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SmartPPC Ad Market – Your Own Advertising Marketing Software

In our previous post we have mentioned that our next solution after SmartPPC EVO will be affiliate management program software – SmartPPC Ad Market (please see the blog post for more details) that can help you manage the entire scope of your digital marketing program.

SmartPPC Ad Market – seemly combines tools for ads network management with full-featured portal for partners’ sites and flexible areas for advertiser buyers. The most important advantage of the system is that it allows you to generate revenue from advertisers before there are any publisher members.

Cut out the “Ad Middleman” and increase your website’s revenue without risk by combining your direct ads with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network, Microsoft AdCenter in a single ad placement.
Sooner or later, most webmasters using the typical Adsense style affiliate programs realize that their traffic is worth more than the revenue share that their ad provider gives to them.  They day dream about being able to sell their ad inventory directly to those advertisers and cutting out the “Ad Middleman” who gives them the mysterious “revenue share” percentage.  Most never go through with it because of the enormous costs in programming an ad management system, in addition to the fear that by simply removing their current ad provider, they will lose too much revenue while the direct ad selling process occurs.

Revenue Scheme

Announcing SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Ad Market, The Next Evolution in Website Advertising.
SmartPPC EVO is the first, cost-effective, self serve, ad serving software that allows webmasters to maximize their ad revenue by selling direct without taking the risk of losing their current revenue stream.  And, it comes with all necessary and familiar tools for ad campaigns management in an easy to use online system.
SmartPPC Ad Market is built on the SmartPPC EVO technology and allows every webmaster to be their own little Google.

SmartPPC Ad Market system is easy to use ad serving platform which allows earning money from three resources:

Your own advertisers – display your advertisers’ ads on any of the websites and convert your web traffic into revenue.

Integrated PPC Feeds – displayed ads from PPC Feeds let you to promote and monetize your website with Feeds revenue.

Publishers – have an opportunity to monetize their ads space and you can get revenue by integrating your advertisers ads and ads from PPC Feeds on your publishers’ websites.

There is much efficiency you’ll gain with the new SmartPPC Ad Market system: advanced targeting helps you to find your audience; serving text, static image and animated flash advertisements – brings your system’s users to make online display attractive to customers; creative optimization – allows to adjust CPC, CPM, CPA, Flat Rate campaigns to serve only the best performance; integrated reporting tools clarifies your system’s results; contextual and keyword-based advertising puts best ads forward; Up-to-date visitor security methods providing fraud clicks prevention; Friendly intuitive interface and many other useful features. SmartPPC Ad Market provides numerous benefits for your publishers, your advertisers, and for you.

Among the innovative features of this solution the unique visual editor is worth emphasizing. It lets you and your publishers to create mockups of your existing web-sites and specify placements of ads where advertisers can display their announcements. Advertisers when creating their ad campaigns can view mockups with expanding representation of all system’s web-sites, placed on those sites ads channels and their parameters. Thus web-sites’ mockups and advanced information help advertisers to choose web-sites where they want to display their ads. Undoubtedly, this visual interface helps you to attract new advertisers into your system and as a result will increase you revenue.

You can test new innovative ad serving solution right now! Follow the link to experience the power and flexibility of SmartPPC Ad Market system:

SmartPPC Ad Market Demo

Run your online business!

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The main portal of Azerbaijan from Orbitscripts

We would like to present the first and currently the only national search system of Azerbaijan – YUMROO designed, developed and installed by our team.

During the development processes the following services were realized:

1. Azerbaijan resources search

2. Resources catalogue

3. Mail

4. News

yumroo_news5. Articles

6. Weather

7. Currency rates

8. Forums

9. Blogs

10. Galleries

11. Advertising network

The main feature of the portal is Azerbaijan sites search. YUMROO was designed as a multilingual portal, and thus at the moment it supports three languages: Azerbaijani, Russian and English.


The mechanism of Azerbaijan resources search is built on the platform of our Orbit Spider software. The uniqueness of the project is that the search algorithm is based on the morphology of Azerbaijan language. Thus if you search for a keyword – “go”, the results of the search will also contain such related words as “went”, “walk”, “going”, etc. To realize this we’ve developed an extensive morphological module that processes various forms of Azerbaijan’s words. In addition, to increase the relevance of search results (how search results are pertinent and applicable to search request) we’ve optimized the data extraction algorithms. The optimization goal  was to take into consideration distance between the words in the original text and form of expression. This allowed us to obtain search result for the Azerbaijani language more relevant than Google results.


YUMROO portal contains a broad advertising network built on the base of SmartPPC software. Advertisers can place ads both on the portal and on other sites of Azerbaijan. There is a system of ads displaying by zones according to portal requirements and Azerbaijan’s internet area peculiarities.

To realize some informational and social parts of the portal were used 3rd party software. The specialists of Orbitscripts have integrated them into a united system, using advanced frameworks. This allows to expand the system functionality easily.

We’ll be pleased to see your comments and evaluations concerning the portal.

Comments (5) – the new search-informational portal

As we mentioned in our previous post, besides developing our own software which is the main company activity, we create various custom projects. Today we’d like to cover one of such projects that is notable for a number of innovative solutions.

