Advertising Management Solutions

Tools to beat
the competition

We connect several traffic sources:
  • Direct advertisers
  • Grids - DSP
  • XML feed
Optimizing Ad Delivery:
  • A/B analysis
  • ROI
  • CTR
on Conversion
We use predictive models to determine the probability of an event and a fair price.
We collect user data:
  • Socio-demographic
  • Interests
  • Search results and others
Current Report
and Statistics
Set a series of filters:
  • For specific ads
  • Language
  • Browser and others
We guarantee minimal discrepancies with reports from third-party systems.

Our projects:

Projects photo 1
Ad network increased margins and attracted premium customers
Projects photo 2
Adult content service increased ad revenue
Projects photo 3
Previously it took up to 125 hours to prepare a report. Now? Just one minute.

Our Solutions

Automated Procurement
  • Automated system for the purchase of advertising in real-time auctions
  • Automated inventory selling
Online advertising management
  • A server for display, context, and video advertising management
  • Mobile advertising system for managing mobile advertising on websites and mobile applications
AI — Forecasting and predicting
  • Predictor (Forecasting and predicting system)
  • AI-based recommendation system

Customization for the Client

We take into account the tasks needed for your business
We finalize the solution and accompanying reports
For example,
  • we would increase or decrease the volume of servers if your requests change
We appoint a personal manager
We provide a technically savvy specialist for each client
We attend to your needs and help wherever needed, answering all of your questions
We provide the opportunity to purchase a solution
You can buy the product and the original technology that then belongs to you.
This is important if you are in a commercial business, or want to save on further work costs down the line.

Procurement Automation
and Advertising Management

Orbit Ad Server
Orbit Ad Server

Server for managing display, contextual, and video advertising

  • Creates scalable, fault-tolerant, high-load solutions with minimal response time
  • Allows you to manage ads on websites and apps
  • Possibility of integration via API and SDK
Orbit SSP

Automated inventory selling system

  • Allows you to sell advertising space using RTB technology
  • Can be operated using the API and SDK software protocol for Android and iOS operating systems
Orbit DMP

Data Management Platform

  • Stores, organizes, analyzes, and segments data
  • Defines the target audience according to the specified criteria
  • Processes user data and synchronizes with external systems
Orbit Ad Server
Orbit DSP

Automated system for the purchase of advertising at real-time auctions

  • Influences the result of trading by using the dynamic bidding system and RTB technology
  • Increases advertiser revenue through flexible management of, e.g., ad bids, campaign timing and budget, bids

and Predicting Events

System of forecasting and predictions
Examples photo 1
Predicts user actions based on events and their behavior
The system builds and trains models using the entropy method and linear regression
Video Recommendation
Recommendation system
Examples photo 2
Recommends content based on user interests, based on actions and historical data

for beginners and pros

Content providers
Mobile operators

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5 of 5

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4.9 of 5

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Orbitsoft provided full-stack development services, creating a real-time, Android and iOS mobile app. I was also impressed with valuable insights the team has offered during our work. Their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate on the project made for a successful partnership.

Pierre Drullion,
CTO of PlaneScaper
Video preview youtube

"The OrbitSoft team shares our corporate values. Working with them, it feels like we're not interacting with an outside contractor, but with our internal team."

Mike Hamlin
«Health Domain»
Превью видео youtube

«I went to the Orbitsoft team exclusively for coding, but ended up getting help with a lot more. They brought new ideas and helped me get rid of things that didn’t work.»

Превью видео youtube

«They came up with a number of fantastic improvements, and also implemented my interface design. I could not be happier.»

Matt Bates
Превью видео youtube

«Apart from the traditional way of completing the task, they are always looking for new and better solutions.»

Mike Williams
«Mobi Pay»
Превью видео youtube

«They asked us a lot of good questions, and started finding solutions right away. Their initiative and approach really intrigued us.»

Shimada Group,
Jack Davis
Превью видео youtube

«They also made me understand the requirements even better than I thought I did myself. All the processes and steps were transparent, so there were no surprises.»

Ake Toska,
Smartlab technologies
Превью видео youtube

«Orbitsoft has delivered fast, high quality builds for us. I continue to be amazed how attentive their team was to details, and especially their quick turnaround for each stage of work.»

Anne Zhang,
Shu Ku
Превью видео youtube

«Orbitsoft automated the analysis of advertising and accelerated the process of ad buying, which affected the performance indicators for all work with our clients' content.»

Mobi Free,
Zou Lin
Превью видео youtube

«If we had tested the hypothesis using our own resources, we would have spent up to 2 years and up to $ 200,000. This way the project took us less than 6 months and cost one tenth the price.»

