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Behavioral Targeting

Following the latest trends in online advertising, Orbitscripts aims to improve  its product, Orbit Ad Server software, by constantly developing new tools and technologies.

Internet marketing is a constantly evolving entity; there are always new, more effective ways of delivering ads to end-users. Today we would like to talk about one such way – retargeting or behavioral targeting, a software technology that Orbitscripts is currently developing.

Retargeting or behavioral targeting is an online advertising mechanism by which an online ad is served to a user that has already seen the same ad, but hasn’t acted upon it, that is didn’t click on it, didn’t make a purchase, etc.

Technically, retargeting is done via ad networks that serve their advertisers across their publishers’ sites.

How retargeting works

About 95% of visitors leave a website without a purchase.  A company needs to have seven “contacts” with a customer before he or she makes a purchase.  Ad networks sort out users that have visited a certain site without buying anything.  These visitors are shown the ads from the same advertiser when they click within networks’ websites. This increases the expectancy of a purchase, click, etc. Displaying the ad that the user has seen before increases the frequency of ad-consumer interaction and the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

Behavioral targeting can be used not only to make a visitor click on the previously displayed ad, buy, etc., but also to identify niche (TARGET) audiences:  information on visited pages, viewed ads, interests in products (if it’s an online store), etc.

Many studies have also shown that CTR of behaviorally targeted ads is higher than that of content-oriented ads.

The demand for ad placements has significantly decreased. At the moment advertisers show more interest in customer tracking and analysis, as well as in acquisition of niche (TARGET) audiences, rather than in buying specific space on websites.

Thus, behavioral targeting is becoming the standard in online advertising.

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