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The main difference of OrbitSoft from many companies selling their software at advertising market is to provide complete cycle of development and implementation of software and hardware solutions for the advertising business

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Supply-Side Platforms, Demand-Side Platforms, Mobile Advertising Platforms, Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks.
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We can add the custom features you need or design a system from scratch for you.

Our products

Orbit Ad Server | Cross-screen Ad Serving and Media Management

Orbit Ad Server

Cross-screen Ad Serving and Media Management

Orbit Ad Server solutions enable web publishers, ad networks, agencies and advertisers to manage, serve and report on their online advertising campaigns — including display, video and mobile formats.

All various devices


  • Publishers
  • Advertisers
  • Networks
  • Agencies
Orbit Mobile | In-App Mobile Advertising Solution for mobile networks and publishers

Orbit Mobile

Drive More Mobile Ad Revenue

Orbit Mobile is ad serving solution built specifically for mobile publishers and networks.

Grow your mobile advertising business with powerful ad management, optimization and reporting capabilities, and earn revenue by connecting to the world’s largest mobile ad exchange.

All popular OS


  • Developers
  • Advertisers
  • Networks
  • Agencies
Orbit DSP | Our demand-side platform is a self-serve advertising platform allowing advertisers to purchase online inventory from all major RTB exchanges

Orbit DSP

Power the Most Sophisticated Buyers in Advertising

Our demand-side platform is a self-serve advertising platform allowing advertisers to purchase inventory from all major RTB exchanges using a single world class interface. Clients can easily create and manage ad campaigns, access incredibly detailed analytics, and optimize campaigns using our optimizer tool.

All various devices


  • Advertisers
  • Networks
  • Agencies
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  • John Stewart, CEO at Dothop

    “Switching to OrbitSoft gave us instant results. We didn't lose any information or have long downtimes. I'm very happy to get the results and get set up to increase our business.”

    John Stewart, CEO, Dothop.

  • Vladimir Astashkin, VP at Adviator

    “A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Orbit Mobile allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with OrbitSoft fruitfully.”

    Vladimir Astashkin, Vice President, Adviator

  • Ross Allan, Advertising Manager at Traffic Force

    “We knew the goals we pursued were not easy in terms of implementation. But we had no idea OrbitSoft would perform the job successfully in an even shorter time. Well done!”

    Ross Allan, Manager of Advertising Companies, Traffic Force

  • “We knew we had ambitious goals that would be tough to accomplish. We had no idea how easy OrbitSoft would make it for us to succeed, and in much less time than we could have hoped for. Well done.”

    Dmitry Nikitin, UBO at Traffic Shop

  • Umesh Kumar Project Manager of

    “Being able to combine our system with the Orbit Ad Server really allowed our impressions to increase, which is ultimately what our AdtrustMedia business was built to do. We are very happy.”

    Umesh Kumar Gupta, Project Manager of

  • “The efficiency and profits unlocked by OrbitSoft system are a huge boost to our bottom line. The algorithm was exactly what we hoped for.”

    European ad agency

  • “We were thrilled to get the response we did for our new system at AdTech. That told us we had chosen well when we chose OrbitSoft as our technology partners.”

    Alex Kapralov, CEO of PixFuture

  • Daniel Yomtobian

    “We can’t risk using weak technology for our administrators or our partners. OrbitSoft helped avoid that problem while setting us up to use VAST tags quickly and easily. I highly recommend their work.”

    Daniel Yomtobian, Chief Executive Officer

  • Gérard Ghazarian

    “OrbitSoft helped us build what we needed from scratch. Not many companies understand both sides—the advertising industry and the technology—the way they do. We felt lucky to have them as a partner for this project and relieved to see how well they knew the business.”

    Gérard Ghazarian, CTO at Head2Head

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