OrbitSoft Clients:

Advertisers, Publishers & Ad Networks

Complete Programmatic Ad Systems
Use our ground-breaking technology to sell your inventory efficiently and effectively
Increase Productivity
Automate your sales process and focus on more important business functions to generate greater revenue
Gain Independence With OrbitSoft Software
We are strictly your technology provider and never compete with your services
Differentiate Your Platform
OrbitSoft keeps you ahead of your competitors with custom coded solutions to make your vision a reality

Faster and More Efficient

OrbitSoft platforms simplify ad management to improve your revenue while you:

  • Sell Ads in any format (including video and rich media)
  • Schedule or divide placements as per your clients’ wishes
  • Report Ad performance analytics in real time
  • Forecast success rates for future placements
  • Get support from us whenever you need it

Ad Serving Software:

OrbitSoft offers Ad Networks a unified advertising and marketing management platform to maximize income across your entire inventory.

Our clients are able to increase the value of their inventory by controlling and optimizing their own business in each advertising channel across all devices via a simple unified OrbitSoft platform.

Unite your Revenue Streams

Combining the capabilities of SSP with the features of Ad Server, we relieve you of the need to maintain direct contact with customers via RTB and provide the competitive advantages of performance marketplaces and network mediation.

Lower Your Expenses with a Unified Platform

Regardless of whether your campaign is display, video, mobile or multi-channel, you can easily manage inventory and monetize all opportunities to generate income at each step with OrbitSoft solutions. Comprehensive software makes it easier to add new revenue streams with mobile-focused targeting. An extensive software development kit and simple integration tools give you full control of the way ads are displayed and tracked.

Exceed The Requirements of Your Most Demanding Advertisers

Many of the largest agencies and advertisers demand special requirements for their advertising campaigns. With your OrbitSoft ad network platform software, you are able to satisfy all of those demands, including the well-known IAB ad format requests, targeting various types of statistics across multiple metrics, and so on. Custom software solutions from OrbitSoft put you a step ahead of your competitors with customizations that allow you to satisfy your clients by offering unique features even if only a few worthwhile clients desire them.

OrbitSoft Ad Server Technology

OrbitSoft Ad Server | Cross-screen Ad Serving and Media Management

Cross-screen Ad Serving and Media Management Tools

OrbitSoft Ad Server solutions empower web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and report data on their online advertising campaigns including: display, video and mobile formats.

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OrbitSoft Mobile Technology

OrbitSoft Mobile | In-App Mobile Advertising Solution for mobile networks and publishers

In-App Mobile Advertising Solutions for mobile networks and publishers Drive More Mobile Ad Revenue Through Your Network

OrbitSoft Mobile is an ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers and networks.

Grow your mobile advertising business with powerful ad management tools, optimization and reporting capabilities to earn the maximum revenue from connecting to the world’s largest mobile ad exchange.

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OrbitSoft SSP Technology

OrbitSoft DSP | Our demand-side platform is a self-serve advertising platform allowing advertisers to purchase online inventory from all major RTB exchanges

OrbitSoft Publisher SSP

Increase your income using the best independent software platform for the sale of your goods and services. We offer a truly transparent platform with high-tech management tools that can effectively work with the data you provide to manage interactions with the DSP platforms on all devices including: desktop, mobile and video.

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