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Mobile application code

Applications for sales,
accounting, and communications

Solutions for your business needs
  • Mobile point of sale for field work
  • Secure employee access to corporate information from their phone
  • Financial and warehouse accounting from anywhere, with phone access and more
Working with any online business
  • Online sales platforms, stores, and marketplaces
  • Entertainment services with paid services
  • Accounting and control systems for business
  • Companies with employees

Support and localization

Manager for application development
  • Keeps you informed about progress of the project
  • Assists the client in coordinating documents with security and legal counsel
  • Keeps track of trends. Can suggest new features based on reports of user activity
Manager for application development
Around the clock support
  • Our customers are based in different countries with different time zones. That's why IT specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • If a new employee comes in and doesn't understand how the program works, support will connect right away, even if it's 5 a.m. in Moscow
Around the clock support
Interface localization
  • We work with customers and users from various countries, so we know how to avoid mistakes.
  • For example, there are some countries where you can't use a specific combination of colors. This is a tradition, not law. But we understand this, and we knowingly work with a different palette.
Interface localization

Full development cycle

  • Customer task analysis
  • Study of needs of end users of the service
  • Audit of the current application
  • Study of best practices on the Russian and foreign markets for similar tasks
  • Creation of application architecture
  • Connecting services
  • Discussion of intermediate versions
  • Testing the application on different devices
  • Revision
  • Access to the application from major platforms
  • Analysis of user feedback
  • Additional testing
  • Refinement of functions or creation of additional functions

Sample Applications for different industries and countries

Sales accounting and control application
8500 customer...

...use it every day

3.2 million requests...

...processed via API on a daily basis

99% of devices... without failures

Examples photo 1
Sales accounting and control application
Payment acceptance system in operator applications

We independently coordinated algorithms and documentation with lawyers and customer security service


We configured the integration of customer systems with billing systems of operators

Examples photo 2
Payment acceptance system in operator applications
App with TikTok mechanics
New Market

Launched an app for the Asian market according to specifications

94 thousand downloads...

...of app in the first 4 months from launch

Examples photo 3
App with TikTok mechanics

What our clients say

«I went to the Orbitsoft team exclusively for coding, but ended up getting help with a lot more. They brought new ideas and helped me get rid of things that didn’t work.»

Video preview youtube

«They came up with a number of fantastic improvements, and also implemented my interface design. I could not be happier.»

Matt Bates
Video preview youtube

«Apart from the traditional way of completing the task, they are always looking for new and better solutions.»

Mike Williams
«Mobi Pay»
Video preview youtube

«They asked us a lot of good questions, and started finding solutions right away. Their initiative and approach really intrigued us.»

Shimada Group,
Jack Davis
Video preview youtube

«They also made me understand the requirements even better than I thought I did myself. All the processes and steps were transparent, so there were no surprises.»

Ake Toska,
Smartlab technologies
Video preview youtube

«Orbitsoft has delivered fast, high quality builds for us. I continue to be amazed how attentive their team was to details, and especially their quick turnaround for each stage of work.»

Anne Zhang,
Shu Ku
Video preview youtube

«Orbitsoft automated the analysis of advertising and accelerated the process of ad buying, which affected the performance indicators for all work with our clients' content.»

Mobi Free,
Zou Lin
Video preview youtube

«If we had tested the hypothesis using our own resources, we would have spent up to 2 years and up to $ 200,000. This way the project took us less than 6 months and cost one tenth the price.»

Urban Advertising,
Video preview youtube

«Their team used their own product — OrbitSoft DSP, and developed an algorithm specifically applicable to our needs. The result allowed us to enter the top 10 advertising agencies in the field of cryptocurrencies and fintech in 6 months.»

BF Investment Group,
George C.
Video preview youtube

«The reason we chose Orbitsoft was their impressive cross-industry experience in software development. They have presented work in a very lean and agile process.»

VisionData, Roger
Video preview youtube
Google Review Widget
Big data processing
Business challenge

Reduce the number of bounces from watching commercials


Adjust the algorithm of personal recommendations


Viewed videos


Watch time per video


Bounce rate of views

Projects photo 1
Mobile application
Business challenge

Increase the number of users in countries where access to such services is prohibited


Develop a VPN app that can be used across platforms

6 platforms

On which the app works

6 months

Application development time

50 thousand downloads

In the first 3 months on Google Play

Projects photo 2
Hypothesis testing
Business challenge

Test hypotheses and algorithms before investing money in them


Test customer solutions with your own resources


Company costs to implement a non-working algorithm

Projects photo 3
Process Automation
Business challenge

Reduce time to prepare reports for customers


To develop a program that helps to customize reports according to the wishes of the customers

1 minute

How long it takes to prepare 500 reports

0 errors

Zero errors in reports, thanks to automation

Projects photo 4
Mobile application
Business challenge

Create a tool for salespeople to quickly generate orders - without errors or glitches


To develop a multiplatform POS application for points of sale that works without Internet

1000+ clients

Use the application every day

Projects photo 5
Point of Sales (POS)
Business challenge

To launch a breakthrough technological solution for florists


Develop a system to automate business: increase sales, warehouse accounting, control of business indicators

3.2 million orders

Completed in 2020

Projects photo 6
Managing online advertising
Business challenge

Attract customers with more expensive advertising


Use Ad Exchange technology to manage customer ads


Increase in margins through better terms for buying and selling traffic


Increase in customer base

Projects photo 7