A new search-informational portal has recently become available for Russian Internet users. Our engineers team spent about a year developing this project to create an attractive portal for network visitors. The system is built on the basis of our search engine software SmartPPC Power. During the realization process we have integrated some advanced third-party products, and at the same time we used our own unique solutions which have no analogs in Russian network.

According to requests of our customer we have implemented a large amount of web-services that are especially demanded nowadays. The main services are: Mail, Directory, News, Weather, Social Network, Maps, Horoscopes, Slide Shows, Advertisements, Resorts and Hosting.

We’ve integrated over 600 external resources to get data for the Search and News sections. To make a convenient interface we’ve applied MVC frameworks. Some modules were written in low-level programming languages to provide parallel processing and receiving data from a large number of sources.


Mediabox and the Visual search are the key features of the portal.

Mediabox is a kind of mobile window that contains a number of different boxes. Using this boxes visitors of can watch more than 50 TV channels, listen to more than 50 radio stations, listen to mp3 songs found via mp3 search, watch video from their computers, read TV guides, horoscopes, event’s calendars, posters, learn currency exchange rates, news and stock quotes.

Mediabox can be moved to any desired place of browser window. Another advantage is that while surfing the different portal pages the transmission inside the Mediabox won’t be aborted. Therefore the visitors are able watch a movie or listen to music and explore sections of simultaneously. Using flexible configuration of the Mediabox visitors may place necessary boxes in needed order, change volume and view of information loaded. For example, they can specify a city for Weather and Poster boxes, choose a zodiac sign for the horoscope box, select the desired currency and shares, hide unnecessary boxes and open important ones.

Visual search is another significant feature of On the main page of the portal there are results of many search types – Web, Images, MP3, News, Video, Reports, Torrents, Software, Jobs, Blogs, Books, Products, Encyclopedias, FTP. More than 100 resources were built in the search module of the system. While developing the system we paid a great attention to visitor’s convenience in information presentation, to the ability of setting up and placing the search boxes, the number of results in each block. We’ve integrated many sorts of social features into the portal. Visitors can share their opinions, rate search results, add sites to any social bookmark service, and view comments of other visitors and sites with similar content.

We are sure that the portal possessing such extensive features will surely take a significant place among search-information resources.

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A few words about SmartPPC EVO

Today we’d like to introduce a short review of our new software – SmartPPC EVO. Our main goal was to provide an opportunity for all website owners to earn ad revenue by delivering and managing advertisements on their sites. Our developers have applied maximal effort to make it understandable and easy-to-use.

The system used in SmartPPC EVO is unique and possesses such qualities as integration and scaling. And today we may say with confidence that the basic component of the SmartPPC EVO is tested and appears to be reliable solution for advertising.

Manage sites/channels

We’ve spent a long time, to make our product satisfy all standards of software creation such as requirements gathering, business modeling, design, programming and testing. We’ve achieved high quality of the software because on each development stage we’ve done quality control that fits ISO standards.

During the development robust and advanced frameworks were used. To make interfaces up-to-date our engineers widely applied object-oriented approach. In the same time, to ensure high performance and efficiency some modules were realized by low-level programming languages. Thanks to the newest technologies used in the system we’re convinced will be in demand during a long time period.

You don’t have to be a genius to start online business and earn money. Want your business to grow up? With the SmartPPC EVO you can easily make money by combing direct ad space sales to your own advertisers with getting ads from XML and JavaScript feeds.

Manage Ads

Expanding system functional can be made by additional modules. The modularity principle used for SmartPPC EVO allows its owner to add and use necessary extensions from the list of available ones. Today we have 12 modules ready. We are working tirelessly to reach the total number of modules of 100.

6 independent solutions are planned to be released on SmartPPC EVO basis: Ad Serving, Ad Marketplace, Ad Agency, Search Solution, Directory Solution, Parking Domain Solution. Let’s briefly overview each the solutions:

Ad Serving enables sites owner to manage advertising from third-party sources and from his own advertisers on his sites.

Ad Marketplace will allow you to create a network for selling ads, some kind of “Market of advertising”, where advertisers and publishers (site owners) will find each other.

Creating campaign

Ad Agency will give you a chance to create your own ad agency’s site that contains full functionality of the second solution (Ad Marketplace) and, in addition, CPA program, tracking and affiliate marketing.

Search Solution will be a meta-search portal with ad serving features. It’ll include a wide range of social functions such as comments, ratings, toolbar, and creation of adjustable personal pages.

Directory Solution – will allow to build directory of ads for any sphere with the possibility to display paid advertisements. This solution can be used for online real estate agency, car or software selling portal, etc.

Review created campaign

And finally, the last one – Parking Domain Solution will give you an opportunity to make a service of domains parking, where owners will be able to manage ads on parked domains.

Each of the 6 standard solutions is a set of certain modules and extensions. That’s why if a system owner wants he can create a custom unique solution buying only necessary modules for his own needs and his business goals. No doubt, you won’t manage to find any analogues among ad management systems.

Interested? Ad Serving solution is already finished and you can try how it works here.

Ad Marketplace and Search solutions will come next.

If you’ve some other questions, feel yourself free to contact us or leave your feedback in the comments.

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