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Tips and tricks to attract advertisers to your websites!

The shortest path to the success of your web advertising business is sales of ads to direct advertisers. You focus on the work you enjoy while you earn money with your website. The big issues facing every website owner are the same: Where to get direct advertisers? How do I attract top advertisers to my website? Where do I even begin?

Know your stuff!

No matter if your website is devoted to computer tech, bird watching, weight loss, or the-latest-whatever; you’ve got to be right on top of what’s hot in your subjecty area. Someone else’s blog or website is just a mere click away. Update regularly. Captivate your audiences. Make sure your content is current and fresh!

Know your audience!

Know your audience! This is your ad platform. You’re building your ad network. You need to know who your customers (site visitors) are, what they like and what they don’t. What do they need? What products compliment the topic of your website? Contextual advertising is a big winner in the online advertising game. What are the top notch binoculars that are all the rage in the bird watching community? What’s the cool new computer gadget all the kids are talking about? What are trending celebrities using to look fit and trim on the red carpet? Give your audience what they want.

Be able to inform and entice potential advertisers with web analytics, reporting and metrics regarding the visitors to your website. How old are they? What are their interests? Income? Gender? Geographic location? Average level of education? Favorite activities, etc.. The more you know. The more you sell.

If your website is focused on travel to the world’s top beach destinations, then ski clothing retailers are not likely to be talking to their niche market.

Just as you would target ads to your web visitors. Use your energy wisely. Do some research to find the right advertisers to help you monetize your site’s traffic.

Monitor the market and your competitors’ websites:

Monitor the market

· Examine your competitors. Take time to examine the websites of your competitors (or even just similar websites). Find out who is advertising on these sites. Follow the ads to visit their advertisers’ websites. Look for those advertisers’ contact information and give it your best shot!

· Social Networks. Explore communities and groups in tune with your website’s subject matter. Who’s advertising there? For instance, look at the facebook page for groups centered on electronic engineering what ads from that page would interest readers of your IT website. What ads do you see on the National Audobon Society’s blog? Who’s interacting on the twitter feed of the hottest new diet guru?

· Offline companies. Look to companies located in your region that might be interested in online advertising on your websites. If they don’t already have a strong brand presence online, offer to help them branch out with an Internet advertising campaign.

· Print. Don’t forget! Newspapers and magazines are full of advertising. Their whole business model is build on it. Check out trade journals, newsletters, and regional rags. You could find a treasure trove of advertisers looking for the right opportunity to reach out to an online market.

Approach direct advertisers and make them an offer they can’t refuse! Approach direct advertisersCreate a clear and concise commercial offer that describes all the advantages of your websites and your readership.

Provide advertisers information in detail that shows them why they should choose your website for their Internet advertising campaigns.

1. High traffic audience. Use web analytics software to provide hard numbers on your daily web traffic.

2. Demonstrate clear potential for return on their investment. Everybody’s favorite: ROI. The topic of your website should relate directly or indirectly to your target advertisers’ products or services. Contextual advertising helps your advertiser get more conversions on their ad, increasing their ROI and yours. Let them know you’re using the latest ad tools and ad management software from Orbitscripts!

3. Start with lower prices. By offering lower prices as you get started, you’ll be able to work with advertisers who don’t have access to a high ad spending budget. Your ad network will grow as will competition for ad placements on your websites. Who knows! Perhaps by providing lower prices to advertisers building their business you may just be able to grow your businesses together. Strong, repeat client relationships are essential to the success of every business.

4. Offer innovative ad formats. Most ad networks offer the ability to display text or image ads. So don’t bore your potential advertisers! Set yourself apart from the competition by offering flash, rich media, pop up ads, pop under ads, floating ads, expandable banners, in-text ads, video ads, mobile ads and other ad types. Orbit Ad Server software supports a rich variety of ad formats. Let your advertisers know their ads won’t be boring!

5. Provide the option of different payment methods. Show advertisers your business is professional and ready to work with their business model. The Internet is a world wide market place. Your advertisers could come from any corner of the globe. By offering diverse payment methods you’ll show advertisers you’re ready to do business online. Potential payment methods include: pay per click, pay per impression, pay per lead, pay per sale and so on.

Create attractive packages for advertisers and you’ll form new and long-term business relationships.

Sell directly:

Sell directly

· Online advertising (search engines, forums, websites). Become an advertiser to attract advertisers. Create appealing banners that demonstrate the beauty and benefits of your website’s banner ads. Orbitscripts banner ad software makes it easy! Banner rotators show off your website’s ad management software and ability for unique and diverse ad delivery. Use a few words to describe the benefits of your ad network.

