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New formats of advertising

OrbitScripts provides a wide range of ad types to display on websites starting from text ads, banners, flash ads, rich media ads (floating, expandable, pop-ups etc.) to video ads (in-banner video ads, in-stream ads, overlay ads) and mobile ads.

Today we want to talk about the new ad formats that we integrated into our ad serving software Orbit Ad Server and other ad formats that we plan to implement in future.

The first ad type is text + logo ad that is already implemented into our ad tool. Text+logo ad is combination of text and graphic image that helps websites owners to better monetize their ad placements. Combination of written and visual content influences visitors’ better, making users to forward advertiser’s site or make a purchase or a subscription.

text and logo ad

The next ad format is – lead generation (product zones) in the contextual ads. Leads take the main role in attracting customers. As a result of a lead you get contact and demographic info. An adjusted data selection option for lead generations allows you not only to interest users with your goods and services, but also get contacts for the future partnerships. This ad format is available in our latest version of In-Text Advertising plug-in.

product zone

The last ad type what we want to cover is companion ads. Companion ad is an ad unit placed on the page that comes up with video ad. While video ads displays video according to certain page parameters companion ad appears (text ads, banners, rich media ads). Thus, the interaction of video and companion ads together maximizes return on investments and attracts more visitors to your products and services.  Currently, OrbitScripts development team is working on companion ad development and plans to add it into next version of Video Advertising plug-in.

companion ad

Please feel free to contact us for any additional info.

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Automate Your Affiliate Network With Orbit Affiliate Software

We’ve got great news! The Orbitscripts innovative technology your business trusts now builds and manages affiliate networks. We’ve released a new product, Orbit Affiliate Software, to help your web business earn more money through affiliate network marketing — a mainstay in Internet revenue streams.

Orbit Affiliate Software’s monetization model uses Cost Per Action (CPA) to provide a user action gateway that benefits both web publishers (affiliates) and merchants. CPA offers can include any type of user generated action defined as valuable by merchants: email subscriptions, registrations, pay per sale, pay per lead, clicks, impressions. You decide! With Orbitscripts Affiliate Software sales and lead generation just keeps getting easier.

Let’s look at how affiliate networks operate.

Network Owners – A network owner is sort of like the wizard behind the curtain. An affiliate network owner manages and maintains control over their network of web publishers/affiliate marketers and merchants. When you license your copy of Orbit Affiliate Software, YOU can become an affiliate network owner!

As you are on top of the heap — so to speak — you earn the most money from actions performed by users on your affiliate websites, but you also have certain responsibilities. That’s where we come in. Orbitscripts’ affiliate program software automates everything and brings it all under your control on one easy to use, fully customizable dashboard.

As an affiliate network owner you are responsible for CPA offer payouts to the affiliate websites in your network. With Orbitscripts’ Affiliate Software everything is tracked and managed for you – so no worries there. Our affiliate program software allows you to configure tracking settings, offer fraud protection and maximize ROI using our intelligent reporting tools. There are no limits to the number of merchants or affiliate websites available in your system. Even yourself! If you like, you can also run your own merchant marketing campaigns!

Orbit Affiliate Software

Merchants – Each merchant can set their own fee structures, dates of feeds for promotions and rules for affiliate websites promoting their products. Merchants can set a fixed price or a percentage of system purchases or actions. Orbit Affiliate Software’s merchant panels make it easy to configure and track everything.

Merchants are responsible for paying commissions to their network owner for CPA offers on their affiliates’ websites and for providing marketing materials and handling the business of the transaction; such as product shipping, money collection and customer service – just like any store owner would. What they don’t have to worry about is finding customers, marketing and promoting their product. That’s the affiliate marketers’ job. Merchants simply make their products available, handle their business and sit back while the customers come to them.

Orbit Affiliate Software’s wide variety of innovative ad formats and banner templates make provision and deployment of affiliate marketing materials a snap for both merchant and affiliate.

Affiliates – The bread and butter of the whole shebang, affiliate websites make the online affiliate marketing world go round. They do the work to promote products offered by merchants and/or the network owner. They receive their piece of the pie from the network owner out of the commission paid to them by the merchants. See how that works? Have a look at the diagram below for some visuals on the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Affiliates entice their website traffic with targeted promotional campaigns offering products of interest to their visitors. Visitors perform actions which generate revenue via CPA offers (subscription, lead generation, sales, registration). Commission on those CPA offers goes to the merchants who pay the network owners who, in turn, pay the affiliates. Got it?

Like everything else, you get back what you put into it. A quality affiliate marketing network takes care of its relationships. With Orbitscripts Affiliate Software, the work is done for you. Our affiliate program software allows you to offer your merchants and publishers smart reporting tools that facilitate strategic promotional campaigns. Quality statistics guide both the affiliate and the merchant in making effective choices. Fee payment is reliable; as it is easily managed and tracked from our customizable owner, merchant and affiliate panels. A variety of user-friendly and engaging promotion formats puts a wide range of affiliate marketing tools in the hands of your marketers and merchants. The rest is gravy!

Stay Tuned for More with Orbitscripts!

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