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SmartPPC Search – Innovative Search Engine With Advertising Features

Nowadays search traffic is the single most valuable form of internet traffic. Every day, millions and millions of people use different search engines to find things in Internet and face with ads links. Those little ads have turned search engines like Google and Yahoo into biggest advertising vehicles the world has ever seen. You can easily become a part of this valuable traffic by creating your own search engine with SmartPPC Search.

You may ask yourself: why would you want your own search engine? Well, there is a secret which are most search engine keep hidden that we’re going to tell you. They make money from displaying other search engines’ ads. Yes, that’s right. They don’t have their own advertisers. But they still make lots of money. And now, you can too!Revenue Scheme

There a numerous pay per click search engines that will give you their advertisers to put on your search engine, and when someone clicks on the ads from your search engine, they give you a piece of the pay per per click price. All of this is integrated right into SmartPPC Search. Simply, build your search engine using SmartPPC Search, pull their ads in, and get revenue. You can launch your search engine on its own dedicated site, or plug it into your existing site, so your users can search from there.

The basic version of SmartPPC Search supports web search, search by images and news search. For starters, there is no need to build and develop your own index and algorithms. We have that done for you! SmartPPC operates as a meta-search, using Google, Yahoo and Bing as data sources. We have also built in numerous social features, such as My Page and search comments. Think of the possibilities, you can bring together Google, Yahoo and Bing together in one mix, or create any mix you want, simply by clicking on options in SmartPPC. SmartPPC Search is built for speed: The system uses technologies that can handle millions searches daily.

The intuitive interface of SmartPPC Search administrative control panel enables you to adjust the system within minutes. Many flexible and useful settings can be easily managed.

There are several ways of mixing sponsored and organic search results. All paid ads may be displayed on the first page before organic search results. Or you can choose an alternative – output several sponsored results on every page.

SmartPPC Search lets you to:

  • Control your own infrastructure
  • Customize the software look and feel to meet your specific needs
  • Use XML feeds to run ads on your website (Ad providers)
  • Extend the system with the Plug-ins framework
  • Control your own spider to search specific web sites (Orbit Spider)
  • Custom programming (contact us)

SmartPPC Search can be integrated with SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Ad Market. Combination of SmartPPC Search with other solutions makes up a new system – search engine with advanced ad management functions. This will give you the opportunity to sell to your own advertisers directly, and include them within the mix.

Try demo today.

Build your own pay per click business and make high income!

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SmartPPC Power – popular PPC Search Engine software

SmartPPC Power – popular PPC Search Engine software containing functions of advertising agency, advertisements exchange platform and affiliate network.

A great many of people is interested in raising money in the Internet. That’s way today we’ll tell how to earn money using one of our products – SmartPPC Power.

For a start, we’ll begin with a few words about the software and its main advantages:

  1. After buying SmartPPC Power you’ll get a turn-key search website.
  2. The most important advantage is the opportunity to make money on displaying ads in search results and on affiliates’ websites.
  3. The system interface is understandable and easy-to-use. You’ll save your time on studying technical documentation.
  4. Plus, the modularity of SmartPPC Power gives a chance to expand its functionality by the additional plug-ins. All existing plug-ins can be reviewed on our website in the section SmartPPC Power Plug-ins.

Pay-Per-Click System You get a search site where organic results are obtained from the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Altavista, Ask etc.

Having basic HTML knowledge you can even develop and integrate graphic design into the system, as one of our customers did:

To change graphic design of your website you can use the integrated templates editor.

So, SmartPPC Power enables its owner to embed any design idea.

Now let’s switch over to the most important part of our post – earning money using SmartPPC Power.

In SmartPPC Power you have two revenue sources: your own advertisers and advertisers provided by feeds.

smartppc power

In the age of advanced Internet technologies a large number of advertisers invest their money into online ads because the efficiency of this method is verified and confirmed. Advertisers’ ads can be displayed both on your search site and on publishers’ sites. So, if the visitor clicks on an ad displayed your website (“own clicks”), you’ll get the full profit amount. But if a visitor clicks on an ad located on publishers’ site (“publishers clicks”), you’ll share a certain percent of click price.

