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Orbit Open Ad Server New Website

We have launched a new, separate site for Orbit Open Ad Server product that has a ton of information for the software owners. You can visit it here.

Orbit Open Ad Server is totally free open source software ad server for your business.

Easy to use interface allows you to explore the system quickly and efficiently.

Orbit Open Ad Server

Orbit Open Ad Server website was made to be simple in its look and in its feel so that you can get to the information you want quickly.

Don’t forget to visit Orbit Open Ad Server forum to engage with other owners of Orbit Open Ad Server, ask questions and learn more.


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Orbit Open Ad Server version 1.1.0

We have released new version of Orbit Open Ad Server! The script has become more convenient to use for its owners.

You can download upgraded version from the Download section of Orbit Open Ad Server.


You can find detailed instruction on how to upgrade your script up to new version on our community.

Please use our community if you have any questions regarding Orbit Open Ad Server upgrade.

Good Luck!


OrbitScripts Script

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Orbit Open Ad Server Release – Run Your Own Ad Server Today!

Check it! We’ve got a hot, fresh new product for you! The even better news? It’s free! We’ve released Orbit Open Ad Server and it’s now available free for download.

With Orbit Open Ad Server you can advertise on any website on the Internet and earn money doing it – with no up front monetary investment on your part. Why? We’d like you to try it. We’d like to invite you into our family of products that help users all over the world expand their online businesses by gaining the advantage of audience targeted ads in a global marketplace.

To download Orbit Open Ad Server, go to the spot marked “Download” and fill out a quick form with your real email address – you know, the one you check – and we’ll send you a link in an email that takes you to where you can download Orbit Open Ad Server – free!

To get everything setup: Download the archive to your server and run install.php. Follow the instructions in our Installation Wizard, to correctly install the Orbit Open Ad Server to your server or hosting. And voila! You’re ready to serve context relevant ads and make money.

Orbit Open Ad Server

Oh! Also! Be sure to register with our ByteCity Network. ByteCity gives you immediate access to a wide range of quality advertisers in the broad ByteCity Network. Use ByteCity to supplement your current network of advertisers or let ByteCity introduce you to a whole world of diverse advertisers; so you can begin displaying ads on your site right away!

Orbit Open Ad Server lets you reach out to your network with several user-friendly methods such as email newsletters, targeted ad placements, thirty party site ads, offline advertising, etc. Our customers have gotten great results displaying ads from ByteCity and third party ad networks like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publishers, AdBrite, etc.

We built Orbit Open Ad Server using open source code in PHP and Javascript with a MySQL database. The open source model lets you tailor & tweak to fit your business. Use it as a simple banner serving app or as a complex advertising portal.

Please Note: Orbit Open Ad Server was built for expert developers and highly technical enthusiasts developing for non-mission critical environments. In other words, you gotta have skillz to modify PHP scripts. Be careful out there!

Good luck!

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Orbit Open Ad Server

Before you buy something – you need to try it, right? Therefore, we developed the Lite version of our product Orbit AdServer – Orbit Open Ad Server, that soon would be available for download from our site.

You would be able to download and install it yourself to your server or hosting.

Orbit Open Ad Server is a free open source solution that will allow you to place ads on your web sites and monetize your traffic to earn money.

This ad serving platform has limited functionality compared to the Orbit AdServer, but you’ are more the welcome to upgrade it to Orbit AdServer solution anytime.

open ad server

Orbit Open Ad Server is an open source solution with open source, you can modify it yourself to fit your needs.

One of the most attractive features of the Orbit Open Ad Server is that it will have a built in XML feed from our advertising network ByteCity. Thus, you will have access to a large network of advertisers ByteCity and can start earning money.

On Orbit Open Ad Server you can mix the ads! Receive advertising from major advertisers, network ByteCity and place it on your sites, mixing it with ads from your own advertisers and third-party advertising networks like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publishers, etc.

If your site is built on a popular CMS system like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress, you can easily place ads on them with Orbit Open Ad Server by built-in CMS modules.

With Orbit Open Ad Server you can mix and place ads on your sites and make a modification of the script in according to your business requirements.

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