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Bids edit form

In SmartPPC 7 we are going to implement some really big and interesting features (several types of campaigns (sic!), a cart system for site directory, statistics charts, easy e-mail system and many, many more). But we also don’t forget about small details.

I’ve made an investigation of bids editors in different systems. There are two general approaches: small form with “Save” button for each bid (Google, SmartPPC 6 and Yahoo use it) and without any forms, but with “Save” button for the whole page (this type is the choice of Microsoft, Begun and Yandex).

But advantages and disadvantages of this approaches are not a matter of this discussion actually. Lets look at small forms design.

As I said Google and SmartPPC 6 use small forms:
Google SmartPPC6

If you’ll look fixedly at those forms you can see a big problem — buttons spatial distribution is erroneous. The problem is that gestures for safe (clicking “Save” button, green line) operation and unsafe one (clocking “Cancel”, red line) are too similar. That is why you can easily miss the button.

Both SmartPPC 6 from:

and Google one:

has this drawback. Google gestures are even more dangerous.

The design of this kind leads to frequent mistakes and frustration. And don’t forget that bids tuning is an every day advertiser job. So, small but every day frustrations can turn into a really big disappointment.

If we will use small forms approach in SmartPPC 7 (we are discussing it), we’ll use form like that:

As you see “Save” and “Cancel” buttons differ not only in weight (button vs link) and color but also spatially separated. So gestures themselves will extremely reduce errors.

Left for bad. Right for good.

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