Advertising Management Solutions

Tools to beat
the competition

We connect several traffic sources:
  • Direct advertisers
  • Grids - DSP
  • XML feed
Optimizing Ad Delivery:
  • A/B analysis
  • ROI
  • CTR
on Conversion
We use predictive models to determine the probability of an event and a fair price.
We collect user data:
  • Socio-demographic
  • Interests
  • Search results and others
Current Report
and Statistics
Set a series of filters:
  • For specific ads
  • Language
  • Browser and others
We guarantee minimal discrepancies with reports from third-party systems.

Our projects:

Projects photo 1
Ad network increased margins and attracted premium customers
Projects photo 2
Adult content service increased ad revenue
Projects photo 3
Previously it took up to 125 hours to prepare a report. Now? Just one minute.

Our Solutions

Automated Procurement
  • Automated system for the purchase of advertising in real-time auctions
  • Automated inventory selling
Online advertising management
  • A server for display, context, and video advertising management
  • Mobile advertising system for managing mobile advertising on websites and mobile applications
AI — Forecasting and predicting
  • Predictor (Forecasting and predicting system)
  • AI-based recommendation system

Customization for the Client

We take into account the tasks needed for your business
We finalize the solution and accompanying reports
For example,
  • we would increase or decrease the volume of servers if your requests change
We appoint a personal manager
We provide a technically savvy specialist for each client
We attend to your needs and help wherever needed, answering all of your questions
We provide the opportunity to purchase a solution
You can buy the product and the original technology that then belongs to you.
This is important if you are in a commercial business, or want to save on further work costs down the line.

Procurement Automation
and Advertising Management

Orbit Ad Server
Orbit Ad Server

Server for managing display, contextual, and video advertising

  • Creates scalable, fault-tolerant, high-load solutions with minimal response time
  • Allows you to manage ads on websites and apps
  • Possibility of integration via API and SDK
Orbit SSP

Automated inventory selling system

  • Allows you to sell advertising space using RTB technology
  • Can be operated using the API and SDK software protocol for Android and iOS operating systems
Orbit DMP

Data Management Platform

  • Stores, organizes, analyzes, and segments data
  • Defines the target audience according to the specified criteria
  • Processes user data and synchronizes with external systems
Orbit Ad Server
Orbit DSP

Automated system for the purchase of advertising at real-time auctions

  • Influences the result of trading by using the dynamic bidding system and RTB technology
  • Increases advertiser revenue through flexible management of, e.g., ad bids, campaign timing and budget, bids

and Predicting Events

System of forecasting and predictions
Examples photo 1
Predicts user actions based on events and their behavior
The system builds and trains models using the entropy method and linear regression
Video Recommendation
Recommendation system
Examples photo 2
Recommends content based on user interests, based on actions and historical data

for Beginners and Pros

Content providers
Mobile operators
Big data processing
Business challenge

Reduce the number of bounces from watching commercials


Adjust the algorithm of personal recommendations


Viewed videos


Watch time per video


Bounce rate of views

Projects photo 1
Mobile application
Business challenge

Increase the number of users in countries where access to such services is prohibited


Develop a VPN app that can be used across platforms

6 platforms

On which the app works

6 months

Application development time

50 thousand downloads

In the first 3 months on Google Play

Projects photo 2
Hypothesis testing
Business challenge

Test hypotheses and algorithms before investing money in them


Test customer solutions with your own resources


Company costs to implement a non-working algorithm

Projects photo 3
Process Automation
Business challenge

Reduce time to prepare reports for customers


To develop a program that helps to customize reports according to the wishes of the customers

1 minute

How long it takes to prepare 500 reports

0 errors

Zero errors in reports, thanks to automation

Projects photo 4
Mobile application
Business challenge

Create a tool for salespeople to quickly generate orders - without errors or glitches


To develop a multiplatform POS application for points of sale that works without Internet

1000+ clients

Use the application every day

Projects photo 5
Balance Management System
Business challenge

To launch a breakthrough technological solution for florists


Develop a system to automate business: increase sales, warehouse accounting, control of business indicators

3.2 million orders

Completed in 2020

Projects photo 6
Managing online advertising
Business challenge

Attract customers with more expensive advertising


Use Ad Exchange technology to manage customer ads


Increase in margins through better terms for buying and selling traffic


Increase in customer base

Projects photo 7