Ideally, you’ll receive revenue from “own” and “publishers” clicks. The priority of ad displaying is determined by cost per click: the higher the price the higher the probability that somebody will click on this ad.

Using SmartPPC Power your advertisers can manage their ads and view statistics information. They can detect the most profitable ads and control their cash flows.

The other source of revenue is XML feeds. In the case when there are no registered advertisers in your system, feeds substitute advertisers. So ad places on your website won’t be empty, but filled up with feeds’ ads meeting a search request. When your visitors click on feeds ads, you get paid by feeds a certain percent.

Affiliates. SmartPPC Power supports affiliate program, whereby your affiliates can monetize their traffic. Your affiliates can display the following elements on their sites:

Text Link Text Link
Search boxes Search boxes that will move publisher’s visitor to your site, when he makes a search.
Javascript Search Boxes Javascript Search Boxes Javascript Search Boxes – in this case, the search results of your publisher’s visitor will be displayed on your publisher’s site.
JavaScript Feed Ad JavaScript Feed AdPublishers can set key words in the system and get an ad’s block (Feeds ads) that will meets with the content of key wor

XML Feeds
XML FeedsSmartPPC Power enables affiliates to receive search results in a flexible format – XML. While using javascript format affiliates can choose look and feel of ad block from range of available settings only, using XML format they can design their ad blocks look and feel without any restrictions.
Download Search Engine Download Search EngineAffiliates have an opportunity to download their own mini Search Engine which will make search through SmartPPC Power XML feed. After downloading a search engine affiliates get two pages with a default design:search_body.html – search formresult_link.html – search results
Portal Pages
Portal Pages
Portal PagesPortal Pages plug-in lets affiliate to create his own mini portal. In the control panel affiliate can either  create his own HTML code of a portal page or if he is not good in HTML he may use the default templates. Page created by affiliate will have a fixed URL. This URL can be used by affiliate on other sites and catalogues as a landing page.So, affiliate can create his own portal easily. And he will get a commission from visitors searches and clicks. In addition, popularity of his sites will grow bringing him more profit.
Context Ads Context AdsContext Ads plug-in gives affiliate an ability to show ads relevant to page content.  Affiliate generates a script in the system and puts this script into his sites’ code. Integrated script analyzes affiliate’s site and displays ads matching site subject.
Dynamic Banners Feed Dynamic Banners FeedAffiliate assigns a title to a banner, defines keywords fo r ads, then gets generated javascript and pastes this script into his sites. The difference between usual ads blocks and banner is that banners content is dynamic.
SmartText SmartTextSmartText plug-in is similar to Context ads plug-in and is intended for relevant ads displaying. It’s suitable to be used on pages containing much text such as forums. Having found a keyword defined by affiliate in his control panel, SmartText compares it with ads base. All found words are highlighted with precise color (underline and etc.), and if a visitor hovers a mouse cursor over such keyword he will see a pop-up ad matching this keyword.When a visitor clicks on these ads, he will be taken to the advertiser’s site, and the affiliate will get some money for this click.

Co-BrandWhen a visitor is taken from affiliate’s site to search results page of SmartPPC Power there is a sharp change in the design. To avoid this SmartPPC Power has Co-Brand.Co-Brand allows affiliate to change the design of SmartPPC Power search page to the design which will match his site design. It’s obvious that this custom design will be shown to visitors only when they make a search from affiliate’s sites.
Parking Domain Parking DomainParking Domain gives affiliates an ability to receive the full-fledged PPC system, when they register/park their domain name on administrator’s IP address.Affiliate will receive a commission from each click made from his domain.Creation of the main and search pages design is made by the analogy with Co-Brand. For all registered in thy system domains affiliate can set custom design.

