Blockchain Technology – A New Movement is Here


As we all know, new technologies are constantly being created and old ones being updated in order to sustain the ever-growing business demand for the most cutting-edge tools. Recently, the blockchain technology has become very prevalent in various industries, including the advertising business. We strongly believe that blockchains are already changing the global business structure, and that these changes will facilitate growth for the digital market, and specifically for the advertising world.

So what is a blockchain? At its core, a blockchain is a large knowledge database. It’s basically a continuously growing list of records. As soon as a record is noted down in the chain, it becomes permanent and will continue to exist, unaltered, for as long as the chain exists. Furthermore, the blockchain is distributed to all the chain members and each user has access to the full copy of the chain.

The blockchain network does not have a centralized control point, or a single point of cancelation, as do other chains. That means that if one or several users are disconnected from the chain, the chain still continues to grow and the data is not lost.

This ability to keep complete records about all transactions in the chain, and to make these records available to all the chain members is what makes a blockchain so attractive and effective for complex problem solving.

Since the advertising industry has always been ahead of the curve, the blockchain technology is already being widely used in the digital advertising space. A non-profit research organization called iAB Tech Lab has recently assembled a team of experts in order to study the ways to use blockchains in order to develop standards for making advertising more effective and valuable.

Here at OrbitSoft, we have selected several of our own interesting projects to work on, based on blockchain technology.

  • AdChain is an open protocol on Ethereum’s public blockchain. Its stated goal is to allow for building of decentralized applications, specifically for use in the digital advertising ecosystem.
  • Adex is a decentralized ad exchange that utilizes Ethereum to address problems like fraud, privacy, and consent in the digital advertising space.
  • The Basic Attention Token (BAT) utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to create a token that can be used to obtain a variety of advertising and attention-based services on a purpose-built platform.

Using the blockchain technology, we are hoping to make progress toward resolving issues such as fraud, discrepancies with billing, financial transaction risks, and verifying the validity of advertising resources.

Currently, the blockchain technology is going through an unprecedented growth spur, mostly due to the popularity of cryptocurrency. In order to stay up-to-date and to be able to offer our clients the latest and greatest technological possibilities, we are planning to incorporate cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.) into our own products going forward. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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OrbitSoft is ready for the New Year and Christmas!

New Year's toy

We take the New Year and Christmas celebration very seriously and have already prepared for the holidays. We decorated our office space, and in the kitchen, a wonderful Christmas tree has settled. Soon under the tree there will be gifts from our Secret Santa :)

As you can see, our office has changed a lot and completely plunged into a New Year’s mood!

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OrbitSoft Enables New Ad types in Ad Server Software

Ad Types abstraction

OrbitSoft customers and content consumers will be pleased to note that the popular ad serving platform is now offering full support for a greater number of ad types. Content Roll ads, also known as Page Roll or Outstream In-View videos can all be featured on the platform anywhere on the pages of the website. This opens up a lot of possibilities for publishers looking to monetize new ad regions without a video content player on the page, and helps to diversify the ads being displayed to make the pages more appealing to visitors as well.

“When we decided to expand the ad types offered on OrbitSoft we had three key demographics in mind,” explained Jacob of “We wanted to be sure the ads were revenue creators for Publishers, high CTR converters for Advertisers, and pleasing bonus content for Fans. I’m confident that anyone viewing sites that utilize these new features from OrbitSoft will agree we have managed to make the display far more appealing to all three important constituents of our services.”

OrbitSoft also promotes fairness in the ad trade market by defaulting ads to only appear when they are 100% in-view of the end user. If the user scrolls away, the ad pauses until that user scrolls back, allowing brands fewer worries about ad fraud. That’s why the Content Roll ad unit only launches when a page registers a user action to prevent ad bot fraud.

OrbitSoft Ad Server also now supports two types of Background ads by utilizing the display of ad materials in the form of a background skin on the publisher’s site. Publishers can display a background image along with Rich Media or custom HTML content. This gives Advertisers access to a much larger ad format capable of providing more information to end-users. Background ads can also be fixed to a specific position so they remain visible even as a user scrolls down.

Native Ad options now also exist thanks to OrbitSoft Ad Server, adapting each ad to the appearance and functionality of the page chosen by the publisher to display. This method of ad targeting also allows retargeting of end users who interact with each ad. Also, testing has shown that consumes are more likely to share or save native ad content, because it shares the same look and feel as the content they adore.

