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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving card

We would like to congratulate our American clients with the Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families to get together for a special meal and it is time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express love and care to the closest people.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love and cheer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

We are lucky to have clients from different countries and to be able to know from them a bit more about various cultures, traditions and holidays from all over the world.

Halloween is one of such holidays, which is mostly celebrated by our English-speaking clients, although more and more other countries join them recently.

We wish you a happy and cheerful Halloween!

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Automatic Foreign Currency Conversion Updates

Per the request of one of our clients, our team created the ability to automatically update foreign currency conversions, including such currencies as the Malaysian ringgit and the Vietnamese dong. We are even able to keep up with such foreign currencies that most people have never heard of!

After doing research on all the existing options of maintaining the ever-changing foreign currency rates, we selected Yahoo Finance due to its ability to offer the widest selection of currencies. Then we created our own algorithm of keeping the latest currency rates.

In order to do this properly, our team utilized CRON software. Yahoo Finance updates its currency rates so frequently that we were able to set our settings to update every minute, in order to allow our users to see the latest rates.

Currency Conversion

Additionally, we explored the possibility of being able to customize the currency rates by the administrator. We fashioned the interface in such a way so as to allow the administrator to see the current rates, as well as to be able to enter a customized value. The administrator is able to see both values for each currency and to switch back and forth between them.

All currency values are set in System Settings. For example, on the screenshot, you can see the value of the Hong Kong dollar.

This project required us to push our own boundaries and to familiarize ourselves with the existing methods of receiving data in the area of foreign currencies, as well as to expand our vocabulary and knowledge of this subject overall. Our developers are now considering an opportunity to invest in some ringgits or dongs for themselves!

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Affiliate Summit East 2017

ASE 2017

We attended Affiliate Summit East 2017, which was held in New York for 3 days, from July 30 to August 1.

Affiliate Summit East is one of the biggest themed events in the digital advertising field. Attending ASE is mandatory for all companies that seek to develop their North American direction. This is an ideal meeting place with potential clients from USA and Canada, as well as with partners from many other parts of the world.

We visited seminars from leading industry companies, held many useful meetings and negotiations, which in the future will certainly turn into a long-term partnership.

The Affiliate Summit East 2017 was very useful events for us. Now our next stop is Webmasteraccess 2017 in Amsterdam and DmExco 2017 Cologne, which will be held one after the other in the middle September.

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Affiliate World Europe Conference 2017

Last month OrbitSoft team attended Affiliate World Europe Conference 2017 which took place in wonderful city of Berlin 14-15 June.

Affiliate World Europe Conference is a great event to meet with our current and potential clients. There was a lot of companies from all around the world, so we spent most of the time in exhibition hall speaking with other AWE

Our team also participated in the several discussion sessions with very interesting speakers from leading companies of affiliate marketing industry.

And the most important – at this conference just in few days we had a lot of personal meetings with potential clients, what gave us a priceless experience.

We spent a wonderful time in AWE, met interesting people and established new contacts. And this is only the beginning – see you at Affiliate East Summit 2017 in New York 31 July – 1 August!

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Collecting User Data in Segments for OrbitSoft DSP – a Great Idea for Targeted Advertising


There’s nothing more valuable for any modern business than data about its clients. As any enterprise grows, so does
its customer database; however, it is obvious that in order to attract clients, it is not enough to send them all
identical emails with identical offers. All clients are different, and it is logical that your marketing strategy
should not be a one-size-fits-all solution.

Personalization helps solve this issue. All clients love an individualized approach, and the effectiveness of the
sales process is very much dependent on how clearly you understand the needs of your potential customer.

Most modern internet advertising platforms offer a way of collecting data about the user and the tools for targeting
the ads toward a certain audience. OrbitSoft DSP is no exception. In addition to the typical targeting settings
(geotargeting, the user’s language, platform category, user’s device), there are also more specific settings, such
as showing the ads only to users from the remarketing list, showing ads only to those users who have converted
earlier, as well as connecting third party DMP systems.

The nature of the DSP technology as it relates to Open RTB assumes a large amount of web traffic. The inquiries for
ad viewing contain a great volume of information which could be useful for more targeted advertising campaigns.

Recently, a client working with our OrbitSoft DSP platform suggested adding the capability of collecting and storing
open-source user data, which is located in the inquiry for ad viewing, assuming utilizing the gathered data in the
future for creation of audience segments. In the future, these segments can be used when targeting advertising
campaigns. Since this type of project takes a lot of effort and touches many platform services, we decided to split
it up into several phase. The goals which we wanted to accomplish at each phase were set in such a way so as to have
a finished, working solution at the completion of each phase.

The first phase was meant to collect information about users from sites under the client’s control. In the second
phase, we aimed to simplify the data collection process, trying to gather users into segments, bypassing the
remarketing code. Finally, in the third and last phase, we want to offer the possibility of adding people into
segments on the basis of data analysis from bid requests.

As a result, after each phase was completed, we neared our final objective – to gather data about users in various
segments, and to employ this data for creating targeted ad campaigns. As you can see, there was no need to stop the
platform from functioning for extended periods of time, while losing auction bids. After the completion of the third
phase of this project, we plan to continue to expand the capabilities of this bid requests tool, as well as to
polish the user interface for a more flexible and effective control of audiences.

