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Affiliate Summit West 2018

Affiliate Summit West 2018

From the very beginning of the new year OrbitSoft began to work. Our team arrived to the fabulous and already well-known for us Las Vegas to participate in the 2 largest exhibitions — Affiliate Summit West 2018 and 2018

Like his counterpart from the east coast, the Affiliate Summit West, held from January 7 to 9, brought together all the major players in the digital advertising market from around the world.

This is an excellent chance to establish contacts with companies with a wide variety of requests. There were about 6000 participants from more than 70 countries around the world.

And we did our best to take full advantage of the opportunity to communicate with our potential customers, and also to meet live and thank our current partners for their trust.

The Affiliate Summit West 2018 was just our first stop in Las Vegas. Immediately a new adventure has begun — 2018

Affiliate Summit West 2018

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Blockchain Technology – A New Movement is Here


As we all know, new technologies are constantly being created and old ones being updated in order to sustain the ever-growing business demand for the most cutting-edge tools. Recently, the blockchain technology has become very prevalent in various industries, including the advertising business. We strongly believe that blockchains are already changing the global business structure, and that these changes will facilitate growth for the digital market, and specifically for the advertising world.

So what is a blockchain? At its core, a blockchain is a large knowledge database. It’s basically a continuously growing list of records. As soon as a record is noted down in the chain, it becomes permanent and will continue to exist, unaltered, for as long as the chain exists. Furthermore, the blockchain is distributed to all the chain members and each user has access to the full copy of the chain.

The blockchain network does not have a centralized control point, or a single point of cancelation, as do other chains. That means that if one or several users are disconnected from the chain, the chain still continues to grow and the data is not lost.

This ability to keep complete records about all transactions in the chain, and to make these records available to all the chain members is what makes a blockchain so attractive and effective for complex problem solving.

Since the advertising industry has always been ahead of the curve, the blockchain technology is already being widely used in the digital advertising space. A non-profit research organization called iAB Tech Lab has recently assembled a team of experts in order to study the ways to use blockchains in order to develop standards for making advertising more effective and valuable.

Here at OrbitSoft, we have selected several of our own interesting projects to work on, based on blockchain technology.

  • AdChain is an open protocol on Ethereum’s public blockchain. Its stated goal is to allow for building of decentralized applications, specifically for use in the digital advertising ecosystem.
  • Adex is a decentralized ad exchange that utilizes Ethereum to address problems like fraud, privacy, and consent in the digital advertising space.
  • The Basic Attention Token (BAT) utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a token that can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on a purpose-built platform.

Using the blockchain technology, we are hoping to make progress toward resolving issues such as fraud, discrepancies with billing, financial transaction risks, and verifying the validity of advertising resources.

Currently, the blockchain technology is going through an unprecedented growth spur, mostly due to the popularity of cryptocurrency. In order to stay up-to-date and to be able to offer our clients the latest and greatest technological possibilities, we are planning to incorporate cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) into our own products going forward. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving card

We would like to congratulate our American clients with the Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families to get together for a special meal and it is time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express love and care to the closest people.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love and cheer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Dmexco 2017

13-14 September, right after Webmaster Access 2017, OrbitSoft attended DmExco, which is considered as one of the leading digital advertising exhibitions in Europe. 50 700 visitors from all around the world and more than 1 000 exhibitors attended DmExco this year.

DmExco is the global business and innovation exhibition, which enables to see new trends and to define the business potential of the future projects. This is the great meeting place for media and marketing professionals, technical specialists, and designers.

We were happy to attend this very important event in the digital advertising world. The endless flow of meetings, training, and seminars gave us excellent experience and new connections.

It was very productive European tour for our company. Thanks to all participants for making DmExco a success! For us it was a pleasure to meet with you!

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Webmaster Access 2017


The beginning of September was very busy for OrbitSoft – our team planned to visit 2 European exhibitions at once. The first in the list was Webmaster Access, which taking place from September 8th – 11th at the Amsterdam Double Tree by Hilton.