On top of all that, OrbitSoft is adding full compliance with HTML5 creatives made in Google Web Designer to simplify placing created ad assets in a CDN and rewriting paths to the images and scripts locations. OrbitSoft was already able to connect In-Text XML-feeds to display text ads on a CPC basis. Now the platform is expanding support to also include ad types that connect via XML.

Enhancing your site and earning more as a Publisher, or improving your engagement as an Advertiser is as easy as contacting right now to get details about the world’s most advanced ad server software and potential partners you can work with within your own ad budgets today!

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving card

We would like to congratulate our American clients with the Thanksgiving Day!

Thanksgiving is traditionally a day for families to get together for a special meal and it is time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Thanksgiving is a perfect time to express love and care to the closest people.

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love and cheer. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

We are lucky to have clients from different countries and to be able to know from them a bit more about various cultures, traditions and holidays from all over the world.

Halloween is one of such holidays, which is mostly celebrated by our English-speaking clients, although more and more other countries join them recently.

We wish you a happy and cheerful Halloween!

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Automatic Foreign Currency Conversion Updates

Per the request of one of our clients, our team created the ability to automatically update foreign currency conversions, including such currencies as the Malaysian ringgit and the Vietnamese dong. We are even able to keep up with such foreign currencies that most people have never heard of!

After doing research on all the existing options of maintaining the ever-changing foreign currency rates, we selected Yahoo Finance due to its ability to offer the widest selection of currencies. Then we created our own algorithm of keeping the latest currency rates.

In order to do this properly, our team utilized CRON software. Yahoo Finance updates its currency rates so frequently that we were able to set our settings to update every minute, in order to allow our users to see the latest rates.

Currency Conversion

Additionally, we explored the possibility of being able to customize the currency rates by the administrator. We fashioned the interface in such a way so as to allow the administrator to see the current rates, as well as to be able to enter a customized value. The administrator is able to see both values for each currency and to switch back and forth between them.

All currency values are set in System Settings. For example, on the screenshot, you can see the value of the Hong Kong dollar.

This project required us to push our own boundaries and to familiarize ourselves with the existing methods of receiving data in the area of foreign currencies, as well as to expand our vocabulary and knowledge of this subject overall. Our developers are now considering an opportunity to invest in some ringgits or dongs for themselves!

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Dmexco 2017

13-14 September, right after Webmaster Access 2017, OrbitSoft attended DmExco, which is considered as one of the leading digital advertising exhibitions in Europe. 50 700 visitors from all around the world and more than 1 000 exhibitors attended DmExco this year.

DmExco is the global business and innovation exhibition, which enables to see new trends and to define the business potential of the future projects. This is the great meeting place for media and marketing professionals, technical specialists, and designers.

We were happy to attend this very important event in the digital advertising world. The endless flow of meetings, training, and seminars gave us excellent experience and new connections.

It was very productive European tour for our company. Thanks to all participants for making DmExco a success! For us it was a pleasure to meet with you!

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Webmaster Access 2017


The beginning of September was very busy for OrbitSoft – our team planned to visit 2 European exhibitions at once. The first in the list was Webmaster Access, which taking place from September 8th – 11th at the Amsterdam Double Tree by Hilton.

Webmaster Access is one of the biggest events in the digital advertising field of the adult industry. This year the exhibition attracted about 1500 participants from more than 30 countries.

Attendees and participants could get know each other and chat in a cozy friendly atmosphere and exchange contacts on the Meet Market.

We had a lot of interesting meetings. It was a pleasure to meet with our old friends and got new ones.

Webmaster Access was very successful for our team. The next stop is DmExco 2017


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Affiliate Summit East 2017

ASE 2017

We attended Affiliate Summit East 2017, which was held in New York for 3 days, from July 30 to August 1.

Affiliate Summit East is one of the biggest themed events in the digital advertising field. Attending ASE is mandatory for all companies that seek to develop their North American direction. This is an ideal meeting place with potential clients from USA and Canada, as well as with partners from many other parts of the world.

We visited seminars from leading industry companies, held many useful meetings and negotiations, which in the future will certainly turn into a long-term partnership.

The Affiliate Summit East 2017 was very useful events for us. Now our next stop is Webmasteraccess 2017 in Amsterdam and DmExco 2017 Cologne, which will be held one after the other in the middle September.

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