Dynamic Portal
Dynamic PortalDynamic Portal plug-in allows administrator to display dynamic content on his site.  Dynamic portal enables administrator to create a set of categories which will be assigned to defined words and phrases.For example, a visitor of affiliate’s site can see a page with “animals” categories – vermigrade, fishes, dogs and etc. And after visitor refreshes the page, the content of categories will change.Created portal can be used by affiliates as index page which their visitors will enter coming to their sites.
Toolbar ToolbarThe toolbar expands functionality of affiliate’s system and simplifies access to system’s settings.Toolbar simplifies making search through SmartPPC Power. Administrator and affiliates can put a link for toolbar downloading. And their sites visitors will be able to download it and to use in their browsers.

Thereby, the system is a quite simple – advertisers pay for each click, feeds pay you a certain commission for each click. You have stable revenue and help your publishers to earn.

A site serving advertisements is like a real business. To make it profitable you should make efforts and some investments.

Leave a comment and we’ll be glad to share our experience with you.

Best Regards,


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The main portal of Azerbaijan from Orbitscripts

We would like to present the first and currently the only national search system of Azerbaijan – YUMROO designed, developed and installed by our team.

During the development processes the following services were realized:

1. Azerbaijan resources search

2. Resources catalogue

3. Mail

4. News

yumroo_news5. Articles

6. Weather

7. Currency rates

8. Forums

9. Blogs

10. Galleries

11. Advertising network

The main feature of the portal is Azerbaijan sites search. YUMROO was designed as a multilingual portal, and thus at the moment it supports three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English.


The mechanism of Azerbaijan resources search is built on the platform of our Orbit Spider software. The uniqueness of the project is that the search algorithm is based on the morphology of Azerbaijan language. Thus if you search for a keyword – “go”, the results of the search will also contain such related words as “went”, “walk”, “going”, etc. To realize this we’ve developed an extensive morphological module that processes various forms of Azerbaijan’s words. In addition, to increase the relevance of search results (how search results are pertinent and applicable to search request) we’ve optimized the data extraction algorithms. The optimization goal  was to take into consideration distance between the words in the original text and form of expression. This allowed us to obtain search result for the Azerbaijani language more relevant than Google results.


YUMROO portal contains a broad advertising network built on the base of SmartPPC software. Advertisers can place ads both on the portal and on other sites of Azerbaijan. There is a system of ads displaying by zones according to portal requirements and Azerbaijan’s internet area peculiarities.

To realize some informational and social parts of the portal were used 3rd party software. The specialists of Orbitscripts have integrated them into a united system, using advanced frameworks. This allows to expand the system functionality easily.

We’ll be pleased to see your comments and evaluations concerning the portal.

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SmartPPC Search

Today we would like to review the project that is currently being developed by our company – SmartPPC Search. This solution will let you build a meta-search portal with the ability of serving advertisements from XML feeds.

SmartPPC Search will include a wide range of social functions such as comments, ratings, toolbar and creation of adjustable personal pages. Thus users will be able to vote for good search results, rate posted comments, bookmark the most interesting search result. Users will be able to change look and feel of their personal pages using different colors palettes and themes. On the personal pages there will be an area where user will be able to place boxes with different information – currency rates, weather, horoscope, news, search results, etc.

Search results for SmartPPC Search software will be simultaneously obtained from various popular search resources such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

The system will be based on modularity and will support functional expanding. We’ll apply the projecting models based on the book of Martin Fowler – “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture”.

At the moment we’re planning to complete and release the new software approximately in the end of September.

We’ll describe key issues of the development process in our blog. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

Best regards,


Comments (0) – the new search-informational portal

As we mentioned in our previous post, besides developing our own software which is the main company activity, we create various custom projects. Today we’d like to cover one of such projects that is notable for a number of innovative solutions.

A new search-informational portal has recently become available for Russian Internet users. Our engineers team spent about a year developing this project to create an attractive portal for network visitors. The system is built on the basis of our search engine software SmartPPC Power. During the realization process we have integrated some advanced third-party products, and at the same time we used our own unique solutions which have no analogs in Russian network.

