Applications for sales, accounting, and communication

No industry or business restrictions

We develop solutions for business

  • Mobile point of sales for work outside the office

  • Secure access to corporate information from phone for employees

  • Financial and warehouse accounting from any location from phone, etc.

We work with any online business

  • Online sales platforms — shops, market places

  • Entertainment services with paid options

  • Accounting and control systems for businesses

  • Companies with employees

Support and localization

Application development manager

  • We allocate a professional manager to every project who provides support to the client during the entire period of our working together.
    The manager’s job is to make sure that everything works perfectly. For example, he/she:

    • Answers questions about the project

    • Helps to harmonize the documentation with the security and legal departments

    • Monitors what devices are used by users to access the application

24/7 support

  • We have clients from many different countries in multiple different time zones. That’s why our IT specialists work 24/7.
    They provide assistance in all issues, for example:

  • If the client has a new employee who does not understand how the program works and needs help

    A user can’t follow a link or take any other action

Development and interface localization

  • We work with clients and users from different countries, so we know how to avoid cultural mistakes.

  • For example, there are countries where it’s unacceptable to use certain color combinations. We are aware of this and use a different palette.

Dev team
OrbitSoft developers team
Team on a planning
Managers and testers discussing localization

Full development cycle:

from research to deployment

  • Research

    • Analysis of client’s objectives

    • Analysis of needs of end-users of the service

    • Audit of application (if initial version exists)

    • Research of the best solutions to similar objectives for various markets

  • Design

    • Creating the architecture of the application

    • Connection of services

    • Discussion of the intermediary versions

  • Testing

    • Testing of applications on various devices

    • Finalizing

  • Launch

    • Access to the application from major platforms

  • Enhancement

    • Analysis of feedback from users

    • Additional testing

    • Finalizing of the functions, or creation of additional ones

Examples of projects for business or end-users