Case: OrbitSoft customizes a crypto wallet for an adult platform

Case: OrbitSoft customizes a crypto wallet for an adult platform

In brief

  • 01

    Canadian adult content platform

  • 02

    Customize crypto wallet to improve user experience

  • 03

    MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension (MEW CX) — Extension for Google Chrome

  • 04

    Changed the currency display logic and the appearance of personal accounts in just 15 business days

The company makes money on paid adult content

The Canadian company makes money on adult content: videos are posted on a special platform. Users buy a subscription and can watch videos on the site, or on a mobile application.

To pay for a subscription with traditional methods, such as by using a credit card, users are forced to provide personal data, i.e., a credit card number, first and last name, phone number to confirm the transaction, and a billing address.

Adult video is a particular industry where content consumers often wish to remain anonymous. When the site used only traditional methods, it was impossible to maintain anonymity. Because of this, some users didn’t subscribe to the service, and the company lost potential customers.

To preserve the anonymity of users, the company introduced cryptocurrency payment

To increase the number of subscribers to the service, the company decided to accept payments in cryptocurrency. All cryptocurrencies work on the blockchain and keep payers anonymous: personal information is encrypted using cryptographic algorithms.

Since the customer wanted to control all transactions on the platform, they did not use existing cryptocurrencies, but contacted crypto developers to create their own cryptocurrency based on Ethereum. The Ethereum ecosystem is considered the most popular, and financial transactions using it are transparent and simple.

The company chose MyEtherWallet to make payments for subscriptions. Popular in the world of web application development, this is a crypto wallet for the ETH token, and other Ethereum-based currencies. It’s free, has a user-friendly web interface with clear settings, and has aps for Android and iOS.

The company planned to use the web version of the crypto wallet by installing the MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension plugin. This is an open-source Angular project that works through an API. It gives the user the ability to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies directly in their browser.

Issue: User does not see company tokens

By default, the MEW extension supports more than 300 Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, and they are displayed in alphabetical order. Different tokens can be grouped into folders, i.e., wallets. They are displayed in the order added. Experienced crypto investors consider the MEW interface to be one of the most convenient.

However, MEW’s clients do not need to trade cryptocurrencies, but to perform a specific task. They need to buy company tokens and pay for the subscription with it. In the standard interface, this was inconvenient: the user had to spend time to find the company’s tokens in the general list, create a wallet for it, buy or transfer currency, and check the balance.

The customer turned to OrbitSoft — experts in blockchain software development — to adapt the wallet interface to their currency. As a blockchain developer, we were able to create a system where, to even a beginner, it is intuitively clear how to pay for a subscription.

plugin page
This is what the plugin page looked like before the changes

Solution: change the appearance of personal accounts

The customer formulated the task as follows: «It should be convenient for users to work with our tokens.»

Our custom web development service work plan:

  • Redesign layouts to match customer’s corporate identity
  • Change the interface so that the customer’s currency is easy to find and add
  • Display wallet account in customer tokens
  • Put the customer’s currency at the top of the list of tokens displayed: wallet balance, selection of a token for transfer or purchase.

We reworked the plugin architecture and the token list

The MEW CX plugin is developed in JavaScript using the Angular library. It’s an open-source product supported by a large developer community. It might seem at first that this should make the task much easier, as the program code is in the public domain, and one simply needs to acquire said code and do a little editing.

In Fact, MEW CX is a complex product with a branched architecture. We first had to study and understand it, study the interactions with the API, find those areas that required editing, implement the changes, and then make sure that performance of the web application didn’t suffer.

So, in order to get a list of tokens, we reviewed where and how the data that MEW receives via API from the server is stored. It turned out that the list is stored in the memory of the web application as a regular JavaScript array.

Changed the display order of tokens

By default, the plugin displays all tokens from the list in alphabetical order. But the user is only interested in the currency from the company.

We made it so that the customer token is displayed first. First, the list of tokens enters the cache, where the entire data array is sorted with the help of JavaScript tools. Then the desired token is moved into the top spot. Then the list is loaded into the browser as usual.

MEW is powered by Angular. It’s a fast framework, but if the application is running a large amount of content, there may be speed issues. Our approach helped to complete the client’s task while maintaining the performance of the plugin.

At OrbitSoft, we understand that when customers work with a custom software development service, it’s the little things that count.

Changed the look of the office

The customer provided us with his logo, references, and a short technical specification. We changed the appearance of the personal account so that its design is now associated with the company’s brand.

At the same time, we simplified the workings of the personal account. A prominent wallet creation button was added to the main page. Now, in each wallet, it’s the customer’s tokens that are displayed first, with the total balance also displayed in the customer’s tokens.

Plugin page
Plugin page after changes

Sped up development with Gulp

Gulp is a program that automates routine tasks. For example, it reduces code, speeds up layout, and optimizes the size of images on a page. This speeds up development time.

The tool works on the principle of a task runner: the developer writes tasks in JavaScript, and the system executes them in the desired sequence. Modules can also be added to Gulp to perform specific web development tasks.

After packaging MEW CX with Gulp, we added the plugin to Google Chrome and tested it.


In just 15 days of custom application development, we changed the logic for displaying currencies in personal accounts, and updated the interface:

  • New customer tokens are now easier to add.
  • Customer tokens are displayed first in each wallet, ignoring alphabetical order.
  • The balance of each wallet is displayed in customer tokens instead of ETH.
  • Replaced the MyEtherWallet logo with the customer’s logo.
  • Changed the design of the personal account in accordance with the corporate identity of the company.

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