New System Features in the Mobile Network


A distinctive feature of this platform is that the platform allows the agency to attract partners which place on their websites the advertising display code on a contractual basis for individual agreements, then selling ad space to advertisers in different campaigns.

Copying the code onto the page is the only thing a partner needs to do in order to start reaping benefits; that’s why it’s so easy and profitable for site owners with various themes. By placing the code of the display advertising on his page, the partner is indirectly attached to the advertising of goods and services and receives a financial benefit.

The advertiser, when advertising their goods and/or services, states what he will advertise and at what price, and which program. The system handles all remaining manipulations automatically.

It really is simple and profitable.

For competing enterprises, the platform provides the opportunity to advertise on the same sites using the “game” of betting advertisers and creating conditions of display ads of the advertiser ready to pay the highest possible price.

The functionality of the system so so high-speed that advertisers can display thousands of ads per second. This is certainly an important component of commercial success using the platform.

The system has a universal way of offering statistics and the ability to conduct a full accounting of funds received and spent, so that all participants can see their commercial success.

We continuously monitor and maintain our system, constantly adding new technical capabilities. Our goal is to offer the highest quality solution which takes into account the needs of our clients.

The latest enhancement to our system is the addition of topical forms of advertising, the addition of a functional system of calculation with partners at a predetermined rate, the addition of a choice of advertiser web sites to showcase ads, and various bug fixes.

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