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Thanksgiving day 2018

Thanksgiving day

Hello there!

Thanksgiving is coming and we wish you a happy and festive holiday with your loved ones.

Gather on this day to be thankful for what we have, for the family we love, the friends we cherish, and for the blessings that will come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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OrbitSoft is ready for the New Year and Christmas!

New Year's toy

We take the New Year and Christmas celebration very seriously and have already prepared for the holidays. We decorated our office space, and in the kitchen, a wonderful Christmas tree has settled. Soon under the tree there will be gifts from our Secret Santa 🙂

As you can see, our office has changed a lot and completely plunged into a New Year’s mood!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving card

We would like to congratulate our American clients with the Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families to get together for a special meal and it is time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express love and care to the closest people.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love and cheer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

We are lucky to have clients from different countries and to be able to know from them a bit more about various cultures, traditions and holidays from all over the world.

Halloween is one of such holidays, which is mostly celebrated by our English-speaking clients, although more and more other countries join them recently.

We wish you a happy and cheerful Halloween!

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A Trip to the Caucasian Mineral Waters

The OrbitSoft team has recently embarked on a new adventure! This time, we set off for the hospitable Pyatigorsk, followed by the wondrous nature of Kislovodsk and Karachaevo-Cherkasiya, the famous springs of Essentuki. We had three days to fully enjoy these natural wonders!

Our first stop was the Kislovodsk Park, which is the second in size in all of Europe. It boasts a valley of roses, Narzannaya Gallery, an aerial tram, and amazing vistas toward the greenery of the Caucus Mountains. Six hours flew by in the blink of an eye!

We spent our second day of the trip at Medovie Vodopady waterfalls. This awe-inspiring place is located in the sunny republic of Karachaevo-Cherkasiya. Medovie waterfalls are made up of a whole cascade of waterfalls of different sizes. The height of the tallest one reaches 18 meters. We were astonished by the beauty and force of these falls.

After a lunch of local delicacies, we continued on our way. However, we were not able to leave this place just yet. We encountered beautiful horses, a large herd of lambs, and even some friendly deer! This is not something we would ever see at home!

Our final stop was the Castle of Deviousness and Love. It takes its name from a legend about a star-crossed love affair between the daughter of a local nobleman and a sheep herder.

Thus, our spring break in the Caucasian Mineral Waters came to an end. We left with tons of great experiences and a desire to come back soon!

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Going to Sochi

Our company has a great old tradition to visit new cities for sharing interesting pastime and teambuilding twice a year. This time, the choice fell on Sochi! Here we are, happy and satisfied on the way to new experiences and emotions. We had a few days to see the most beautiful architectural landmarks of the city – Olympic Park, Sochi Park Raceway Circuit, Sochi ski complexes and much more. From early morning until the evening, we enjoyed good weather, clean and gentle sea, beautiful views of the city of Sochi and many attractions. We went up to Rosa peak, at a height of 2,320 meters above sea level, walked on the Red Glade, organized a bike ride in the Olympic Park and the waterfront and overcame our fears while walking along the skybridge – the longest suspension footbridge in the world: its length is 439 meters!

Our vacation came to an end, and on the last evening, we went out of the city for a picnic, enjoying the mountains, a river, and beautiful nature all around us. We played chess, grilled a variety of delicacies, and drank warm tea.

Rested, we returned home in anticipation of a new journey together. Stay tuned to hear about our next adventure!

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Trip to Black Sea

One of the ways to view your team differently, to discover something new, unexpected and pleasant in your long-time coworkers is to take a trip somewhere where there is no place for work discussions, but only overwhelming vistas, sun-drenched streets, the noise of waterfalls, or the sound of the waves. In the early fall, we selected a place which offered all of these.

On the chosen day, we gathered, split into several cars, and made way for Black Sea. Traveling together in multiple cars has long been our preferred way of getting around for corporate trips. Each group in each car has time to share stories and bond on the way. Due to our geographical location in the south, we can reach the Black Sea coast easily and fairly painlessly. So all that’s left is just to enjoy the beauty of the Kuban outside, photograph the sunsets, count the number of shades cast by the setting sun in the clouds.

Our home away from home was an excellent hotel not far from the beach. Evening conversations by the pool were remembered by all, just as much as the daytime excursions and adventures.

We spent our time walking along the boardwalk in the evenings, sightseeing during the days, as well as working on our tans in the afternoons on the beach, surrounded by friends and crabs.

Of course we played football – there are not a single team building event without this game.

We also went to Sea port to look at the remodeled beachside, walking and riding numerous electrical bicycles that are provided by local businesses.

When back home, we felt rested – like we had at least a week’s worth of vacation – but we were gone only three days.

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