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Orbit DSP

The online advertising market is rapidly evolving, and so are the technologies and tools of the trade. Clients have become more demanding of advertising companies’ results, meaning advertisers now need to buy specific user groups, not just advertising space.

The fast growth of social networks and the improvement of data processing methods have allowed advertisers to get high-quality information about all website visitors—age, gender, interests, search terms, etc. Technology can now easily define which user-groups advertisers should target and determine how much each advertising impression should cost.

The Rise RTBs and DSPs
All of this has caused the emergence of real-time bidding (RTB) systems to facilitate the sale and purchase of ad impressions based on real-time auctions. RTBs dominate the current ad market.

Demand-side platforms (DSPs) are gaining popularity, because they allow advertising decisions to be more transparent. Advertisers know where their ads are shown and what data will be used to target their customers, easily calculating traffic to websites and sales conversions.

Orbit DSP Today
We announced the launch of our DSP platform development in June of 2013.


Orbit DSP passed rigorous functional and stress testing made for high-load, scalable, fault-tolerant performance in facilitating RTB auctions. The results have been amazing.

Orbit DSP conducts ad auctions in real-time: A visitor downloads a webpage, the RTB system prices different ad displays, and requests for the ads are sent to bidders.

In just a few milliseconds, our system calculates all the bids and determines the fair prices. The highest bidder not only gets the ad space, he also knows the price paid was the lowest possible—just enough to win the bid!

We also developed a powerful prediction system based on mathematical statistics like Bayes’ theorem, Shannon’s theorem, and Poisson Law—to use entropy and conditional probability for classification, to identify the probability of user conversions, and to calculate the fair price for the ads.

The Orbit DSP Future
Orbit DSP currently works with these advertising exchange systems:

  • Between Digital,
  • Yandex,
  • Google,
  • Nexage,
  • AdFox,
  • AdRiver,
  • Begun,
  • Republer.

We plan to expand this list of exchange systems soon.

Orbit DSP works with third-party Data Providers, like Aidata and VisualDNA, to gather visitor information, count conversions and implement re-marketing lists. We plan to expand our list of data providers, too.

And we will empower our system even more, increasing the effectiveness of our predictions and increasing system performance, in general.

As the advertising market continues to evolve, so will Orbit DSP.

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There’s No Such Thing as Turnkey Anymore


The ad management industry has failed up to this point.

The large players in online ad management systems have not met all the requirements customers have, and we think the “turnkey” approach is to blame.

Why does turnkey not work?
Because every customer is different.

They each put forward different but clear conditions, and most ad management companies have been simply too big and too clumsy to adapt.

That’s why OrbitScripts is throwing away the turnkey approach.

We don’t think it works. Our experience shows clients want to modify their network for extremely specific needs, and turnkey solutions cannot take that into account.

The market for innovation is not static, either. It’s growing by leaps and bounds, and large ad management companies are having an impossible time developing enough features to keep up.

Where does that leave you, the customer?
Usually, switching from one application to another seeking some kind of makeshift combination that will work best.

We have a better idea:

Custom development for every customer.

OrbitScripts has been involved in Internet advertising for 12 years.

Before 2007, we specialized in PPC and affiliate-marketing systems. In 2008, we introduced Orbit Ad Server and Ad Market, a new line of ad serving products.

Now, our main focus is the development of online advertising control systems.

We can develop a custom software solution to meet all your requirements. Not some of your requirements. Not many. All.

And we can change and re-work the software over time as your needs change.

100% Custom Built—That’s the future we see.

  1. We use NDA agreements to guarantee confidentiality and security for your unique technology.
  2. All of our customers get the highest quality attention-to-detail when we develop products for them.
  3. And our development process meets international standards used at the largest companies in the world.

















So stop buying off-the-rack software from the big behemoths!
None of their turnkey solutions will work as well as something built just for you.

After all, aren’t you ready for a custom fit?
Don’t you think the days of turnkey software are finally over?

We do. Tell us what you think.

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