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Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai

On June 27-29 we took part in Mobile World Congress 2018 in Shanghai.

This event attracted more than 60,000 participants from 112 countries — a truly large-scale event. Among 550 booths of the companies participating in the exhibition — there was something to see:

  • Presentations by industry leaders on «How Mobile Technologies Create a Better Future»
  • Exciting demonstrations of the most advanced mobile products and services
  • Presentations by outstanding women from the mobile industry, as part of the Women4Tech program, as well as the Women4Tech AMO Award
  • Introduction to the next generation of industry leaders

And much more.

All it made three days of the exhibition unforgettable. And getting to know new business partners has become a pleasant bonus for us.

Well, now we are waiting for AFFILIATE SUMMIT in New York, which will be held on July 29-31.

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The Integration of Appland into AppClick Services

Are you familiar with Appland? Appland is a Swedish-based cloud computing company that develops app store solutions for mobile operators, mobile devices, and online communities. Appland services are created as a mobile app with a variety of games and add-ons. The user who subscribes to Appland services receives access to all its add-ons and games without having to see annoying advertising.

AppClick technology allows customers to sell «virtual bonuses» using smartphone add-ons. This technology allows for two payment methods: a one-time payment or a subscription. Subscription is recommended for services that last a certain period of time. The user agrees that each year, their account will be charged an agreed-upon amount, and the user can certainly cancel the subscription at any time.

In order to produce the integration between AppClick and Appland services, our team created an AppClick Gateway which sends Appland requests to AppClick. This protocol is meant specifically for AppClick subscriptions, since the AppClick system offers two special subscription services.

Single Appland Gateway for Different Operators

The AppClick system can work simultaneously with several largest Russian mobile operators. We created a single gateway in order to quickly process client requests. All attached requests come to this gateway, and in turn, the gateway connects to different AppClick servers.

As far as the client is concerned, nothing has changed in their process. The difference is only seen on the server side. The choice of the URL for the AppClick API is determined based on the data in the configuration of the gateway, where there is the connection between the identification of the add-on (app ID) and the operator, to which it belongs.

For example, in order to determine a status of a subscription, the gateway server request will be addressed to the AppClick server of a certain operator; when the app ID parameters are changed, the request will be sent to the AppClick server of a different operator.

As you can see, a single gateway can connect to the AppClick API of a specific operator, depending on the requested identification.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, as our team is working hard for you every day! Happy summer!

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Android App – Our Latest Development

Android Plug-In

Our OrbitSoft team has started the New Year off by working on developing an Android application. The purpose of this application is to offer the ability to look through a catalog of video files and to watch the actual video files.

In the process of developing catalogs for video files, we worked to fulfill various requests, such as:

  • Receiving the list of videos with the ability to sort and filter by category
  • Searching by key words

The list of video files is presented as an endless list. In order to create this list, we used the RecyclerView widget, which is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. It’s a container for displaying large data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently by maintaining a limited number of views. The RecyclerView widget is a great tool when you have data collections whose elements change at runtime based on user action or network events.

For the purposes of personalizing the user’s data, we set up a PIN code. If the user sets up a PIN in the settings, then the app will ask for the PIN when the it is turned on. Security is paramount!

In order to view video files in the application, we integrated ExoPlayer, which is an application level medial player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video, both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer is a cutting-edge tool which supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks. ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend, and can be updated through the Play Store application updates.

We used a video controller for monitoring the videos and their quality, based on the user’s preferences. As a user, you can take a range of actions with the videos, including:

  • Add a video to selected
  • Mark a video as liked or not liked
  • Download a video
  • View a list of similar videos

You may be wondering how to view a video when not online. The answer is simple — the app uses a service for downloading video files. You have the option of downloading the file into your phone’s internal memory or onto an SD card. User’s activity on the application can be tracked through the Flurry Analytics service, which we have integrated for this purpose.

Finally, as could be expected, the Android app displays advertising from the OrbitSoft Ad Server platform. The application will feature banner ads, as well as interstitial ads on the pages of the video player.

As you can see, we’ve had a busy start to the year. We will continue working hard to bring more technological advantages to our clients throughout 2017 and beyond!

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Mobile Ad Module

Today we are happy to announce that our Mobile Ad Module is ready!

Owners of Orbit Ad Market and Orbit Ad Server systems can expand their system and make it more attractive for advertisers and publishers with this latest module.

OrbitScripts Mobile Advertising is the simplified way to serve ads via phones or other mobile devices.  By using this module your advertiser will receive the latest mobile ad features available on the market.

With just a few clicks your advertisers can run and manage their mobile campaigns.  Advanced mobile targeting options allows them successfully reach their target audience.

Mobile Ads Types

Below is a list of just a few benefits available to your Advertiser with the new module:

· Monetize your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone and other mobile traffic

· Create text, image or wap mobile ads in a variety of ad formats

· Manage mobile campaigns in one integrated application

· Precise targeting option to reach your mobile audience

· Advanced campaigns monitoring includes frequency capping, managing clicks and impressions for the full control over mobile campaigns

· Detailed reporting tools to see how mobile ads drive results for your business

Have questions? Contact us right now and our skilled support team will help you select the best solution for your business.

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