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Android App – Our Latest Development

Android Plug-In

Our OrbitSoft team has started the New Year off by working on developing an Android application. The purpose of this application is to offer the ability to look through a catalog of video files and to watch the actual video files.

In the process of developing catalogs for video files, we worked to fulfill various requests, such as:

  • Receiving the list of videos with the ability to sort and filter by category
  • Searching by key words

The list of video files is presented as an endless list. In order to create this list, we used the RecyclerView widget, which is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. It’s a container for displaying large data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently by maintaining a limited number of views. The RecyclerView widget is a great tool when you have data collections whose elements change at runtime based on user action or network events.

For the purposes of personalizing the user’s data, we set up a PIN code. If the user sets up a PIN in the settings, then the app will ask for the PIN when the it is turned on. Security is paramount!

In order to view video files in the application, we integrated ExoPlayer, which is an application level medial player for Android. It provides an alternative to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing audio and video, both locally and over the Internet. ExoPlayer is a cutting-edge tool which supports features not currently supported by Android’s MediaPlayer API, including DASH and SmoothStreaming adaptive playbacks. ExoPlayer is easy to customize and extend, and can be updated through the Play Store application updates.

We used a video controller for monitoring the videos and their quality, based on the user’s preferences. As a user, you can take a range of actions with the videos, including:

  • Add a video to selected
  • Mark a video as liked or not liked
  • Download a video
  • View a list of similar videos

You may be wondering how to view a video when not online. The answer is simple — the app uses a service for downloading video files. You have the option of downloading the file into your phone’s internal memory or onto an SD card. User’s activity on the application can be tracked through the Flurry Analytics service, which we have integrated for this purpose.

Finally, as could be expected, the Android app displays advertising from the OrbitSoft Ad Server platform. The application will feature banner ads, as well as interstitial ads on the pages of the video player.

As you can see, we’ve had a busy start to the year. We will continue working hard to bring more technological advantages to our clients throughout 2017 and beyond!

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Mobile Ad Module

Today we are happy to announce that our Mobile Ad Module is ready!

Owners of Orbit Ad Market and Orbit Ad Server systems can expand their system and make it more attractive for advertisers and publishers with this latest module.

OrbitScripts Mobile Advertising is the simplified way to serve ads via phones or other mobile devices.  By using this module your advertiser will receive the latest mobile ad features available on the market.

With just a few clicks your advertisers can run and manage their mobile campaigns.  Advanced mobile targeting options allows them successfully reach their target audience.

Mobile Ads Types

Below is a list of just a few benefits available to your Advertiser with the new module:

· Monetize your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone and other mobile traffic

· Create text, image or wap mobile ads in a variety of ad formats

· Manage mobile campaigns in one integrated application

· Precise targeting option to reach your mobile audience

· Advanced campaigns monitoring includes frequency capping, managing clicks and impressions for the full control over mobile campaigns

· Detailed reporting tools to see how mobile ads drive results for your business

Have questions? Contact us right now and our skilled support team will help you select the best solution for your business.

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Future Releases

Today we want to share with everyone out future projects and ideas.

By the end of 2010 we plan to release several plug-ins for Orbit AdMarket and Orbit AdServer products so you can expand functional abilities of your system to make it convenient for you and more attractive for advertisers and publishers.

Below is a list of plug-ins we are planning to release:

Pop-Up/Pop-Under Plug-in

Using Pop-Up/Pop-Under Plug-in you can display pop-up/pop-under ads on your websites – pop-up ads windows load over your web page and pop-under windows quietly load under your web page. According to affiliate network statistics pop-up-pop-under ads are one of the most efficient ad type in the Internet.

Floating Ads Plug-in

If you spent any time surfing the Internet,  you probably saw several examples of Floating ads. Using Floating Ads Plug-in you can display floating ads on websites.

CPA Plug-in

CPA or cost per action is a widespread ad type in the ad serving networks. In this ad type advertisers pay only for the amount of users who complete a positive transaction, such as a purchase or sign-up. It’s Obvious that CPA ad is the best type of ad to purchase for advertisers, and we can understand why.

User API Plug-in

User API Plug-in is a web interface that allows you to manage users and to get statistics. You’ll be able to create new users, edit users information etc. The main distinctive feature of this plug-in is that thru API you can do it in any third party system or script.

Stay tuned for more news.  Follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

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Conversion Tracker Plug-in

We do the best we can to keep you informed on the latest events and releases of OrbitSoft. Big news today – we released our newest product , the Conversion Tracker Plug-in for Orbit AdMarket and Orbit AdServer.

Wanna know more about it?