According to requests of our customer we have implemented a large amount of web-services that are especially demanded nowadays. The main services are: Mail, Directory, News, Weather, Social Network, Maps, Horoscopes, Slide Shows, Advertisements, Resorts and Hosting.

We’ve integrated over 600 external resources to get data for the Search and News sections. To make a convenient interface we’ve applied MVC frameworks. Some modules were written in low-level programming languages to provide parallel processing and receiving data from a large number of sources.


Mediabox and the Visual search are the key features of the portal.

Mediabox is a kind of mobile window that contains a number of different boxes. Using this boxes visitors of can watch more than 50 TV channels, listen to more than 50 radio stations, listen to mp3 songs found via mp3 search, watch video from their computers, read TV guides, horoscopes, event’s calendars, posters, learn currency exchange rates, news and stock quotes.

Mediabox can be moved to any desired place of browser window. Another advantage is that while surfing the different portal pages the transmission inside the Mediabox won’t be aborted. Therefore the visitors are able watch a movie or listen to music and explore sections of simultaneously. Using flexible configuration of the Mediabox visitors may place necessary boxes in needed order, change volume and view of information loaded. For example, they can specify a city for Weather and Poster boxes, choose a zodiac sign for the horoscope box, select the desired currency and shares, hide unnecessary boxes and open important ones.

Visual search is another significant feature of On the main page of the portal there are results of many search types – Web, Images, MP3, News, Video, Reports, Torrents, Software, Jobs, Blogs, Books, Products, Encyclopedias, FTP. More than 100 resources were built in the search module of the system. While developing the system we paid a great attention to visitor’s convenience in information presentation, to the ability of setting up and placing the search boxes, the number of results in each block. We’ve integrated many sorts of social features into the portal. Visitors can share their opinions, rate search results, add sites to any social bookmark service, and view comments of other visitors and sites with similar content.

We are sure that the portal possessing such extensive features will surely take a significant place among search-information resources.

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Briefly about us

Hello. Having decided to establish a public relations department our company is launching its own blog. Here you’ll be able to exchange opinions on the existing software and to come to know our latest developments.

Our clientele is scattered all over the world — from Australia to Canada.

Our history dates back to 1990. At that time company activities were mainly focused on developing the automated technological processes management systems for space research. The Sea Launch, a world scaled project, was one of our most significant outputs.

In accordance with the rapid development of the Internet technologies a special department was established in the company in 2000. Creation of software for online advertising was taken as the first priority activity. In 2001 the department was given the status of an independent organization now known as Orbitscripts Company. Over the last 8 years of permanent development Orbitscripts has acquired unique knowledge and experience and has been well recognized on the international software market. There are three main directions of the company developments – search systems, crawling and indexing applications and online ad serving software.

SmartPPC products family comprising functions of a robust search system and ad delivery features gained the highest popularity. The last version – SmartPPC Power — stands out for its being widely spread throughout the world. During the last 6 years about 2000 of commercial copies were sold and over 15000 of free versions were downloaded from our site.

Along with the development of its own ad serving products Orbitscripts implements projects meeting its clients’ requirements. Non-Disclosure Agreements signed don’t let us to tell about our major customers. Among the latest developments that we can refer to are:, Russian entertainment portal which is at beta-testing stage at the moment, and, the biggest Azerbaijan information-search portal.

Since SmartPPC EVO was made public in May, 2009 it has been the key focus of our engineering department. Owing to usage of innovative technologies it offers wide range of features to help people make money by providing ad serving on their websites.

Modularity principle lies in the basis of SmartPPC EVO philosophy. We tend to create a universal set of components which would make it possible for the owner to build a system with all the necessary functions. A search module able to be used both as a separate product for building a search engine and in combination with SmartPPC EVO is on the agenda at the moment.

So, in this blog we will inform you about all our new developments, ideas and the company affairs. We hope everyone will be able to find something of interest for himself here. Through this blog we expect to get closer to our customers and we’d appreciate your comments and suggestions on improvements of our systems.

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