What tasks does a Finnish IT company outsource to OrbitSoft employees?

What tasks does a Finnish IT company outsource to OrbitSoft employees?

OrbitSoft employees help a Finnish SaaS platform save company resources. In the article we’ll tell you how they’re doing it.

The client: marketing software company

One of OrbitSoft’s clients is a Finnish SaaS platform for marketing: it helps analyze the market, determine the target audience of the client, and set up advertising campaigns. The company’s clients are companies from various business areas, from ambitious start-ups to large corporations.

For example, a factory produces parts for an assembly line and wants to find new buyers. One of the marketing channels they’re using is advertising, which includes banners, video ads and native articles. In order for advertising to bring buyers, it is better not to «spray» it to everyone, but target only those who can be interested in them, for example, purchasers for auto manufacturing.

Companies are looking for developers for new challenges

The main product of the company is a software platform for data analysis and marketing automation. A client creates a personal account on the platform, where they can choose the audience to target, set up and launch advertising campaigns and monitor the effectiveness of their marketing spend. The platform has integrations with various services, such as CRM and MAP. The company is also privacy-focused as the algorithms require storing sensitive customer data.

In order to complete these tasks, the company needs various qualified resources: developers, testers, devops specialists.

Problem: hiring all the necessary resources in-house is unprofitable

The company is small, it employs about 20 people: sales people, analysts, developers, testers, and the management team. At first, the company coped with the development tasks on its own, but when the number of customers increased, they started feeling lack of manpower.

Hiring a full-time team member is often unprofitable: you need to spend time and money on finding an employee, organizing their workplace, paying taxes and insurance. This is an unjustified effort, especially if the tasks are occasional — for example, it doesn’t make sense to have a full-time devops if you only need to fix security vulnerabilities after an audit once a year.

Solution: hire outsourced employees at OrbitSoft

The company decided to outsource employees and chose OrbitSoft for this. The client needed front-end developers to improve the interface, QAs to test the work of search robots and devops to eliminate system vulnerabilities.

Here are some examples of the tasks that are outsourced to employees:

Change the interface of the control panel. When the advertising campaigns launched by company’s clients start producing results, multiple metrics need to be displayed in the interface. For these purposes, dashboards are created: depending on the input parameters, the information changes. The outlook of the interface depends on the number of metrics: if a new function appears, the interface needs to be improved.

Filters for reports. The company’s clients are able to track the results of their work in the following way: the client can upload the sales report to the interface and compare it with the sample for which the banners were shown. The algorithm calculates the correlation and shows how the ad impacted sales. The developers are finalizing the algorithm for different clients.

Eliminate security vulnerabilities. Every year, the company goes through the standardization of data storage so that the system cannot be hacked by fraudsters and use company’s customer data. Sometimes the system needs improvements — adding encryption keys or replacing the old version of the database with a new one.

Result: the company saves resources on hiring and takes on more new projects

Over the year, the number of outsourced developers increased from two to five. All employees are integrated into the workflow: they participate in daily stand-ups and sprint plannings. During this time, the company was able to increase the number of its customers and handle all the tasks more effectively.


With more employees working remotely, data services are going cloud-based, eliminating the need for internal IT staff. Managed Service Providers with extensive knowledge and experience in cloud-based servers promise small to large organizations with optimized services at a much lower cost.

Outsourcing, in general, is a crucial way to grow your business, reduce expenses and maximize efficiencies.

Whatever your needs, we can help!

Tell us what problems you’re facing with your business. We look forward to hearing from you.

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