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Custom usability service

All the way developing SmartPPC 7 I was thinking about the problem of reaching end users of our system, I mean: publishers and advertisers.

As you know, we develop our software for people who are developing advertising services. So our customers act as a middle man at this point, making it hard for us to reach the end users.

“How, how can we get acquainted with the end users, how can we get their complaints and wishes”, — I was wondering.

Recently I realized: we shouldn’t. Our clients are administrators. They are our users, so we must do all we can for them.

But concern about end user is an administrator task. So if we care about administrator, and they have necessity to care about their users, we must provide all possibilities for that.

Though difference can seem subtle (we shouldn’t care about end users we should care of helping administrators care about end users) it is very important, it puts my thoughts about SmartPPC 7 in order.

In many cases in SmartPPC 7 I wasn’t able to simplify interface ’cause, though for most cases the simplification was suitable, there always were cases where simplification was inappropriate.

The conclusion above tells me that from now on I shouldn’t worry about it, I should design the more functionality I can. To simplify is the task of administrator. My task is to help administrator with this simplification.

That is why I made a proposition to our boss: we must make SmartPPC 7 as functional and as flexible as possible, but leave wide opportunities for it simplification for the concrete task.

This means that, due to my plan, the core SmartPPC 7 will allow you to create a really big and complicated service. You’ll be able to create AdWord, AdBrite and, e. g., BuySellAds combined in one solution.

But in most cases concrete administrators won’t need all this stuff, so there will be an opportunity to reduce and simplify the final system.

The first reduction will be made by as. We will separate SmartPPC 7 by products.
For example, EVO owners don’t need features for bulk work with thousands of ad channels, ‘case they usually have only one site and several channels. So EVO interface is going to be much simplier then AdMarket one. Search owner, i think, will need only keyword based campaigns, and so on…

The second way of simplification that I have in mind is custom usability service. This means that, if boss approve, we will provide a service, ordering which administrators will be able to tune the product usability for the needs of their particular users. I think I will personally make necessary investigations and work out suggestions.

I really hope I thought it out well and boss will accept my proposal. Or may be even improve it. We’ll see.

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