OrbitSoft Offers Two Options:


One-Time payment

to license our in-house ad server solution that runs on your own hardware behind your firewall.

You retain full ownership and control over all of your data. You get a complete programmatic solution for Advertisers, Publishers, and Networks that stays under your total control.

White Label Hosting

Monthly subscription payments are based on your CPM

A Hosted solution is a software delivery model that resides on our central hardware. Your business interacts with the application by using a web browser.

We fully manage all aspects of operating and maintaining your RTB system to eliminate all technical headaches. You get daily backups, monitoring, security and software updates included in the package.

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Compare the Benefits of our Solutions

Licensing Solution

  • You can purchase updates anytime for an additional fee.
  • All Hardware stays under your control.
  • You can buy your own servers or use servers of third-party hosting providers.
  • You support your system functionality and manage all system aspects. (We do offer support for an additional fee).
  • You can modify or customize the system according to the needs of your business.
  • You manage system security (If you use 3rd-party hosting, you’re subject to that company’s security measures).
  • You have full access and ownership of your data and retain all rights to repurpose the data in proprietary products and make backups.

Hosted Solution

  • Continual updates and improvements with no financial burden for updating the software.
  • OrbitSoft data centers hardware is already included in your monthly or annual payment.
  • 24/7 technical support Adjustable design to make it look according to your brand.
  • We manage all system security (Please see your Service License Agreement for details).
  • Access to the software via Internet browser. We use state-of-the-art hardware, and all our servers are load balanced and optimized for fast performance.
  • If your system load increases, you can buy additional capacity for more ad impressions per day (Subject to availability, our system can handle billions of ad impressions per month).