it when you need it, and not have to worry about it when you don’t. The cloud removes the cost of hardware, software, maintenance—and the cost of electricity, too.
  • Saves disk space—And when you do need centralized, on-site computing power, you can save storage space (and processing power) by storing the bulk of your information in the cloud.

The cloud is very simple.
And the process of creating, deploying, cloning, and reconfiguring servers to cloud services is very easy, too.

Most development processes can be done with the touch of a button, which saves time and allows us to try different versions of operating systems, different types of processes, and all the many testing iterations required to produce the best products possible.

Better Testing = Better OrbitScripts Development
Perhaps the most important use of the cloud involves testing, which used to be extremely time consuming, because developers had to test each software separately, with memory, processors, and various server configurations.

It was difficult to create the necessary load and expensive to gather the amount of physical hardware required.

Thanks to companies like Amazon Web Services, Open Stack, and Rack Space, the cloud has removed almost all of those old barriers.

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The New Way Forward
Since our beginnings, we’ve seen a lot of changes.

And we at OrbitScripts are excited about the new possibilities the cloud offers—especially our ability to maintain high testing standards for our customers.

What this really means is: We can build custom software for each and every single customer!

No more turnkey solutions that don’t quite fit your needs. No more compromises in what the software can do for you.

The cloud has made mass-customization a reality.

So tell us, what do you need in an online advertising control system?
Where has old software left you frustrated?

We think the answer to your problem is in the cloud, too.

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