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Conversion Tracker Plug-in

We do the best we can to keep you informed on the latest events and releases of OrbitSoft. Big news today – we released our newest product , the Conversion Tracker Plug-in for Orbit AdMarket and Orbit AdServer.

Wanna know more about it?

The concept of conversion in advertising is an indicator that shows the positive effect of ads on the website. Positive conversion can be user registration, newsletter subscription, product ordering and much more.

For example, an on line store positive conversion is the conversion of the store visitors into buyers.

Here is how the conversion is calculated – the number of visitors with a positive action, divided by the total number of website visitors, and multiplied by 100, thus, the conversion is shown as a percentage.

Conversion Tracker Plug-in

The higher the conversion, the better it is for the website owner.  For example, the conversion rates for advertisers show the effectiveness of their ads for certain product.

To main way to increase the conversion rate on your website is to use lots of banners or contextual ads, work on usability and site optimization for search engines.

With Conversion Tracker Plug-in, advertisers using Orbit AdServer and Orbit AdMarket can track the effectiveness of their ads.

Advertisers can track the effectiveness of the campaign, identify the best possible return on ad investments and manage it.

Please let us know if you need more info on the Conversion Tracker Plug-in.

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