Orbit Ad Server Platformcomplete ad serving for website publishers, agencies, and ad networks

Orbit Ad Server Platform

Platform Overview

Technology made for ad campaign performance

With an easy interface and usable design, Orbit Ad Server technology manages online advertising, measures campaigns and helps you maximize return on investment.

Inventory Management

It allows you to manage and review the inventory of all your ad spaces from one convenient, uniform management interface.

  • Creation of website lists, channels, and ad codes in one place.
  • Review statistics for all of your inventory.
  • Improve your pricing management.
  • Set rules about inventory, who can buy it, and at what price.

You decide which ads to display on which websites—no technical issues, one-click easy—with targeting options and detailed analytic reports to minimize your time and maximize revenue.

Reach Your Core Audience

Orbit Ad Server for Agencies guides you through the user interface, so you spend less time looking and more time finding the right ad placements and audience. Reports allow you to see what’s working and what’s not.

  • Locations - Country, Region, City & Postal Code
  • SuperGeo
  • Languages
  • Schedule
  • Browsers, Devices, OS, Net Speeds, Net Providers
  • Remarketing
  • Categories

Create Ad

With Orbit Ad Server, advertisers can upload, preview, and configure rich media, video and mobile ads as easy as regular display ads, with a social media component that allows close cooperation with clients

  • Text Ads
  • Text & Logo Ads
  • Banner Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Rich Media Ads
  • Expandable Ads
  • Pop-up/under Ads
  • Banderole Ads
  • Page Peels Ads
  • Floating Ads
  • Billboard Ads
  • Full Screen Ads
  • Mobile Ads

Advanced Ad Planning, Ad Tracking, Ad Reporting

Reports are available to each user of Orbit Ad Server in real time for campaigns, groups, ads, sites and advertisement places. Users have ability to generate reports on the given parameters with flexible settings of date range and report fields in offline mode, as well as create report templates on schedule.

Orbit Ad Server provides powerful analytics visualized as interactive graphs, charts, maps, and diagrams to analyze and evaluate performance.

Transaction History

Orbit Ad Serving billing offers simple navigation, filtering options, and easy-to-see summaries of all your important billing and payment information.

Here are some of the things your users can do in their accounts:

  • See transactions summary.
  • Change billing settings.
  • See profile settings.
  • Make a payment or apply a promotional code.
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Orbit Ad Server gives you:

  • Pay-per‑click, pay‑per‑view, flat rate, cost‑per‑action & more
  • Display, video, mobile, rich media, native and in‑text ad formats
  • Yield and inventory management
  • Full planning, tracking, and reporting features
  • Geo, behavioral, technology and content targeting
  • Unlimited campaigns, ads, sites and placements
  • Billions of impressions per day

See full detailed list of Orbit Ad Server features (PDF).

Our Ad Server Platform is flexible to fit the unique needs and demands of your business

  • Mobile Ads
    Monetize your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, and other mobile traffic by serving ads specifically for those devices and those types of brand customers.
  • Video Ads
    A wide range of video ads including overlay videos, tickers, and other rich-media, online video content with no technical burden for you or your publishers.
  • Native Ads
    Promote products using the same form as an article written by the editorial staff. Native advertising is a type of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.
  • Contextual Advertising
    Algorithms analyzing your webpages to highlight keywords and display ads based on visitors’ immediate attention.
  • Remarketing
    Allow your advertisers to capture an audience who has already visited their websites in the past.
  • Forecasting and Analytics
    Allow you to make good decisions based on system information, profit forecasts, and system operation efficiency.
  • Conversion Tracker
    Advertisers can track conversions on their webpages and apps with JS/S2S code that tracks and calculates conversion rates.
  • User Permission System
    Allow you to create different roles and set access rights for system users. You can create roles for different workers at your agency or network and enable or disable access as you need.
  • Third-party Network
    Sell your ad inventory and display ads of third-party networks thru usual API XML/JS Tags or OpenRTB.