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Select the Right Hosting for Your OrbitScripts Products.

OK. You’ve bought a product from OrbitScripts. Where do you put it?

There are three options for installing your bright, shiny new OrbitScripts system:

1. Your very own dedicated server.

2. You can outsource it. That is, rent a hosting or dedicated server from a third party provider.

3. You can choose to host it with us, OrbitScripts, using our hosting/dedicated server service.

Your House

If you have your own computational resources where you’d prefer to install your OrbitScripts system, just make sure your server meets our products’ system requirements. We list all server system requirements for every product in the Requirements Section of your accompanying documentation, as well as on our website. Hosting it on your own server is a great solution for tech savvy users with the budget for their own hardware and in-house administrator who can install and tweak hardware resources, as needed.

Their House

If you have a third party hosting company in mind that will lease you a hosting/server, you’ll want to make sure they specialize in PHP/MySQL systems and applications hosting. Here are a few more things to take into account:

1. Functionality. Your hosting provider should supply PHP, MySQL and other technological functionality needed for the installation of OrbitScripts products. To ensure that installation and operations run smoothly, make sure their hardware fully fits our hosting/server requirements for your system.

2. Technical Support. When choosing a hosting/server provider be sure to ask about:

· Scheduled maintenance. Is there downtime? How do they handle this? Make sure your third party hosting provider takes time to communicate with their clients whose business (yours) depends on their website uptime.

· Ask what their protocols and response times are for technical issues and how they respond to negative events.

· Your third party hosting should be available to provide 24/7 technical support.

3. Uptime. How much of the time does the server stay up and running? Industry standard is to measure this in percentage %. Obviously, 100% uptime is impossible. Life happens. Machinery breaks. Fast and efficient response to the inevitable is critical. Are they quick on the draw? 99.9% uptime is a quality standard for a good hosting provider.

4. Bandwidth, Server Speed, Performance. Your hosting provider should guarantee high speed performance of your server with lots of bandwidth and a fast server work speed..

5. Security. Your third party hosting provider should monitor your system daily and protect it from fraud attacks. They should be able to offer a sophisticated level of protection and frequent system back-ups to ensure against data loss.

Hosting Solution Our House

OrbitScripts hosting and dedicated servers are optimized for all of our products. Choosing OrbitsScripts to host your OrbitScripts system means your business rests in expert hands that are highly skilled and fully prepared to install and operate your OrbitScripts products.

The Main Advantages to OrbitScripts Hosting Services:

· Optimization for all of our products from the outset.

· Server Uptime 99.9%

· We provide constant system monitoring and are poised to resolve any server problems that might arise, when they happen.

· We use high performance hardware. We guarantee lightning fast speeds that keep your site load times low and your system agile.

· We keep our servers clean, lean and mean. We conserve precious server resources and by taking care not to load our servers with unnecessary software or tasks.

· OrbitScripts offers flexible hosting/server plans. Your plan is configured to meet your needs.

· We stand guard over all of our systems to provide the highest level of security.

· Reliable backup and means restoration of your data

· 24/7 Support

For more details, please take a look at our hosting and dedicated server plans listed in the Services Section.

If you have any questions or would like a consultation on OrbitScripts hosting services, we look forward to talking to you.

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