New Features in TrafficForce


TrafficForce implements the sales of targeted web and mobile traffic, based on data for CPM. Clear and simple TrafficForce user interface makes it easy to manage online advertising, and calculate and predict the success of the advertising campaign, allowing users to get a return on their investment.

The following new features were added to TrafficForce in order to improve the user experience:

  • A more detailed selection for targeting. Now, within the TrafficForce system, it has become possible to use better tools to assign specific targeting settings for advertising campaigns. This includes specific location information, keywords, browsers used, and more, all of which are available in order to track and maximize the return on advertising streams.
  • “Managers.” Adding a new category of users. We added a new role for users in the system. Its primary purpose is to support and problem-solve for existing roles of the partners and advertisers in TrafficForce. Among other things, by makeing the aforementioned improvements in TrafficForce, the customer support page has become more dynamic and modifiable for the system administrator.
  • Creating a news portal in TrafficForce. We implemented a new system for managing global news notifications in TrafficForce, with the possibility of selecting one or a group of recipients. Each user with rights for the news site management now has access to this section.
  • Withdrawal of funds from the publishers. Now, users in this role can not only input, but also withdraw the funds in the TrafficForce system with a new, intuitive mechanism for management of funds in the wallet of your account.
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