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OrbitSoft Enables New Ad types in Ad Server Software

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OrbitSoft customers and content consumers will be pleased to note that the popular ad serving platform is now offering full support for a greater number of ad types. Content Roll ads, also known as Page Roll or Outstream In-View videos can all be featured on the platform anywhere on the pages of the website. This opens up a lot of possibilities for publishers looking to monetize new ad regions without a video content player on the page, and helps to diversify the ads being displayed to make the pages more appealing to visitors as well.

“When we decided to expand the ad types offered on OrbitSoft we had three key demographics in mind,” explained Jacob of “We wanted to be sure the ads were revenue creators for Publishers, high CTR converters for Advertisers, and pleasing bonus content for Fans. I’m confident that anyone viewing sites that utilize these new features from OrbitSoft will agree we have managed to make the display far more appealing to all three important constituents of our services.”

OrbitSoft also promotes fairness in the ad trade market by defaulting ads to only appear when they are 100% in-view of the end user. If the user scrolls away, the ad pauses until that user scrolls back, allowing brands fewer worries about ad fraud. That’s why the Content Roll ad unit only launches when a page registers a user action to prevent ad bot fraud.

OrbitSoft Ad Server also now supports two types of Background ads by utilizing the display of ad materials in the form of a background skin on the publisher’s site. Publishers can display a background image along with Rich Media or custom HTML content. This gives Advertisers access to a much larger ad format capable of providing more information to end-users. Background ads can also be fixed to a specific position so they remain visible even as a user scrolls down.

Native Ad options now also exist thanks to OrbitSoft Ad Server, adapting each ad to the appearance and functionality of the page chosen by the publisher to display. This method of ad targeting also allows retargeting of end users who interact with each ad. Also, testing has shown that consumes are more likely to share or save native ad content, because it shares the same look and feel as the content they adore.

On top of all that, OrbitSoft is adding full compliance with HTML5 creatives made in Google Web Designer to simplify placing created ad assets in a CDN and rewriting paths to the images and scripts locations. OrbitSoft was already able to connect In-Text XML-feeds to display text ads on a CPC basis. Now the platform is expanding support to also include ad types that connect via XML.

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