The concept of conversion in advertising is an indicator that shows the positive effect of ads on the website. Positive conversion can be user registration, newsletter subscription, product ordering and much more.

For example, an on line store positive conversion is the conversion of the store visitors into buyers.

Here is how the conversion is calculated – the number of visitors with a positive action, divided by the total number of website visitors, and multiplied by 100, thus, the conversion is shown as a percentage.

Conversion Tracker Plug-in

The higher the conversion, the better it is for the website owner.  For example, the conversion rates for advertisers show the effectiveness of their ads for certain product.

To main way to increase the conversion rate on your website is to use lots of banners or contextual ads, work on usability and site optimization for search engines.

With Conversion Tracker Plug-in, advertisers using Orbit AdServer and Orbit AdMarket can track the effectiveness of their ads.

Advertisers can track the effectiveness of the campaign, identify the best possible return on ad investments and manage it.

Please let us know if you need more info on the Conversion Tracker Plug-in.

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How do we create our plug in cartoon characters

When new plug in is ready – our developers open a request for another character – so it will be easier to understand how plug in works.

Drawing process:


Site Review Plug-in is needed for site ratings. Multifunctional robot is the best for the task! One more step –  transfer it to the vector format.


Last steps – make it pretty and make sure it fits!


All done! Check it out!

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New OrbitScripts Plug-ins

Today we want to tell you about updates, that we did on the website.

Orbitscripts developed two new plug-ins for Orbit AdServer and Orbit AdMarket .

Below is the short overview:

Coupons Plug-in


Coupons Plug-in allows owner of the Orbit AdServer or Orbit AdMarket attract more advertisers to their system.

Coupon – is a special code that advertisers can activate in the system that can bring you extra revenue.

You can create unlimited number of coupons. New advertisers get bonus coupons for signing up.  Also you can provide bonus coupons action for your current advertisers.

Billing Invoice plug-in


Billing Invoice plug-in can be used for Orbit AdServer or Orbit AdMarket by owners, who would like to provide their advertisers with additional way to pay with bank transfer,

The principle behind this plug-in is simple. Advertisers can make an invoice for administrator and pay this invoice via bank. When money arrives to the account, administrator credits the advertiser’s balance.

This Plug-in can be useful in cases when advertiser doesn’t have the ability to deposit money through PayPal and Authorize.

And more exiting news:  in the nearest future we are planning to release Site Review and Adult Filter plug ins for Orbit Search.

Site Review Plug-in

Your visitors can view and leave reviews for different websites.  All they need to do is to input site’s URL into the search field and press the search button. It will display the site and reviews for it.  Administrator can recommend sites for the visitors.

Adult Filter Plug-in

With the help of  Adult Filter Plug-in you can adjust your settings, so unwanted websites will be blocked.  If the user entered prohibited keyword in the search field, he’ll see a notification message that the search request is unavailable.You can filter search results by managing 4 parameters: keyword; title; description; url.

Stay tuned!

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In-text advertisement technology

Today we would like to tell you a little more about our in-text ad technology.

Nowadays only a few networks provide an in-text ad service. Below is a brief overview on how it works.

in-text ads

Steps for website owners (webmasters):

  1. Register in the ad network that provides this technology.
  2. Place a special code on your website. The code analyzes page content and automatically displays he most relevant keywords as hyperlinks. When visitors point a mouse over these links they can see an ad. By clicking on the ad the visitor will be redirected to advertiser’s website.
  3. That’s it. Now you can start making money. You get paid for every click on in-text ad placed on your site.

For advertisers:

  1. Register in the ad network that provides in-text ad technology.
  2. Upload or create your ad campaigns and advertisements.
  3. Set keywords for each created ad.
  4. Select website from the list where you can display in-text ad.
  5. In-text ad technology helps you attract more customers.

Please note that in text contextual ads won’t need additional space on your site.

We offer two in-text technology solutions:

Orbit AdMarket + In-text Plug-in – You can create your own ad network and connect websites’ owners with advertisers while making ad revenue from in-text ads.

Orbit AdServer + In-text Plug-in – You can display in-text ads on your websites.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

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Summer sale!

