OrbitSoft Outsourcing Department is a division of a successful high-tech development company with about 20 years of experience

During this time, we created hundreds of different projects for more than 1000 clients all over the world. Our developers are highly valued by our clients for their professionalism and in-depth technical knowledge.


Our core competencies are the following technologies:


  • PHP (Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, Laravel, Silex, Doctrine)
  • Java (Lucene, Hadoop, Ping, Spring, Netty)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, AngularJS, React.js, Dojo, Vue.js, Backbone.js, Ember.js, Node.js)
  • Go (BeeGo, go-kit)
  • C / C++

and more

CMS: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify, Magento

Databases (storages, caches, queues): MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, RabbitMQ, Aerospike, MongoDB, Cassandra, CouchDB, Clickhouse, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached, SQLite, Scylla, Hive, Impala, Couchbase Server, Tarantool etc.

Mobile Development: Android, iOS, VR

We have our own system administration, web design (HTML/CSS, UI/UX, Responsive design) and QA departments (Software and Mobile tests, Testing automatization, Analytics), that ensures that you will get quality development and fully tested work solutions. Also, it enables us to provide a full cycle of development: from the user interface development to the testing and project deployment and installation.

The development process in our company is based on the following stages:

  1. Requirements Analysis & Specification

  2. Design & Detail

  3. Implementation & Coding

  4. Testing & Validation

  5. Deployment & Installation

The main advantages of working with OrbitSoft are high professionalism of our team, understanding all project requirements and meeting the deadlines with high quality development. We always do our best to exceed customer expectations.

You can be certain that you have a reliable team that helps you to achieve your goals.