Ad Server

Platform for Online Advertisement Management

Ad Server

What is an Ad Server?

A platform for advertisement management (Ad Server) is a system helping the owners of websites and mobile applications monetize their platforms by

  • Setting up their own rules for selling ad spots;
  • Managing ad campaigns and customizing ad display;
  • Providing customers with reports on system efficiency and completing the transactions.

How it works

  • The system allows to place advertisements on both system owner’s platforms and partner platforms. It also gives you the opportunity to work with different ad sources, such as direct advertisers, agencies, ad networks, Ad Exchange and DMP.
  • Ad display is performed on platforms with the help of js codes, iframe technologies, header bidding, API/xml feeds, direct links, open RTB.
  • The receipt of advertising is performed via js tags technologies, api / xml feeds, open RTB.
  • The selection of advertisements to display (Programmatic) is based on a wide range of factors, including CTR/ROI, scales, bids, eCPM, etc.

Who this product is aimed at

A platform for online ad management (Ad Server) is a product for publishers, website and mobile app owners. It is the perfect fit for:

  • Local platforms willing to save their budgets on ad system commissions, which can reach up to 50% of advertisement revenue. While using their own Ad Server, the website owner gains 100% profit.
  • Large publishers willing to manage their ad inventory on their own, along with customizing ad reports, monitoring prices, optimizing displays and maximizing ad revenue.
  • Business fields the character of which does not allow them to collaborate with side ad systems. They require own ad products giving them the opportunity to promote their platforms and display ads on them.
  • Companies whose safety policiy imposes the use of their own services so that user data are stored on companies' servers, not ad systems' ones.
  • Ad networks and agencies so that they could have ultimate control over sales process and ad management for their clients.
  • Companies requiring license purchase and software product as a company asset to increase the capitalization.
The Benefits of our Product
— It supports all modern types of web and mobile ads, including both standardized IAB and custom ones (such as rich media, graphic, video, native, pop-up, etc.).
— It also supports any pricing, such as the ones per impression (CPM), per click (CPC), per action (CPA), per app installation (CPI), per selling (CPS), flat-rate, etc.
— It supports integration with such types of payment methods and systems, as online banking, electronic payment systems, card payments, paycheck payments, and cryptocurrency.
— It supports a flexible permissions system and role configuration, allowing various types of users, including administrators, managers, agencies, partners, publishers, and advertisers, to work simultaneously.
— It corresponds to legislative acts and standards in the personal data processing sphere.
— It contains more than 40 types of reports on ad display efficiency based on over 100 metrics.
— It possesses a fraud protection system, which monitors ad inventory and prevents the users from undesirable or fraudulent ad displays.
— All architecture components are horizontally scalable and highly failover, which allows for efficient use of server resources.
— It handles a high load and is capable of processing a great amount of traffic, more than 9 billion ad impressions per day.
— It can be installed on both servers and Cloud solutions, such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, etc.
— It possesses a system of built-in monitoring, notification, backup, and data storage.
— It uses contemporary methods of information protection from unauthorized access.

The legislative acts and standards in the personal data processing sphere, include:

  • The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25.05.2018 in EU.
  • The California Consumer Privacy Act in California, the USA,
  • APPI in Japan, PIPEDA in Canada, Australian Privacy Act, etc.

OrbitSoft Cases


Adviator helps mobile ap developers boost ad revenue and maximize ad campaigns with the help of simple and efficient tools for advertisement in mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Our Goal:

  • To develop an ad management system for ad display in mobile applications;
  • To provide for the use of a wide range od ad formats in applications, such as Banner, AppWall, Full Screen, and outside apps, including Push, Dialog, Icon;
  • To integrate the ad management system with mobile operator’s systems and services.


To develop a tech solution for mobile ads on the basis of OrbitSoft Ad Server.


Currently there are around 5 million private-label active Android devices sold by a mobile network operator. The functionalities of Push, Icon and Dialog ads are already realized in those devices.

The component contains following modules:

  • Frequency Capping Module for setting up the impression frequency and quantity of each ad format in every single application.
  • SDK library generation and automated assembly Module for developers.
  • Wrapper Module for SDK seamless integration into developers' applications. It allows for the use of software wrapper without changing the code of the application.
  • Advanced Statistics Module for giving the users an access to great amount of statistical data with a wide range of parameters for analytics.
Портрет автора

A very unique mobile platform created from scratch, it fully met our needs and exceeded our expectations. OrbitSoft Mobile allowed us to achieve great results in advertising on mobile devices. And we continue to work with OrbitSoft fruitfully.

Jane V.


The main company product is a search system that displays search results in the from of interactive images, i.e., screenshots of websites. Minimalistic and efficient search system Dothop gives an ad spot to millions of advertisers and sellers in exchange for pay-per-click.

Our Goal

Our client already had their own ad display system. Yet, it was nest to impossible to scale it and achieve the planned traffic growth. We rose up to the challenge of making it scalable without deleting the data from the previous system.


Modernizing customer’s old system would have been far too complicated and expensive, so we made a decision to work on our OrbitSoft Ad Server instead.

  • It took us 2 months to transmit all the data and functionalities from the old system to the new one, including clients' balance, campaigns, advertisements and keywords without loosing a bit of information.
  • We have developed a failover system, which is capable of switching from a fail-over server to a backup one, ensuring maximum data safety.
  • OrbitSoft designers made the UI design of the platform more up-to-date and implemented the latest UX trends.


  • The number of active advertisers has increased up to 10 thousand.
  • About 23 thousand keywords have been implemented into the system.
  • The minimum bet level has gone up to 18%.

Our client has received a scalable ad service with high data safety level and potential performance growth for years to come.

Портрет автора

Switching to OrbitSoft gave us instant results. We didn’t lose any information or have long downtimes. I’m very happy to get the results and get set up to increase our business.

Nick R.

Play Media

PlayMedia runs one of the most successful networking systems in Europe. Company’s projects attract attention of advertisers with large amount of traffic, unique targeting possibilities and a wide range of CPL/ RevShare offers for affiliate personas.

Our Goal

The company used ad management system for placing advertisements on websites of their own network. Further on, they began struggling with scaling customizing their system, according to their clients' businesses peculiarities.

Modernizing the old ad management system appeared to be irrational since program architecture and its technological stack didn’t allow for scaling it.

Consequently, the company started searching for a team with vast experience in high load system and digital marketing solutions development and approached OrbitSoft. Our goal was to develop a new scalable ad management system, paying special attention to the peculiarities of our client’s business.


We have developed a solution on the basis of our in-house product OrbitSoft Ad Server and added custom functions in accordance with our client’s request. For instance, we implemented an advanced targeting system, i.e., according to age, sex and interests. It applies information from customers' personal accounts.


The new ad management system (Ad Server) ensured the growth of ad traffic by 23% and increased the revenue by 16%.

The efficiency and profits unlocked by OrbitSoft system are a huge boost to our bottom line. The algorithm was exactly what we hoped for.

Ann J.

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