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SmartPPC Ad Market Video Lessons

We’re pleased to let you know that SmartPPC Ad Market Video Lessons are available now! Online education video tutorials can help administrators, advertisers and publishers to better understand UI of the SmartPPC Ad Market system. Administrator and publishers will get to know how to start selling ad placements (channels) on their websites. Advertisers will learn how to display ads on administrators’ and publishers’ websites.

If you are an Administrator SmartPPC Ad Market Video Lessons assist you to build your own ad network from scratch. You will learn how to get advertising revenue and increase traffic to your site with a lesser time.

If you are an Advertiser SmartPPC Ad Market Video Lessons assist you to create your CPM/Flat Rate or CPC ad campaigns, create ad groups, manage targeting and scheduling; teach you how to pay up in the system. With SmartPPC Ad Market advertisers will spend their money effectively and target the right audience with the help of robust reporting features.

If you are a Publisher SmartPPC Ad Market Video Lessons assist you to monetize your websites traffic and drive revenue without making any seed investments in running your own direct advertising. You’ll learn how to add your websites into SmartPPC Ad Market system, so that advertisers could display their ads on your websites. With powerful tools you will get to know how to keep track of your performance.

At the moment we’re looking forward to provide you with more lessons. SmartPPC EVO and SmartPPC Search video lessons are coming soon.

We hope these video lessons will provide you with some helpful tips to your ad business.

If you have any suggestions or ideas feel free to contact us.

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