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In the articles we talk about new developments in software development, for example, neural networks, cryptocurrencies and IT trends. We explain the terms and mechanics of IT products, show the internal processes of the outsourcer company. For example, what is MVP, how do we hire developers, how does UX/UI increase profits

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HTML Validation Error on a Website
Tester, QA and QC — what the difference is
ChatGPT for smart contract development
4 ways for web3 developers to use a large language model
UX/UI Trends 2023
Will ChatGPT destroy Google? Will it help businesses earn money?
We explain how ChatGPT is used in creating advertising campaigns and for teaching programmers
What tasks we solve with Django, a Python web framework
NFT music: why musicians issue tokens, and where to buy NFT music
Guide to NFTs
How they work, where to buy them, and whether you can make money with them
Web 3.0: The Evolution of the Internet from One-Page Sites to Metaverses
OrbitSoft Records 14th Straight 5-Star Review on Clutch
Systems testing at OrbitSoft
functional, smoke, regression, and acceptance testing
Agile or Waterfall
How to Choose a Development Methodology
Tasks we solve with Java
Freelancers or IT-companies
Who will handle the project better?
Tasks we solve with Kotlin
Tasks we solve with React
Which PHP Framework to choose
Comparing Laravel, Symfony, and CodeIgniter with real OrbitSoft projects as examples
IT audit: tasks it solves and how to know if you need it
Using an audit from OrbitSoft as an example
High-load systems development for data processing
Ad management system example
How a Website Can Earn More on Advertising with the Same Amount of Traffic