Great news from OrbitScripts! We started our summer special! Save 50% on Orbit Search Plug-Ins!  Limited time only!

summer sale

Answers Search Plug-in $99 $49 Articles Search Plug-in $99 $49

Audio Search Plug-in $99 $49

Blog Search Plug-in $99 $49

Bookmarks Search Plug-in $99 $49

Books Search Plug-in $99 $49

Custom Search Plug-in $99 $49

XXX Search Plug-in $99 $49

Forum Search Plug-in $99 $49

FTP Search Plug-in $99 $49

Jobs Search Plug-in $99 $49

Local Search Plug-in $149 $74

Multi-Language Plug-in $89 $44People Search Plug-in $99 $49

SEO Search Plug-in $119 $59

Shopping Search Plug-in $99 $49

Software Search Plug-in $99 $49

SpellCheck Plug-in $49 $24

Torrent Search Plug-in $99 $49

Travel Search Plug-in $99 $49

Twitter Search Plug-in $99 $49

Video Search Plug-in $99 $49

Encyclopedia Search Plug-in $99 $49

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Parked Domains

Today we want to tell you more on parked domain system. It’s a rapidly developing business that allows you to make money on your unused domains.

The main advantages of parked domains are:

  • you only need to register a domain, there is no need to create a website
  • no need to publish parked domains on the server, domain is simply redirected to the specific IP address
  • you won’t need to pay for hosting, site development or support

Many people buy domains with the purpose of re-selling it in the future or create a website. But until these domains are unused, their owner needs to pay registration and ownership extension fees. People who hold dozens or hundreds domains don’t want their domains to stay “frozen”, they want make money on them.

parked domains

You wonder, OK I parked a domain, what’s next? To start earning money on parked domains you need to display ads on it. You can display ads from two sources: third party ad networks and agencies or from direct advertisers. Direct advertisers place their ads on parked domains to target bigger audience. And you make money from the number of user clicks on the ads.

From the information above you can see that parked domain revenue depends on the following factors:

  1. Number of parked domains. The more parked domains you have more money you make.
  2. Domain name. The similarity of your domain name with domain name of popular sites. (for example, – your domain –
  3. Number of visitors. More visitors type your parked domain, more money you get.

There are numerous companies that provide space for your unused domains, and pay you a percentage from clicks on advertising links. Now you can create your own domain parking system with OrbitScripts Domain Parking Plug in!

Orbit AdServer + Domain Parking Plug-in – You can park unlimited number of domains in your system and display ads from third party ad networks, agencies and advertisers.

Orbit AdMarket + Domain Parking Plug-in – You and your publishers can park unlimited number of domains in your system and display ads from third party ad networks, agencies and advertisers.

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SmartPPC Search – Innovative Search Engine With Advertising Features

Nowadays search traffic is the single most valuable form of internet traffic. Every day, millions and millions of people use different search engines to find things in Internet and face with ads links. Those little ads have turned search engines like Google and Yahoo into biggest advertising vehicles the world has ever seen. You can easily become a part of this valuable traffic by creating your own search engine with SmartPPC Search.

You may ask yourself: why would you want your own search engine? Well, there is a secret which are most search engine keep hidden that we’re going to tell you. They make money from displaying other search engines’ ads. Yes, that’s right. They don’t have their own advertisers. But they still make lots of money. And now, you can too!Revenue Scheme

There a numerous pay per click search engines that will give you their advertisers to put on your search engine, and when someone clicks on the ads from your search engine, they give you a piece of the pay per per click price. All of this is integrated right into SmartPPC Search. Simply, build your search engine using SmartPPC Search, pull their ads in, and get revenue. You can launch your search engine on its own dedicated site, or plug it into your existing site, so your users can search from there.

The basic version of SmartPPC Search supports web search, search by images and news search. For starters, there is no need to build and develop your own index and algorithms. We have that done for you! SmartPPC operates as a meta-search, using Google, Yahoo and Bing as data sources. We have also built in numerous social features, such as My Page and search comments. Think of the possibilities, you can bring together Google, Yahoo and Bing together in one mix, or create any mix you want, simply by clicking on options in SmartPPC. SmartPPC Search is built for speed: The system uses technologies that can handle millions searches daily.

The intuitive interface of SmartPPC Search administrative control panel enables you to adjust the system within minutes. Many flexible and useful settings can be easily managed.

There are several ways of mixing sponsored and organic search results. All paid ads may be displayed on the first page before organic search results. Or you can choose an alternative – output several sponsored results on every page.

SmartPPC Search lets you to:

  • Control your own infrastructure
  • Customize the software look and feel to meet your specific needs
  • Use XML feeds to run ads on your website (Ad providers)
  • Extend the system with the Plug-ins framework
  • Control your own spider to search specific web sites (Orbit Spider)
  • Custom programming (contact us)

SmartPPC Search can be integrated with SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Ad Market. Combination of SmartPPC Search with other solutions makes up a new system – search engine with advanced ad management functions. This will give you the opportunity to sell to your own advertisers directly, and include them within the mix.

Try demo today.

Build your own pay per click business and make high income!

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