How graphs in C++ increased accuracy of cryptocurrency rate forecast by 17%

How graphs in C++ increased accuracy of cryptocurrency rate forecast by 17%

In brief

  • 01
    Kind of tool

    C++ programming language

  • 02

    Predict cryptocurrency rate changes

  • 03
    What we did

    Created a mathematical model based on customer data

    Constructed graphs

    Assessed the accuracy of the cryptocurrency forecast

  • 04

    Forecast accuracy increased by 17%

Task: create an AI algorithm for predicting changes in the cryptocurrency rate

Our customer is a large platform with entertainment content for adults. The service is used by millions of people around the world, allowing users to pay for viewing content anonymously.

Our customer wanted to sell cryptocurrency on their exchange profitably, and they needed a way to assess ongoing rate changes. The plan was for a module with a mathematical algorithm that could evaluate changes in the exchange rate in real time and make a forecast. It was important that the results are able to be visualized understandably for ordinary users, in the form of diagrams and graphs.

The customer turned to OrbitSoft to solve the problem.

Why we used C++ for this work

Our customer has most of their software powered by C++. They wanted to be able to support the operation of the algorithm themselves, and so asked us to create a model using this language. We wrote the code from scratch, as at that time none of the needed libraries existed.

C++ has advantages:

  • Performance. The speed of code execution in the language is high. It’s also possible to write programs of any complexity in it, and not just to solve local problems.
  • Versatility. The language combines the capabilities of low-level and high-level languages. Programs that are written in C++ are easily portable from one platform to another.
  • Good support. There is a huge community around this language. There are also a large number of libraries and templates, with the standards constantly being updated and improved. Despite the fact that the language is considered difficult to gain entry to, all the tools needed to master it quicky are readily available.

Solution: created a mathematical model and built graphs with C++

To create the algorithm, we did the following:

  • Analyzed the data regarding changes in cryptocurrency rates for the past, and for the current period, on various popular exchanges.
  • Developed an algorithm to track patterns in changes in the exchange rate.
  • Developed a program that builds a mathematical model based on regularities.
  • Visualized the results of the mathematical model in the form of graphs.
The graph can be visually analyzed: data with common features are grouped into «islands»

Use of this mechanism made it possible to increase the accuracy of forecasting the cryptocurrency rate by 17%.

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