Webmaster Access is one of the biggest events in the digital advertising field of the adult industry. This year the exhibition attracted about 1500 participants from more than 30 countries.

Attendees and participants could get know each other and chat in a cozy friendly atmosphere and exchange contacts on the Meet Market.

We had a lot of interesting meetings. It was a pleasure to meet with our old friends and got new ones.

Webmaster Access was very successful for our team. The next stop is DmExco 2017


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Affiliate Summit East 2017

ASE 2017

We attended Affiliate Summit East 2017, which was held in New York for 3 days, from July 30 to August 1.

Affiliate Summit East is one of the biggest themed events in the digital advertising field. Attending ASE is mandatory for all companies that seek to develop their North American direction. This is an ideal meeting place with potential clients from USA and Canada, as well as with partners from many other parts of the world.

We visited seminars from leading industry companies, held many useful meetings and negotiations, which in the future will certainly turn into a long-term partnership.

The Affiliate Summit East 2017 was very useful events for us. Now our next stop is Webmasteraccess 2017 in Amsterdam and DmExco 2017 Cologne, which will be held one after the other in the middle September.

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Three Rules at OrbitSoft

Hello OrbitSoft community, worldwide. I would like to tell you about recent updates here, all of which relate to our 24-hour mentality offering great support, continuous access and a fun company culture.

Rule 1: 24-hr Support
Our Support Department isn’t doing more work necessarily, but we’re doing it in many more places. Support provides uninterrupted, 24/7 assistance to OrbitSoft customers located all over the world: from the U.S. to Australia, China to India to Europe.

And even as we expand, our service rule remains unchanged: We are committed to responding to customers in the shortest time frames possible, allowing customers to save time and money associated with software and maintenance.

In rare cases where a service call does require additional resources (or if a customer wants to change interface operation or some other system components) we strive to modify existing systems most efficiently, which means taking into consideration the changing market needs and to anticipate future support while taking care of the immediate requests.

Your software stays up-to-date. In fact, we strive to keep it ahead-of-date.

Rule 2: 24-hr Access
And just as we provide new technologies, we also provide new avenues of access: cloud storage, which gives the 24-hr access you need for global business.

Cloud storage allows our customers to reduce the costs of deployment and maintenance of software by:

  • Providing smooth software operation;
  • Simplifying customer access;
  • Allowing software deployment on our side;
  • Updating servers regularly and securely.

Our service team and cloud storage take a lot of pressure off the rest of the company to be innovative, to find new solutions, and to try new things. That’s a company rule, too. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

Support 24/7

Rule Three? Have Fun.
Don’t forget that our work is supposed to be fun. We try to make sure everyone not only works productively, but that they relax productively, too.

Management takes this relax rule as seriously as any other, regularly organizing trips to the mountains or to the beach for some team-building fun (and face-warming sun) away from the office.

And even when we’re here in the office, it’s not usual to challenge a fellow employee to a heated game of table tennis—but a relaxing heated game, of course. Because when you relax your mind a little bit, you’d be surprised at what new ideas you can come up with.

Those are Today’s Rules from OrbitSoft.
We hope our improved support and access opens up new levels of success for our customers. And we hope fun is a rule everyone remembers.

If you are interested in our software or our service, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to hear from you and help!

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Announcing Development Phase in our DSP Real-Time Bidding System

Over the past 15 years, the need in the Internet advertising market has rapidly changed—shifiting from separate ad server and ad network technologies to full ad exchanges, which incorporate them both. And the principles of advertising sales are shifting, too, from selling placements to selling data about the visitors themselves.

Market trends point to the need for Ad Exchanges with robust DSPs—demand-side platforms—as the future, because they give buyers and sellers the ability to value inventory on an impression-by-impression basis with real-time bidding.

