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A few words about SmartPPC EVO

Today we’d like to introduce a short review of our new software – SmartPPC EVO. Our main goal was to provide an opportunity for all website owners to earn ad revenue by delivering and managing advertisements on their sites. Our developers have applied maximal effort to make it understandable and easy-to-use.

The system used in SmartPPC EVO is unique and possesses such qualities as integration and scaling. And today we may say with confidence that the basic component of the SmartPPC EVO is tested and appears to be reliable solution for advertising.

Manage sites/channels

We’ve spent a long time, to make our product satisfy all standards of software creation such as requirements gathering, business modeling, design, programming and testing. We’ve achieved high quality of the software because on each development stage we’ve done quality control that fits ISO standards.

During the development robust and advanced frameworks were used. To make interfaces up-to-date our engineers widely applied object-oriented approach. In the same time, to ensure high performance and efficiency some modules were realized by low-level programming languages. Thanks to the newest technologies used in the system we’re convinced will be in demand during a long time period.

You don’t have to be a genius to start online business and earn money. Want your business to grow up? With the SmartPPC EVO you can easily make money by combing direct ad space sales to your own advertisers with getting ads from XML and JavaScript feeds.

Manage Ads

Expanding system functional can be made by additional modules. The modularity principle used for SmartPPC EVO allows its owner to add and use necessary extensions from the list of available ones. Today we have 12 modules ready. We are working tirelessly to reach the total number of modules of 100.

6 independent solutions are planned to be released on SmartPPC EVO basis: Ad Serving, Ad Marketplace, Ad Agency, Search Solution, Directory Solution, Parking Domain Solution. Let’s briefly overview each the solutions:

Ad Serving enables sites owner to manage advertising from third-party sources and from his own advertisers on his sites.

Ad Marketplace will allow you to create a network for selling ads, some kind of “Market of advertising”, where advertisers and publishers (site owners) will find each other.

Creating campaign

Ad Agency will give you a chance to create your own ad agency’s site that contains full functionality of the second solution (Ad Marketplace) and, in addition, CPA program, tracking and affiliate marketing.

Search Solution will be a meta-search portal with ad serving features. It’ll include a wide range of social functions such as comments, ratings, toolbar, and creation of adjustable personal pages.

Directory Solution – will allow to build directory of ads for any sphere with the possibility to display paid advertisements. This solution can be used for online real estate agency, car or software selling portal, etc.

Review created campaign

And finally, the last one – Parking Domain Solution will give you an opportunity to make a service of domains parking, where owners will be able to manage ads on parked domains.

Each of the 6 standard solutions is a set of certain modules and extensions. That’s why if a system owner wants he can create a custom unique solution buying only necessary modules for his own needs and his business goals. No doubt, you won’t manage to find any analogues among ad management systems.

Interested? Ad Serving solution is already finished and you can try how it works here.

Ad Marketplace and Search solutions will come next.

If you’ve some other questions, feel yourself free to contact us or leave your feedback in the comments.

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Briefly about us

Hello. Having decided to establish a public relations department our company is launching its own blog. Here you’ll be able to exchange opinions on the existing software and to come to know our latest developments.

Our clientele is scattered all over the world — from Australia to Canada.

Our history dates back to 1990. At that time company activities were mainly focused on developing the automated technological processes management systems for space research. The Sea Launch, a world scaled project, was one of our most significant outputs.

In accordance with the rapid development of the Internet technologies a special department was established in the company in 2000. Creation of software for online advertising was taken as the first priority activity. In 2001 the department was given the status of an independent organization now known as Orbitscripts Company. Over the last 8 years of permanent development Orbitscripts has acquired unique knowledge and experience and has been well recognized on the international software market. There are three main directions of the company developments – search systems, crawling and indexing applications and online ad serving software.

SmartPPC products family comprising functions of a robust search system and ad delivery features gained the highest popularity. The last version – SmartPPC Power — stands out for its being widely spread throughout the world. During the last 6 years about 2000 of commercial copies were sold and over 15000 of free versions were downloaded from our site.

Along with the development of its own ad serving products Orbitscripts implements projects meeting its clients’ requirements. Non-Disclosure Agreements signed don’t let us to tell about our major customers. Among the latest developments that we can refer to are:, Russian entertainment portal which is at beta-testing stage at the moment, and, the biggest Azerbaijan information-search portal.

Since SmartPPC EVO was made public in May, 2009 it has been the key focus of our engineering department. Owing to usage of innovative technologies it offers wide range of features to help people make money by providing ad serving on their websites.

Modularity principle lies in the basis of SmartPPC EVO philosophy. We tend to create a universal set of components which would make it possible for the owner to build a system with all the necessary functions. A search module able to be used both as a separate product for building a search engine and in combination with SmartPPC EVO is on the agenda at the moment.

So, in this blog we will inform you about all our new developments, ideas and the company affairs. We hope everyone will be able to find something of interest for himself here. Through this blog we expect to get closer to our customers and we’d appreciate your comments and suggestions on improvements of our systems.

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