ClickHouse Database

ClickHouse Database


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    Yandex Managed Service for ClickHouse.

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    What is it?

    Columnar database management system (DBMS) for Online Analytical Processing (OLAP).

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    What tasks does it solve?

    It facilitates collection and analysis of information → you can build complex analytical queries on big data and get results faster than in other similar systems.

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    Why does OrbitSoft use it?

    + Performance

    + Functionality

    + Scalability

    + Saving money for customers

ClickHouse is the right tool for enterprises with heavy data load

ClickHouse is a type of database. It works best for projects where something needs to be calculated and processed. Almost anything can be the basis for analysis, for example, data from customers, employees, or competitors.

ClickHouse has a wide range of uses — it’s suitable for any structured data

ClickHouse is a universal tool. It’s suitable for working with big data of companies from any business area. It’s used both by small Internet services and big corporations.

It helps businesses launch cost-cutting solutions faster

The main benefit of ClickHouse is that it can quickly process huge amounts of data and create complex analytical queries.

Examples of business tasks that ClickHouse helps to solve:

Business taskSituationHow ClickHouse helps
To put a stop to losses on ineffective advertisingTo decide whether to invest in advertising further, analysts need accurate information across all channels and formats.Data is processed automatically and without human factor errors
Launch the best quality and price solution fasterTo reduce costs, logisticians study routes and conditions for their carriers.

The sooner they get the information, the sooner they can implement a more cost-effective solution.
Logisticians have time to quickly analyze all possible routes.

No need to develop additional code to create a complex query, — analysis takes less time.
Get a competitive edgeThe service for tracking the location of children uses GPS tracking.

The parents register their child’s phone in the system and the system can track it.

For the service to be popular, it must help parents find their child as quickly as possible.
The service stores and processes a huge amount of encrypted data without failures or freezing.

Parents can see the location of their child in real time.

What tasks ClickHouse can’t help you with

ClickHouse is a great solution, but not for all tasks and companies. This database does have limitations. We do not recommend using it for:

Storing unstructured data, such as videos, pictures, music, and movies.

Frequently updated data. For example, it’s not suitable for banks to track customer transactions. ClickHouse does not support transactions — a sequence of operations that must be performed all together or not at all.

What sort of resources are needed to get started working with the database?

Resources you will need: servers and programmers. To work with big data, you need infrastructure: a cluster of servers, specialists to deploy, maintain, and work with the database in the context of the project.

A company can create its own cluster or rend it. Setting up a cluster is easy enough: you have an option to shard it, replicate it, or do both at the same time.

The cost of renting a cluster in the cloud can be calculated using the ClickHouse calculator

First results will be seen as soon as the base starts. There is no special time lag — it is immediately ready to receive and analyze data.

Why OrbitSoft uses ClickHouse

Set of functions, which allows to handle big amount of data is simpler, faster, and more convenient than similar databases.

Features and Benefits of ClickHouseWhat it does
Stores large amounts of data — up to several petabytesIt can be used by any client: corporations and fast-growing businesses
Stores structured data: characters, numbers, lettersIt‘s suitable for working with any information that needs to be analyzed
Supports SQLIt can be used not only by programmers, but also by ordinary analysts
It’s horizontally scalableIf the business grows and there is more data to come, it will be cheaper to adapt the database to the growing load.
It is suitable for time series storingIt is more convenient to work with time series in ClickHouse: for example, it’s easy to monitor the patient’s condition, check what his pulse is, you can add all the data and analyze it
Compared to competitors, it requires much less storage spaceYou need to buy less space in the cloud or on hard drives
There are built-in functions for complex analytical queries for large amounts of dataProgrammers don’t need to write additional algorithms for analysis
Data replication supportIf one of the machines where the data is stored fails, the data will not be lost

High performance. It outperforms competitors in many tests, for example Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift, Druid, Greenplum, and Vertica.

Comparison of different queries processing speeds — ClickHouse is several times faster. Screenshot from ClickHouse. tech website

Appropriate budget for the customer: the solution itself is free. In addition, it has low operating and scaling costs.

ClickHouse has a strong community of programmers in Russia. To get an answer to a question, a programmer types it into the Telegram chat — and that’s it. This is an open-source project — anyone can view the source code and modify it to fit their needs.

For which projects and solutions does OrbitSoft use ClickHouse?

Digital ads: analytics and ad management.

Medicine: system to conduct questionnaire for doctors.

Entertainment content services: analysis of user logs for setting up a personal recommendation system.

POSiFLORA: accounting and control in the flower business. This service was developed entirely by OrbitSoft.

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