In DSP platforms, the cost of advertising space is determined through auctions among all the different parties using a real-time-bidding technology—one that provides a marketplace for online ad auctions to occur instantly.

It’s a Supply Problem.

Today, most of the ad market is occupied. Supply is limited. Demand is high—and growing every day. Analysts predict it will take new demand-side platforms with real-time bidding to handle the bulk of this demand, going forward.

The under-supply situation in digital advertising is due to three major changes over the last 15 years:

  1. Improvements to systems that gather information about visitors
  2. Improvements to systems that analye user and consumer behavior
  3. The rise of social networks, which have made online advertising more attractive to brands and businesses—and far more attractive than the space the new networks created

Advertisers can now identify specific visitors and analyze a lot of their information, things like:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Social status
  • Specific areas of search or ??interest

As this information gets more plentiful, competition for ad space with access to those better-understood consumers gets even more competitive. It’s time for real-time bidding!

What’s In A Real-Time Bidding System?

Perhaps the most critical component of the system is the DSP, which focusses on advertisers—the people who seek to buy. But a good Real-Time Bidding system should include several elements, including:

  • DSP—a demand-side platform for the advertisers, which allows them to shop for ad space on one or more ad exchanges
  • SSP—a supply-side platform for publishers, usually combined with an ad server, that allows publishers to get ad supply from multiple ad exchanges.
  • Ad Exchange—a platform for interaction between publishers and advertisers.
  • Data Proviision—a system that provides extensive information about visitors to both publishers and advertisers

The ad exchange system imposes restrictions on the time of the auctions in the DSP platform. This time is usually in the range of 50 to 100 milliseconds. A DSP system must therefore work extremely fast to pick up many factors (or «target parameters») for many different advertising campaigns, hold an auction, and to give an answer to the ad exchange.

DSP Is More Than Raw Speed.

The DSP system must also be integrated with existing ad exchanges and data providers, working through the API.

The Internet Advertising Bureau recognizes a standard for this integration between the DSPs and ad exchanges called OpenRTB protocol. Research shows most major providers do not currently use OpenRTB, although many say they plan to move toward its use in the future.

But the development of DSP is much more difficult than the development of ad server systems. DSP requires expertise from developers and is a full order of magnitude more demanding of physical resources, like servers and communication channels.









We Are In Forefront of the DSP Trend

Based on our experience with enterprise-level ad management systems and having understood the direction the market was heading long ago, we began designing our DSP systems with full faith in their future.

And that future is here.

I’m happy to announce the final development phase of our new ad exchange system is underway—built using OpenRTB protocol and integrated with DMP providers. We have completed the design phases and, pushing ahead, cannot wait to release our new ad exchange to the market.

Better advertising and better business are in store for everyone in online advertising. And we were fortunate to be ahead of the curve on the DSP migration, striving to bring real-time bidding to our customers the right way from the beginning.

Look for our new release soon!

And if you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us directly. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the challenges and the opportunities you see with DSP in your business.

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Why We Use the Cloud to Develop and Improve OrbitScripts—And Our Top 3 Recommendations

The short answer to «Why use the cloud?» is, because the cloud is simple. Most processes can be done with the touch of a button, which saves time and allows us to try many different configurations.

That translates to a better OrbitScripts platform for our customers.

What Goes Into Our Work
In the development of control systems for big advertising platforms, developers have to choose the right software based on a few big criteria, including:

  • different types of storage
  • queing systems
  • databases
  • distributed computing

But you can’t make the right choice until you get the right information from stress tests, which measure response times, the number of simultaneous connections, and processing times per request.

Testing Takes Up Most Of Our Time
Testing. Testing. Testing. We have to test each software separately for how well it interacts with the system and the platform on which we run the test.

That involves a bunch of factors: operating system, system software, and configuration and fine-tuning of all the parameters, like the number of open files, sockets, memory settings, and on and on.

To simulate both the platform and system load requires many servers and many iterations: configure and run the test platform and system load, run the stress test, analyze the results, repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.


