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SmartPPC Search in Orbitscripts office

As you know we have our own search engine SmartPPC Search. The cool thing about it is that it aggregates search results from several well known engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

To make it even better, from the beginning of this week, we decided to use only SmartPPC Search in our everyday work. This means that from now on all search engines are banned in Orbitscripts office, and only SmartPPC Search is left.

After two days we have already got about ten complaints and ideas from our team, so, I’m sure that now we’ll have plenty of ideas for next of SmartPPC Search.

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SmartPPC Search – Innovative Search Engine With Advertising Features

Nowadays search traffic is the single most valuable form of internet traffic. Every day, millions and millions of people use different search engines to find things in Internet and face with ads links. Those little ads have turned search engines like Google and Yahoo into biggest advertising vehicles the world has ever seen. You can easily become a part of this valuable traffic by creating your own search engine with SmartPPC Search.

You may ask yourself: why would you want your own search engine? Well, there is a secret which are most search engine keep hidden that we’re going to tell you. They make money from displaying other search engines’ ads. Yes, that’s right. They don’t have their own advertisers. But they still make lots of money. And now, you can too!Revenue Scheme

There a numerous pay per click search engines that will give you their advertisers to put on your search engine, and when someone clicks on the ads from your search engine, they give you a piece of the pay per per click price. All of this is integrated right into SmartPPC Search. Simply, build your search engine using SmartPPC Search, pull their ads in, and get revenue. You can launch your search engine on its own dedicated site, or plug it into your existing site, so your users can search from there.

The basic version of SmartPPC Search supports web search, search by images and news search. For starters, there is no need to build and develop your own index and algorithms. We have that done for you! SmartPPC operates as a meta-search, using Google, Yahoo and Bing as data sources. We have also built in numerous social features, such as My Page and search comments. Think of the possibilities, you can bring together Google, Yahoo and Bing together in one mix, or create any mix you want, simply by clicking on options in SmartPPC. SmartPPC Search is built for speed: The system uses technologies that can handle millions searches daily.

The intuitive interface of SmartPPC Search administrative control panel enables you to adjust the system within minutes. Many flexible and useful settings can be easily managed.

There are several ways of mixing sponsored and organic search results. All paid ads may be displayed on the first page before organic search results. Or you can choose an alternative – output several sponsored results on every page.

SmartPPC Search lets you to:

  • Control your own infrastructure
  • Customize the software look and feel to meet your specific needs
  • Use XML feeds to run ads on your website (Ad providers)
  • Extend the system with the Plug-ins framework
  • Control your own spider to search specific web sites (Orbit Spider)
  • Custom programming (contact us)

SmartPPC Search can be integrated with SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Ad Market. Combination of SmartPPC Search with other solutions makes up a new system – search engine with advanced ad management functions. This will give you the opportunity to sell to your own advertisers directly, and include them within the mix.

Try demo today.

Build your own pay per click business and make high income!

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SmartPPC Search

Today we would like to review the project that is currently being developed by our company – SmartPPC Search. This solution will let you build a meta-search portal with the ability of serving advertisements from XML feeds.

SmartPPC Search will include a wide range of social functions such as comments, ratings, toolbar and creation of adjustable personal pages. Thus users will be able to vote for good search results, rate posted comments, bookmark the most interesting search result. Users will be able to change look and feel of their personal pages using different colors palettes and themes. On the personal pages there will be an area where user will be able to place boxes with different information – currency rates, weather, horoscope, news, search results, etc.

Search results for SmartPPC Search software will be simultaneously obtained from various popular search resources such as Google, Yahoo, etc.

The system will be based on modularity and will support functional expanding. We’ll apply the projecting models based on the book of Martin Fowler – “Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture”.

At the moment we’re planning to complete and release the new software approximately in the end of September.

We’ll describe key issues of the development process in our blog. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment.

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