· Referral links. Offer a links exchange or ad exchange with major websites to reach advertisers and tell them about your network. You know what they say about friends in high places!

· E-mail to introduce yourself. Compose a message that describes all of the advantages of your advertising platform and why your system and your web traffic works for them.

· Good old fashioned phone calls. Cold calls may not be fun, but they’ll never lose that personal touch. Once you’ve found a potential advertiser, call them. A call shows an advertiser that you are a real person who cares about helping them realize their business goals. If you’re looking for local or regional advertisers (town/region/ even country) offer them a face-to-face meeting where you can present the benefits of your audience, your system and your special pricing.

Orbit Ad Server’s advertising solution and plug-ins offer a variety of ad formats, payment methods, strategic targeting ad tools and intelligent reporting. Show potential advertisers your system uses the latest in ad serving software and that they can leverage that technology to promote their products online. Orbitscripts suite of ad network and ad serving software products will attract advertisers and help you monetize your websites.

Remember! First you work for your reputation and then your reputation works for you!

Stay Tuned with Orbitscripts!

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Automate Your Affiliate Network With Orbit Affiliate Software

We’ve got great news! The Orbitscripts innovative technology your business trusts now builds and manages affiliate networks. We’ve released a new product, Orbit Affiliate Software, to help your web business earn more money through affiliate network marketing — a mainstay in Internet revenue streams.

Orbit Affiliate Software’s monetization model uses Cost Per Action (CPA) to provide a user action gateway that benefits both web publishers (affiliates) and merchants. CPA offers can include any type of user generated action defined as valuable by merchants: email subscriptions, registrations, pay per sale, pay per lead, clicks, impressions. You decide! With Orbitscripts Affiliate Software sales and lead generation just keeps getting easier.

Let’s look at how affiliate networks operate.

Network Owners – A network owner is sort of like the wizard behind the curtain. An affiliate network owner manages and maintains control over their network of web publishers/affiliate marketers and merchants. When you license your copy of Orbit Affiliate Software, YOU can become an affiliate network owner!

As you are on top of the heap — so to speak — you earn the most money from actions performed by users on your affiliate websites, but you also have certain responsibilities. That’s where we come in. Orbitscripts’ affiliate program software automates everything and brings it all under your control on one easy to use, fully customizable dashboard.

As an affiliate network owner you are responsible for CPA offer payouts to the affiliate websites in your network. With Orbitscripts’ Affiliate Software everything is tracked and managed for you – so no worries there. Our affiliate program software allows you to configure tracking settings, offer fraud protection and maximize ROI using our intelligent reporting tools. There are no limits to the number of merchants or affiliate websites available in your system. Even yourself! If you like, you can also run your own merchant marketing campaigns!

Orbit Affiliate Software

Merchants – Each merchant can set their own fee structures, dates of feeds for promotions and rules for affiliate websites promoting their products. Merchants can set a fixed price or a percentage of system purchases or actions. Orbit Affiliate Software’s merchant panels make it easy to configure and track everything.

Merchants are responsible for paying commissions to their network owner for CPA offers on their affiliates’ websites and for providing marketing materials and handling the business of the transaction; such as product shipping, money collection and customer service – just like any store owner would. What they don’t have to worry about is finding customers, marketing and promoting their product. That’s the affiliate marketers’ job. Merchants simply make their products available, handle their business and sit back while the customers come to them.

Orbit Affiliate Software’s wide variety of innovative ad formats and banner templates make provision and deployment of affiliate marketing materials a snap for both merchant and affiliate.

Affiliates – The bread and butter of the whole shebang, affiliate websites make the online affiliate marketing world go round. They do the work to promote products offered by merchants and/or the network owner. They receive their piece of the pie from the network owner out of the commission paid to them by the merchants. See how that works? Have a look at the diagram below for some visuals on the affiliate marketing ecosystem.

Affiliates entice their website traffic with targeted promotional campaigns offering products of interest to their visitors. Visitors perform actions which generate revenue via CPA offers (subscription, lead generation, sales, registration). Commission on those CPA offers goes to the merchants who pay the network owners who, in turn, pay the affiliates. Got it?

Like everything else, you get back what you put into it. A quality affiliate marketing network takes care of its relationships. With Orbitscripts Affiliate Software, the work is done for you. Our affiliate program software allows you to offer your merchants and publishers smart reporting tools that facilitate strategic promotional campaigns. Quality statistics guide both the affiliate and the merchant in making effective choices. Fee payment is reliable; as it is easily managed and tracked from our customizable owner, merchant and affiliate panels. A variety of user-friendly and engaging promotion formats puts a wide range of affiliate marketing tools in the hands of your marketers and merchants. The rest is gravy!

Stay Tuned for More with Orbitscripts!

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