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A Trip to the Caucasian Mineral Waters

The OrbitSoft team has recently embarked on a new adventure! This time, we set off for the hospitable Pyatigorsk, followed by the wondrous nature of Kislovodsk and Karachaevo-Cherkasiya, the famous springs of Essentuki. We had three days to fully enjoy these natural wonders!

Our first stop was the Kislovodsk Park, which is the second in size in all of Europe. It boasts a valley of roses, Narzannaya Gallery, an aerial tram, and amazing vistas toward the greenery of the Caucus Mountains. Six hours flew by in the blink of an eye!

We spent our second day of the trip at Medovie Vodopady waterfalls. This awe-inspiring place is located in the sunny republic of Karachaevo-Cherkasiya. Medovie waterfalls are made up of a whole cascade of waterfalls of different sizes. The height of the tallest one reaches 18 meters. We were astonished by the beauty and force of these falls.

After a lunch of local delicacies, we continued on our way. However, we were not able to leave this place just yet. We encountered beautiful horses, a large herd of lambs, and even some friendly deer! This is not something we would ever see at home!

Our final stop was the Castle of Deviousness and Love. It takes its name from a legend about a star-crossed love affair between the daughter of a local nobleman and a sheep herder.

Thus, our spring break in the Caucasian Mineral Waters came to an end. We left with tons of great experiences and a desire to come back soon!

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Android Plug-In – Our Latest Development

Android Plug-In

Our OrbitSoft team has started the New Year off by working on developing an Android plug-in. The purpose of this plug-in is to offer the ability to look through a catalog of video files and to watch the actual video files.

In the process of developing catalogs for video files, we worked to fulfill various requests, such as:

  • Receiving the list of videos with the ability to sort and filter by category
  • Searching by key words

The list of video files is presented as an endless list. In order to create this list, we used the RecyclerView widget, which is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. It’s a container for displaying large data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently by maintaining a limited number of views. The RecyclerView widget is a great tool when you have data collections whose elements change at runtime based on user action or network events.

For the purposes of personalizing the user’s data, we set up a PIN code. If the user sets up a PIN in the settings, then the plug-in will ask for the PIN when the plug-in is turned on. Security is paramount!

In order to view video files in the plug-in, we integrated ExoPlayer, which is an application level medial player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video, both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer is a cutting-edge tool which supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks. ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend, and can be updated through the Play Store application updates.

We used a video controller for monitoring the videos and their quality, based on the user’s preferences. As a user, you can take a range of actions with the videos, including:

  • Add a video to selected
  • Mark a video as liked or not liked
  • Download a video
  • View a list of similar videos

You may be wondering how to view a video when not online. The answer is simple – the plug-in uses a service for downloading video files. You have the option of downloading the file into your phone’s internal memory or onto an SD card. User’s activity on the plug-in can be tracked through the Flurry Analytics service, which we have integrated for this purpose.

Finally, as could be expected, the Android plug-in displays advertising from the Orbit Ad Server platform. The plug-in will feature banner ads, as well as interstitial ads on the pages of the video player.

As you can see, we’ve had a busy start to the year. We will continue working hard to bring more technological advantages to our clients throughout 2017 and beyond!

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ClickHouse – A New Tool with Great Potential


Just like many other software companies, we frequently run into the issue of collecting, storing and analyzing statistics. As our clients know, our products are capable of registering a large number of occurrences every second. For this very reason, we were very interested in the new ClickHouse product that has recently entered the market.

ClickHouse is a tool developed by the Russian IT company called Yandex to meet the challenges of Yandex.Metrica, the second-largest web analytics service in the world. ClickHouse allows analysis of data that is updated in real time. It manages extremely large volumes of data in a stable and sustainable manner. Since becoming publically available, the product has been actively expanding its capacities based on users’ requests.

So what are the main advantages of ClickHouse? Well, it allows users to…

  • Run more queries in the same amount of time
  • Test more hypotheses
  • Slice and dice your data in many more new ways
  • Look at your data from new angles
  • Discover new dimensions

ClickHouse permits companies to add servers to their clusters when necessary, without investing additional time or money. This easily adaptable tool scales well both vertically and horizontally.

You may be wondering what sort of a solution ClickHouse would offer if it needed to add a new dimension or metric to its aggregated structure. Well, the dimension can be added easily enough, but what will happen to the previous periods, since you will most likely not have the original data for recounts?

ClickHouse has answered these questions and shared their philosophy about the necessity of keeping all data. For this purpose, they are offering great compression technology, as well as incredible speeds for processing requests. Their site has benchmarks, which allow the users to compare ClickHouse’s performance with that of its competitors:

All in all, ClickHouse seems to be a one-stop answer for many common issues – the volume of data collecting, speed of processing requests, the renewal and accessibility of data, and so on.

Some users may be turned off by the fact that ClickHouse does not permit users to delete or change data. Yes, data can be deleted through partitions, but they are made up of a month’s worth of data – and that’s a huge stratum of data for large systems. Furthermore, ClickHouse does not offer transactions. When fulfilling a request, during aggregation, it’s imperative that the results fit into the working memory on a single server. So be prepared for hardware with large working memory.

ClickHouse also has a fantastic mechanism of working with outside dictionaries, using different sources (example: CSV file, MySQL database, MongoDB or any other ODBC source). However, be careful! For example, the dictionary identifier should be a number that fits into Ulnt64.

All in all, this new product is showing a lot of promise. Even though its community is only just developing, it already offers great capabilities for storing and analyzing statistics. If you have lots of stats – definitely give this tool a try!

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