Urban Advertising,
Превью видео youtube

«Their team used their own product — OrbitSoft DSP, and developed an algorithm specifically applicable to our needs. The result allowed us to enter the top 10 advertising agencies in the field of cryptocurrencies and fintech in 6 months.»

BF Investment Group,
George C.
Превью видео youtube

«The reason we chose Orbitsoft was their impressive cross-industry experience in software development. They have presented work in a very lean and agile process.»

VisionData, Roger
Превью видео youtube
22 march
Awesome work in payment integration! Thanks!
Joseph Nalianya (Jaynal)
a week ago
Very professional attitude towards their job. They were very patient with me as I wanted more options than what I had contracted for and they did not disappoint me. Highly recommend them.
Edwin Shireku
3 weeks ago
OrbitSoft justified its reputation as a premier web development company by creating an attractive HTML based website for our company. The developers and coordinators were very cooperative throughout the process. Thanks again.
Dennis Aloha
3 days ago
We have been a customer of OrbitSoft for years now. They have created three websites for our company and we will use them in the future. Their service is top notch! The communications is excellent and the designs are wonderful. Nothing appears to be impossible. From the start to the end of project, they keep you updated and will discuss things with you. I personally have enjoyed working with them. Especially with Ann who was my contact person. She has been so responsive and resolved any design issues directly. Can defenitely recommend them to anyone looking for great service for a reasonable price.
lilian koki
a week ago
We are very happy with the way OrbitSoft has handled our mobile app development project. We were taken through every aspect of the process and the handover was smooth. Highly recommended.
a week ago
When my business started growing quickly, my IT couldn’t keep up. OrbitSoft managed IT services helped me make the changes I needed. Shout out to Vlad and Anna for helping me get the job done.
Princess Mwenesi
2 weeks ago
I would like to place on record my appreciation for the professional work ethics shown by the developers of OrbitSoft. They were very methodical with their approach and developed the website for my company within the proposed turnaround time without any glitches. The best part is that they kept me in the loop for the entire period of development. Thanks.
ndela kifuso
3 months ago
I am quite satisfied with the web development and hosting service provided by OrbitSoft. They came out with my eCommerce portal developed and kept their word as far as meeting the deadline goes. Even though I troubled them with plenty of queries and suggestions, they were very patient with me the entire time. I have no hesitation in recommending OrbitSoft to other businesses who are looking at a professional and cost-effective web development company.
Amos Nzanu
a month ago
Recently got a web designed built for me through OrbitSoft and was very pleased. The whole process was great as they worked me through on how to use my web page and maintain it. I recommend OrbitSoft to anyone who needs a quality web site made up.
a month ago
The team at OrbitSoft is absolutely great to work with and they really help to create full website development. Thanks for everything - I couldn't have done it without you.
Tekiria G. Suppliers
2 months ago
These guys are professional, prompt, and very knowledgeable , Will and the team are a pleasure to work with. We were very impressed with their final product. It is not often that you will find this level of attention to detail. Thank you Vlad and team for a fantastic website.
Edwin ngenoh
2 months ago
Chosen at random on the net, they responded promptly to the request and solved the problem quickly the next day; I warmly recommend this team of professionals
winfred nyakio
2 months ago
Before we met OrbitSoft, we were working with another unreliable development company. It would take days to get a response from the developer for a simple query, and they never provided any estimated completion dates. We pivoted and hired OrbitSoft as our technical partners to handle all of our technical issues. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, connected and offers expert guidance. We have been working with their team for over 4 years now, and they have been maintaining and updating various apps for our company. We would highly recommend OrbitSoft to anyone looking for a great development partner.
Gerald Burrows
2 months ago
We hired OrbitSoft to build a new website for our business and are so thrilled about the end result!! It is so professionally done and eye appealing, not to mention how great it looks and works with mobile devices. The team are professional and reliable. We know we have the best support from them when we need it.
dennis chege
2 months ago
OrbitSoft support has boosted internal productivity and opened the door to new business opportunities. Reliable and flexible, the team provides developers as needed and communicates seamlessly. They provide daily progress emails, till deadlines, and offer incredibly cost-effective services.
Roha Tariq
3 months ago
We have been working with OrbitSoft for more than 4 years on 2 our large projects and couple smaller ones. They have a fantastic project manager who is always willing to go the extra mile to ensure project milestones are reached on time. Their team of developers works efficiently and effectively, and they stick to deadlines. We highly recommend this agency for web development of any kind.
Amanda Anna
3 months ago
OrbitSoft team is detail-oriented and committed to success. Notable strengths include high attention to detail, a proactive mindset, and responsive communication. They communicated regularly and adjusted to scope changes, which made them an effective partner.
nick felice
3 months ago