But The Cloud Uses Virtual Servers
So instead of having to connect external memory, processors, hard drives and do all the network configuration, the cloud makes life easy, with:

  • Flexible system configuration
  • Cloning
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fault tolerance
  • High speed data processing
  • Lower costs for hardware, software, maintenance and electricity

Like I said, the cloud is simple.

Our Recommendations
During our development of ad management systems, we used many different cloud services, and these are three we highly recommend:

  1. Open Stack—open source software for building private and public clouds
  2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)—a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform that Amazon has been providing since 2006 through a partnership with Intel
  3. Rack Space—enterprise-level hosting services with over 197,000 customers

Of these three, I would add that AWS has a very friendly user interface and detailed user documentation.

And Rack Space, for whatever reason, showed better results for us when testing network bandwidth versus other cloud services.

So have you tried any of those three cloud services?
Which do you prefer? Or is there one you like even better?

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OrbitScripts Goes to Ad:Tech San Francisco as First-Time Members

Last month, we attended for the first time as members at Ad:Tech San Francisco, an annual conference where digital marketing’s best get together in the heart of the entrepreneurial city to meet, discuss, and network for the upcoming year.

But we didn’t just want to go straight to San Francisco. What’s the adventure in that? We had some exploring to do.

Our journey started with a flight to Los Angeles—20 hours in the air until landing in California.


L.A. was windy and hot, especially for early April, but we still had a nice time, because we combined business with touristy things. And it was great to visit our best client in Beverly Hills, home to swanky Rodeo Drive and a few miles down the street from Hollywood.

Before we headed north to San Francisco, we also met some of our other customers in Irvine, CA, south of the city.

Then we headed north. We got a rental car and hit scenic Highway 1 along the Pacific Ocean from Los Angeles to San Francisco. We never imagined it would be so beautiful! It took us 12 hours to get there, but it was very scenic and worth the extra effort.

LA coast

LA bridge

San Francisco is a great city. We arrived a couple of days before the conference began, so we had a chance to visit the Golden Gate Bridge and Silicon Valley.

The bridge is a marvel of engineering, and the Golden Gate itself represents so much beauty and inspiration. The Bay Area has been home to many gold rushes over the years: from real gold in the 1849er days, to computer hardware, to the new digital startup culture there now.

We were very impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit. We even got a chance to visit Google headquarters and see some ways we could make our own work environment more productive.

Google Photo

Then, it was show time. In previous years, we had only attended as visitors, so it was exciting to be at the Ad:Tech exhibit hall as members.

We got there before the event opened and installed our booth with everyone around us buzzing with activity and making preparations for the conference. We scurried around as we passed trucks, stacks, and people unpacking.

Stand assembly

The next day we put on our OrbitScripts T-shirts with the logo of the company and went to the show—Jakob, Vladimir, Lada and Anna. We met our neighbors and visited the booths of our existing customers (for example, Blue Link Marketing) — many of whom have been using our software for years!

Once people began to flood the exhibit hall, the two days at Ad:Tech flew by.

Photos from Kevin and OUR PICTURES 1

Photos from Kevin and OUR PICTURES 2

Overall, we met a bunch of potential customers to follow up with in 2013—as well as potential partners, DMP providers, CDN providers, and ad exchange companies.

We shook hands, shared smiles, and talked business, ending our meetings by handing out branded marketing materials and fact sheets to generate new business and better awareness for the excellence we have at OrbitScripts.

Photo at an Exhibition 2

Photo at an Exhibition 1

In just a few days, we got our company in the hands and minds of many people. We gathered contacts and got personally acquainted with people whom we knew only through email and telephone before.

Those personal connections—and our ability to understand and solve their business problems at OrbitScripts—make us so excited to think where we will be by 2014.

Thanks, San Francisco! And thanks to everyone who made it possible. It was a great time. And time well spent.

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