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OrbitSoft Ad Server Platform

With a simple interface and efficient design, OrbitSoft Ad Server technology manages your online advertising, measures the success of each campaign, and helps you to maximize the return on every investment.

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businesses globally
2 bln
impressions per day with OrbitSoft Ad Server!
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Real Time Bidding Platforms

Our DSP, SSP, and Ad Exchange technologies allow customers to participate in bidding, using algorithms that constantly learn and improve, based on historical and real-time performance data.

connected SSPs for our clients
7.8+ bln
bid requests can easily be processed per day
Dashboard of the Ad serving platform

Custom Ad Systems Development

OrbitSoft assists customers in any phase of business or software development — from startups at the ideation stage, to mid-sized businesses and large enterprises focused on optimization and expansion, no matter the industry they operate in.

Our Projects

OrbitSoft Mobile Platform takes Adviator.com from 75M to 500M Impressions Per Month

We built a scalable ad revenue platform for iOS and Android.

Video Platform Dev for Online Advertising Firm

A video ad platform capable of showing third-party VAST tags in partnered video players was built.

Mobile App and Web Dev for POS System

We developed a POS application for small business owners.

Improve your existing ad systems to fit your business needs

If you already have an ad server, we can customize, scale, and integrate solutions to digitally transform your business.

Our Projects

OrbitSoft Helped Dothop Scale Without Downtime

Using OrbitSoft Ad Server, we kept all of Dothop’s customer data, modernized their website design and increased security.

TrafficShop Expands to Offer New Business with New OrbitSoft Ad Server

OrbitSoft Ad Server was integrated with the customer’s existing platform, and then replaced it, allowing them to expand their services and to scale.

AdvMedia Once Again Relies on OrbitSoft for a Cutting-Edge Content Services Payment System

We used the Mobile Payment System to help our long-time client AdvMedia achieve success with a new mobile payment application.

Who the heck is OrbitSoft?

OrbitSoft is a successful high-tech development company with over 20 years of experience. During this time, we’ve created hundreds of different projects for thousands of clients all over the world. Our client’s success speaks for us.

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