Solutions for internet advertising management

We offer tools to win over your competitors

Income increase
  • We connect a number of different traffic sources: for example, direct advertisers, DSP networks, and XML-feed
  • We optimize advertisement display: А/B-analysis, ROI, CTR.
Impact on conversion
  • We use predictive models for identifying the probability of an event, and a fair price.
  • We collect users’ data, for example: socio-demographic, interests, search results, etc.
Up-to-date reports and statistics
  • We set a series of filters, for example for some particular advertisements, languages, browser, etc.
  • We guarantee a minimum discrepancy with third-party systems.

Our solutions

Automated procurement
  • Automated advertising procurement system in real-time auctions
  • Automated inventory sales system
Online advertising management
  • A server for display, context, and video advertising management
  • Mobile advertising system for managing mobile advertising on websites and mobile applications
AI — forecasting and predicting
  • Predictor (Forecasting and predicting system)
  • AI-based recommendation system

Boutique approach:
we customize solutions for every customer

Consideration of your business tasks

Refinement of reports and possible solutions. We can increase or decrease server capacity according to your changing needs.

Personal manager

Every customer has their own personal, tech-savvy specialist, who answers any questions, and assists with any and all issues.

Opportunity to purchase the solution

You can buy our products and keep the technology. This will come handy if you are planning to sell your business, or want to save money on customization.

Automated procurement and
online advertising management

Orbit Ad Server

A server for managing display, context, and video advertising

  • Creates scalable, fault-tolerant, high-performing solutions with minimum response time
  • Enables management of advertising on websites and in applications
  • Access to integration with API and SDK
Summary performance
Orbit DSP

Automated advertising procurement system for real-time auctions

  • Influences bidding results due to system of dynamic bidding and RTB technology
  • Increases revenues of advertisers using flexible management, e.g. requests for placing advertisements, audience targeting parameters, deadlines and budget of companies, bids, etc.
Conversion statistics
Orbit DMP

Data management platform

  • Stores, organizes, and analyzes data
  • Identifies target audience according to specified parameters
  • Collects and processes data regarding users and user events
  • Creates segments of users according to given rules
  • Determines the target audience by the given parameters
  • Synchronizes and identifies users with external systems
Orbit SSP

Automated inventory sales system

  • Enables selling of advertising space with RTB technology
  • Possibility to work with API and SDK protocols for Android and iOS operating systems.

Forecasting and event predicting

  • Forecasting and predicting system
  • Predicts users’ actions based on events and behavior. The system carries out training and building models based on the entropy method and linear regression.
Video Recommendation
  • System of recommendations
  • Recommends content, taking into account users’ interests based on their activity and historical data.

These tools suit both
major players and beginners

Professionally manage advertising
  • Agencies
  • Networks
  • Publishers
Earn extra income from advertising
  • Content providers
  • Mobile operators
  • Developers