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Cases are stories from practice. In them we share what problems we face at work and how we overcome them. Using examples of specific projects, we tell you how we solve business problems, what tools we use.

The web application for temperature control has scaled the sales of refrigerating equipment by 15%
The Integration of OrbitSoft Ad Server with External Systems
Why we chose Qt for a video application for kids
The way AR application helps a facade shop attract customers
How OrbitSoft QA engineers test the advertising platform
How to set up ad without third party cookies
There are 3 technologies that help you to go through browser cookie files ban
We decreased the number of support referrals by a factor of 30
Case of setting up error monitoring systems in an application
Case study: How poor-quality training data can ruin AI training, and what to do about it
How data science saved hundreds of hours of work time
How UX/UI increases profits
How we select developers for client projects
We use our POSiFLORA project as an example
Why we use the NgRx reactive programming library
Case: In two weeks, we developed a service for calculating results for an educational portal
Which is the most convenient payment gateway?
We compare Stripe, CoinPayments, PayPal, Google Play Billing, and Apple In-app Purchase
Case: OrbitSoft customizes a crypto wallet for an adult platform
The case of a media corporation: how to create features to monetize podcasts
OrbitSoft rebuilt a medical eLearning video portal from scratch
Tasks we solve with Zabbix and Prometheus
OrbitSoft Developed VR Player for Adult Content Portal and Helped Win Best VR Site of 2021
What tasks does a Finnish IT company outsource to OrbitSoft employees?
OrbitSoft’s Predictor helped an ad platform increase ad requests
How chatbots save business resources and speed up work, using the example of POSiFLORA
How OrbitSoft automated cryptocurrency exchange trading with a bot
Case: Shopify Development
How we remade an online store on Shopify for a German company
Why we chose Vue. js for an auto insurance purchasing service interface
What tasks does DevOps solve?
Using the example of a platform for a flower business
Media portal for a TV channel on WordPress
How gambling sweepstakes helped a company retain audience engagement and increase ad revenue
How graphs in C++ increased accuracy of cryptocurrency rate forecast by 17%
How OrbitSoft Automated Digital Pen Data Acquisition, and Helped a Customer Secure a Market Advantage
How we use Swift
VPN client application example
Tasks we solve with the help of Node JS
MySQL, Redis, Vault: how OrbitSoft saves and protects data in the PosiFlora accounting system
Tasks we solve with CodeIgniter
Using the example of a large Canadian content provider
Why we chose this framework for the POSiFLORA accounting system
Tasks we solve with the help of Laravel
Using an example from the GetPolis car insurance selection service
Tasks we solve with Qt
Using the POSiFLORA point of sale system as an example
Tasks we solve with Angular
Using Posiflora’s point-of-sales system as an example
Development of a payment acceptance system:
we created a product for app monetization from scratch
An App with TikTok mechanic
how an ad network entered the Asian market
ClickHouse Database
Ad Network Increases Profit Margins and Connects Premium Customers:
The Case of Ad Exchange
Network saves $ 21,000 per year on Ad Management System: the case of changing programming language from PHP to Go
«It took up to 125 hours to prepare reports. Now it takes just one minute»
A case about automating Google Ads reports
VPN App: How We Fixed Other’s Mistakes and Launched the Project
To Develop an Algorithm for Online Advertising with Your Own Resources or to Trust It to Specialists?
Which Is More Profitable?
AI Algorithm Increased Ad Revenue by 10%
A Case Study in the Use of Artificial Intelligence