I had an excellent opportunity to work with OrbitSoft. With an outstanding project delivered, I must say that the company has been a trailblazer when it comes to helping people achieve their business goals and objectives. Excited to see a team of amazing professionals dedicated toward achieving mutual benefits through a unique combination of technical expertise and state-of-the-art facilities - all targeted toward helping clients and customers achieve their goals. Amazing work!
Azeez Alausa
4 months ago
One of the best agencies you can hire for web development. Project leads are extremely understanding, quick and helpful and Orbitsoft just an amazing company who truly care about their clients. Here we , finally, successfully completed development of our mobile app. This team was professional and easy to communicate with throughout the entire duration of the project. It was very enjoyable experience!
Mirazent Leihtman
5 months ago
Orbitsoft provided full-stack development services, creating a real-time, Android and iOS mobile app. They added features that allows users to view daily offers of the services. Additionally, they offered valuable insights and delivered as requested. Their responsiveness and willingness to collaborate on the project made for a successful partnership.
5 months ago
Orbisoft has developed a cryptocurrency wallet app. Key features were Android and iOS apps, user authorization, multiple cryptocurrencies, push notifications, and a payment gateway. I am satisfied with their work style and the delivered solution. The code quality and communication process stand out, the team is accommodating and easy to work with.
Amanda Anna
5 months ago
Our company creates content for mobile operators. We wanted a data analysis tool that would help us to earn more. We turned to OrbitSoft to develop the model. They used their product and wrote a predictor for it. As a result OrbitSoft automated the analysis of advertising and accelerated the process of ad buying, which affected the performance indicators for all work with our clients' content. OrbitSoft Predictor helped us to Increase Conversions, and other Advertising Metrics work with content. I would highly recommend them as they worked diligently to stay on schedule, quoted an excellent price and stuck to it.
Sukaina Asghar
6 months ago
The work done by the Orbitsoft team in developing our e-commerce site was perfect. Developers delivered the product as per our team’s expectations within the deadline. They have good technical resources to cater to the client’s needs and implement them quickly and efficiently. Overall a good company to work with.
David Maina
6 months ago
Orbisoft has launched the product we needed on time and within budget. Their team provided regular feedback and communicated well to ensure transparency. Our call center team is delighted with all the deliverables.
Luis Pineda
"The professionalism and the high specialization of the entire team were impressive."
Owner & President, GSMC Podcast Network
Verified Review
"We were satisfied with the project, and we continued to apply improvements on the site with...
Former IT Specialist, NVB Furniture GmbH
Verified Review
"We are amazed by their professionalism and knowledge of the business."
Founder, Digital Advertising Company
Verified Review
"Their experience in advertising solutions stood out."
Founder & CEO,, Inc
Verified Review
"With OrbitSoft, we have an experienced and reliable partner."
CEO, Posiflora
Verified Review
"OrbitSoft has proven to have great experience developing high-load systems for AdTech...
General Manager, Traffic Force
Verified Review
“They met all of our planned deadlines and resolved unexpected situations in a quick, professional way.”
President, DotHop, Inc
Verified Review
"We are quite happy with the level of service we have received."
VP Publisher Operations & Tech Strategy, MediaFuse
Verified Review
"They hit every deadline and delivered the project a week and a half early."
CEO, zzBit
Verified Review
“The team’s project management approach is impressive and effective.”
Online Marketing Director, PlayaMedia S.L.
Verified Review
"Their technical expertise was incredibly useful."
Product Director, Openledger ApS
Verified Review
"Their professionalism, team work, experience, skills, and communication are all...
VP, New Products, Adviator LLC
Verified Review
"This project was perfectly managed by OrbitSoft."
CTO, Security Solutions Provider
Verified Review
"They have a highly experienced development team with wide expertise and a set of skills."
Lead Designer, E-Commerce Site
Verified Review
"They created exactly what we needed."
Business Developer, commfides
Verified Review
2 months ago Guy Parsadanov
Position: ERP Product
We needed to make a completely new website for our store, having developed a design and website from...
Adviator Media
13.02.19 Vladimir Astashkin
Position: Vice President
With Headquarters in Los Angeles and subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, Adviator helps ...
05.03.19 Yvonne Trappe
Position: Director de marketing
Our company is one of the most successful Casual-Dating Communities in Europe. Our products offer hu...
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Our specialists start development right away and finish projects in the shortest possible time.
Accessible technologies
Every day overthe last 20 years we have hypothesized, coded, tested, made mistakes, analyzed, and tried again, becoming better and more experienced.
We have worked with all known technologies, programming languages, their libraries and frameworks. We know how and in what combinations they work best, for what tasks they are suitable, and how much of a financial investment and time are required for development.
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We value our reputation as a reliable partner for our customers, many of whom have been working with us for over 20 years.
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